The top 5 reasons why small businesses need to rebrand
It is a completely normal part of learning and growing as a business to rebrand at some stage. I’ve been thinking a lot about rebranding as I start to launch my own rebranding to Soul Stirring Branding. There are a lot of reasons why businesses do it. You may be wondering whether it’s time for your own business. Here are a few of the main reasons I come across with my rebranding clients:




You were on a shoe-string budget when you started (Hey, we can’t all be millionaires). You produced a DIY logo, got a friend to do it, got something cheap off fiverr or maybe your web developer or printer threw in a logo as part of their package as you didn’t have one. Then, you sort of winged it from there. Whatever the case might have been, you definitely never thought critically about how your design should relate back to an overall brand strategy and how you can develop a consistent look and feel to match your logo design.
Now you’re a couple of years in and you’ve established yourself in the market and are starting to feel like you’re in your business groove. However you’re secretly embarrassed by your amateur hour brand and website. You get this sick feeling in your stomach knowing that you have an amazing offering that so many people could benefit from, but your brand is standing in your way. You were busy and you’ve put it in the ‘too hard basket’ for too long. Enough is enough. You NEED to invest in getting a professional involved.



You’ve been in business for a quite a number of years and have been enjoying dominance in the market. You’re well known and have a great reputation. Suddenly the market gets flooded with businesses offering the EXACT same thing as you, to your audience, in your area and sales start to decline. You begin to notice you’re not really ‘showing up’ the same way as these new competitors. They have flash new websites, an appealing brand and a modern approach. You really have been resting on your laurels all these years rather than continuing to innovative and stay ahead. You’re being left in the dust with a terribly dated look and zero personality. Then you get that light bulb moment. It’s do or die and you chose to rebrand.



If you offer a service, particularly one where there is a lot of client collaboration, you’ll come to realize it’s not enough to just attract any old client. If you’ve been in business as long as I have, you know there are the great, the average and the train-wrecks situations when it comes to clients!
The great situations are your Ideal Client — they’re this magic breed of humans who TOTALLY and enthusiastically appreciate what you offer, see a huge amount of value in what you do, have the same values and beliefs as you do, respect your boundaries and sing your praises to their friends.
The Average Clients are the ones where you get on fine, respect each other and have a good working relationship. However they may not stick around and be repeat business. They might not refer you every chance they get. They get what they need from you then scoot off.
The there is the Train Wrecks! They argue about the price and try to bargain you down, they have unrealistic expectations through the whole process, they’re never going to be satisfied with the results AND they’re late with payment. These Trainwrecks are making you seriously doubt why you even got into business in the first place. Maybe it’s your low prices and the fact you’re not positioning yourself as an expert. Maybe you’re just sending the wrong messages out there into the universe by accident! Either way you realize that for your own mental health, you need to rebrand and get the clients you actually deserve!




You started your business with the best intentions. You invested in a quality logo and brand identity. It served you well for a number of years. Suddenly you realize you need to pivot and explore new ground. Maybe the market changes and you decide it will be better to have a different product or service offering. Maybe it’s taken you a while to truly understand what your business purpose is, and now you realize your existing brand doesn’t feel authentic anymore, and it’s not appealing to the people you would really love to serve. It’s time to zoom in on your brand strategy and figure out how you need to change your message.


You bought the business off someone else. Maybe the brand identity fit their idea of who the business was, but it doesn’t resonate with you. You have your own unique way of operating, your own values, beliefs and personality. You want to see your OWN vision be brought to life instead of following in someone else’s footsteps. You need to start back at the foundations of analyzing who you are as a company before you even think about the design. But beware, if you’ve inherited has a lot of existing brand materials, rebranding could be a costly exercise!
To wrap things up, here a few things to think about before you make that leap to rebrand your business: 
Am I financially ready to rebrand?
Remember that rebranding is much more than working out a strategy and creating a new identity. You also need to make sure you can roll this out onto your brand touch points. A brand touch-point is any area where a potential customer can come in contact with a part of your brand. This could be your website, social media pages, business card, ebook, business documents, signage, packaging. It will be different for each company. There’s no rule that you have to make sure roll all the touch points out in the new brand at once, but it is preferable for consistency. Just make sure your old brand isn’t still lingering around months afterward otherwise you’ll be continuing to send mixed messages
Do I have the time to commit to the project?
It might seem like all you have to do is hire someone, wait and your shiny new brand will land in your lap. However most brand strategists and designers do require collaboration and input on your end. Don’t worry; they’re not doing this to make their workload easier, they’re doing it so they can truly understand your business from the inside out and to develop a thorough brief to work from. That way, hopefully you’ll be blown away by the outcome, with minimal revisions. So do factor in that you will need to set aside some time from your business schedule for initial consultations, strategy sessions, reviewing the concept and providing feedback. For my process, clients probably need to allocate around 5 or so hours all up. It’s not a lot, but it’s important you know up front what commitment you’re making.
Is my whole team on the same page?
If you’re not a solo-entrepreneur, you have the challenging task of collaborating to ensure your partners and long term employees are on board and in agreement on the overriding vision of your joint venture. Make sure you give yourself time to talk through your goals and come to a consensus BEFORE you engage a consultant. Otherwise you might end up sending them around in circles, wasting precious time.
So what do you think? Do any of these resonate with you? Did you rebrand for a different reason? 
Are you experiencing any of these symptoms?

Then it may be time to consider a rebrand or refresh. If you have big dreams and a booming heart and want to confidently embrace who you authentically are through joyful, radiant, one-of-a-kind branding, then I’d love to chat with you! Enquire here and we can schedule a complimentary 30 minute get to know you session!

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