Here's what my clients have to say
Here's what my clients have to say

I pride myself on delivering an amazing experience for my clients.

Like so many of us, I’ve been in those nasty situations where the person you’re relying on for your business just won’t get back to you and doesn’t seem invested in your results.

It’s experiences like that which push me even harder to be there for my clients, treat them like family, respond in a timely manner and most importantly, always deliver what I promise, on deadline, and to the highest standard. That’s my personal guarantee.

Here’s a few words from my clients…

“Emma – this is my very public love letter to you. <3 Working with you has been such a dream. You have taken me on a branding journey that has ended with a website that I’m absolutely in love with and people keep saying is so incredibly ME. That’s the biggest compliment – that my website doesn’t look or feel like anyone else but the very essence of who I am. From Day 1, I appreciated your depth of presence and devotion to me and our work together. I know you had a full load of clients in addition to me, but I felt #1 in every interaction. I cannot thank you enough for this. If you are looking for an incredible branding specialist and designer, go no further than Soul Stirring Branding.”

Becca Piastrelli

“Before I rebranded, I was never happy with my brand’s look and feel and found it difficult to come up with the right words to convey what I do. I ended up losing motivation and didn’t want to actively promote myself online as much as I knew I should have been doing. Then I found Emma and I immediately connected with the detail and personality she had infused into her website through her design and copy, and I knew I wanted the same for my own website. Emma is like a business coach, a strategist and a designer all rolled into one, so even though I didn’t have it all worked out from the moment we kicked off, Emma came up with some excellent ideas on how to communicate what I offered and helped me get clarity on my direction in the initial stages of the project.  Now that we have wrapped up the project, I can say that the process was invaluable and possibly the best investment I’ve made in my business. Finally I am getting excited about content creation now that I have all the Canva templates to play with. I’ve already had such positive feedback on my branding with many saying it looks ‘professional, yet friendly’,  which was exactly the look I was after. I would recommend Emma wholeheartedly to anyone looking to rebrand. Thank you Emma, I am so, so happy.”

Maz Hancock

“I had rebranded many times before working with Emma, mostly because I was trying to improve my DIY branding attempts each time. I felt like my branding was holding me back because I wasn’t proud of it – so I didn’t necessarily want to share it with the online world, including my ideal clients. The entire process I felt very supported by Emma and she listened to all of my concerns and answered all of my questions.  It was a very non-scary experience and Emma’s support and understanding was one of my favourite things about working with her. I’m so proud of my brand and it makes me want to share it with EVERYONE and I feel really comfortable “putting myself out there” now.  My first sneak peak of the new branding returned many emails saying “WOW” and “love your branding!!”. I think my branding will transform my business in the sense that I feel like I can take on the world with it!”

Danni Archer

Divine Health & Wellness

“I have worked with contractors before who are just into getting through a project, but working with Emma was so much more than that — she took the time to get to know my vision for She Is Fierce! as well as I do and create not just a beautiful style — which she totally did!! – but also a very clearly strategic layout for pages that had been just thrown together previously.  Since working with her, She Is Fierce!’s bounce rate has gone way down and the pages per visit has gone way up!I couldn’t be happier with the final result of working with Emma!!  I love the look, the effectiveness of the layout of the pages and how everything we do now tells a story visually – it has already had a positive impact!! I get emails all the time from people telling me how beautiful our site is now, and the overall look and feel of our visual branding is consistent with the quality of our community and our content! Working with Emma seriously gave me faith in working with contractors again! She is consistent, responsible, communicates so well and always delivers! :)”

Kelly Youngs

Founder, She is Fierce!

“I was “brandless” for many years and it really did feel like I was floating around with no sense of direction. I waited 12 long years to take the plunge because I thought it seemed out of my budget and I was looking for the right person to work with who was soul-aligned. When I stumbled upon Emma at Soul Stirring Branding it was like a light bulb went off. My intuition said “oh my god, that’s my person!”. After working with Emma, I can say with confidence that I have no regrets about my decision. The whole branding process blew me away. I am a very picky person by nature, so I was terrified of not liking the outcome. But what is distinct about Emma’s process, is how long she takes to understand your business. She truly got to know me from half way across the world! From her initial workbook, to our strategy session, Emma pushed me to find myself. I was totally wowed by the logo and supporting visual elements from the first iteration. I was very surprised that she overcame my pickiness and I loved the outcome without changes needed. Since the rebrand I have only received positive feedback and to now have the new website up and running too feels like a weight has lifted off my shoulders. I’m now so proud to show off my branding to the world and it has given me so much confidence!”

Timea Szalay Onaka,

Director, Wholistic Wellness

“Before I rebranded with Emma I was struggling to make my branding catch up with the quality of my work. I felt as if my branding did not portray at all the professionalism I wanted to imprint. Before we went through the process I was really scared about not being understood. But the actual experience exceeded all my expectations! More than just designing my branding, Emma understood me as a person and built a whole detailed brand character based on that. The outcome was worth every single cent! If you’re thinking about working with Emma, buckle up, because it’s going to be an awesome and emotional journey! More than just making it difference to your bottom line, it actually makes a huge difference to the way you feel about your business. I feel my branding finally portrays the elegance and simplicity I wanted to imprint. It’s changed my ability to connect with my audience because I’m finally so proud of how my work is being displayed now. Everyone that has seen my branding loves it and says it fits perfectly with my jewellery and myself!”

Ana Gabriella Mannella

Director, Gabi Mannella

“Because my business helps clients through a very deep, emotional process, I knew I had to find the right branding professional that would take the time to truly understand it, treat it with sensitivity and bring the right feelings to life. After years of dreaming about starting my business and making an impact on the world, to see it all come together in a tangible way through the brand identity presentation was a very emotional experience! My exact feedback was “Emma, I have sobbed through this, I love it so much. I can’t believe what you have created. I am just speechless!” So it really did feel like my dream was becoming real in front of my eyes, and I couldn’t have been happier.”

Deb Derham

Director, Grow Into Your Strength

“Prior to working with Emma, we had grown in leaps and bounds over four years of being in business, but we were still decked out in our start-up branding. We knew our brand identity was conveying an old-school, impersonal look, which was out of alignment with our actual style, personality and the way our audience viewed us as professional, cutting edge and inspirational. We wanted to stand out online and at trade shows in a positive way and knew our existing branding was doing us a disservice, but we hesitated going through a rebranding process for a while because we were worried it would be too expensive or too hard to implement across our many brand touch points we had built up. Luckily what we discovered when we came across Emma’s all-in-one branding package, was that it was WAY more comprehensive than any other branding professional out there. We instantly got the impression she was much more intelligent and savvy about branding than anyone else we were considering and the end result was worth so much more than what other professionals charge. Now I feel at peace and happy, knowing that I finally have a website look that I would be proud for total strangers to visit. Which they do, every day, because we have about 150,000 visitors per month! I tell everyone I know who is thinking about branding to contact Emma!”

Rebecca Dekker

Founder, Evidence Based Birth®

“Working with Emma has been one of the best investments I have made for my business. She is passionate, thorough and exceptionally good at branding and design. Emma was able to help me understand my target market and the core values of my business with a depth well beyond what I expected. She then reflected all of this in a beautifully designed logo and breathtaking print and online marketing materials. She provided me with a comprehensive guide all about how to use my new graphic elements, colour palette and typography suite, as well as an amazing “heart and soul guidebook” full of pearls of wisdom and copy-and-pasteable phrases, sentences and paragraphs all about my business. Emma’s support has reached far beyond the term of my business’s rebranding, and she has been incredibly generous in giving ongoing advice and assistance where needed. I really can’t recommend Emma and Soul Stirring Branding highly enough.”

Jennifer Teh

Director, Hush Little Baby

“Emma offers such a tailored, in-depth branding service that enables you to communicate a clear message to reach your audience. From concept all the way to design phase, I was so impressed with the way Emma went about the project and how she continued to stay in touch to discuss every important detail. She has such an extensive background in branding and design and it’s really fun to watch your brand come alive as she plays with various ideas and methods. I’m so glad to have worked with Emma and I’ve learned a lot myself that I can apply later on. Definitely include Soul Stirring Branding in your business budget, it’s worth every cent and more.”

Anna Guljas

Director, Brave Tales

“Emma literally read my mind! She delivered a brand that was bursting with heart & soul, which fit my vision completely! When I saw my branding for the first time I had such a positive emotional reaction that it actually brought me to tears! Because she really took the time to understand my requirements, no revisions were needed and it made for such a smooth process. To top it all off, Emma is such a beautiful person and so easy to work with. I’m very proud of what we created together and so glad I chose Emma over other designers.”

Denise Gribben

Founder, CocoWhirl

I was so impressed with Emma’s personal and professional approach and excellent results. She went above and beyond at every single step, and the value she delivered was incredible. Her consultative approach and communication skills made it a relaxed and enjoyable process. For anyone who thinks branding is just a logo – try working with Emma and you’ll change your mind very quickly! Because she took the time to really get to the heart of my business, she pushed me to think deeper and was then able to nail the execution very quickly. I’m so glad I found Emma – it was money very well spent and I’m more than happy with the results.

Cathy Marshall

B2B Marketing Consultant, Cathy Marshall

It was love at first sight when we saw our new brand identity! Emma put so much time and energy into truly understanding our business from the inside out and interviewed not only myself as the owner, but also quite a few key players in my business to get an holistic view point of what we offer. Emma produced a refreshingly different concept for the Vivo Coffee brand, which was the perfect fit for our fun personalities and has energized us about the future!”  

Glen King

Chief Espresso Officer, Vivo Coffee

After 5 years my personal training business had stalled and become stale, it was time for a fresh new approach. I was extremely impressed by Emma getting to know myself, my business and my views on the direction of my business. Her in depth review and presentation made the rebranding of my business an easy transition. I would highly recommend Emma and am excited to see what her changes can do for my business.”

Kody Playford

Head Trainer, BodySwitch Health & Fitness

Emma’s creative approach exceeded our expectations. She produced a unique, attractive and cohesive branding design, website and marketing resources that have generated a notable increase in conversions and lots of positive feedback from our clients. I know that we have a quality service and with our redesigned branding I am now more confident in conveying that to my potential clients. I am proud of where our business sits in the fundraising space and regret not seeking professional guidance with our branding sooner.”

Belinda Watson

Director, RaffleLink

“ I 100% believe that if I had gone with any other designer I would have only received 1/4 of the amount of work compared to what Emma has done for me. Her approach was so personal, detailed and passionate, ensuring that she exceeded my expectations at every turn and provided so much value for my business. The whole experience has been worth every cent!”

Sarah Grant

Director, Mind Unique Body

“ Working with Emma was the best thing that I ever did for my business. Not only did she surpass all my expectations, but she was exceptional in creating my logo and brand identity. Going forward I know that my business now has an advantage.”

Joanne Desilva

Director, Royal Candy Australia

“Working closely with Emma,  I can honestly say, hand on heart, that I could not have a more dedicated and conscientious person on my side.  Emma has an innate ability to instantly understand what message needs to be conveyed. Emma just gets it first time and I have no doubt that Emma’s work is crucial to the success of our project.”

Tim Kelly

Director, Use It Don't Lose It

“Emma not only understood completely what I was after, she went above and beyond what I would have ever imagined. Passing on her professional judgments to make me understand everything in such great depth, really made me feel like she had the best results at heart.”

Kristin Donohue

Director, Kristin Donohue Photographer

“ Emma has hands down been one of our greatest finds! Her ability to creatively concept and develop branding and artwork that fit with our marketing strategy is really quite unique. Importantly, Emma has never let us down on a project — not once. She stands out with her attention to detail, organisation and efficiency, consistency and quality of work.”

Amanda Munn

Director, Lingo PR & Digital

“The time Emma invested into understanding my concept and the market was amazing and she was able to incredibly understand my messy and scrambled vision and transform it into a concrete visual representation of the business. I cannot speak highly enough of her both professionally and personally.”

Belinda Mohr

Director, Bam Yoga Lifestyle