Relationships aren’t just between people…
When it comes to finding your ideal partner, for most people, it’s not just about the looks. Sure, you want to be attracted to them, that’s what hooks you in initially. But if they’re shallow and have zero personality, you’re going to discover that pretty quickly and move onto someone else. You’ll hopefully find someone who shares your values, your beliefs, who’s personality suits you and who you can have an amazing, engaging, real conversation with about your hopes and dreams, your past and your present.

Now take that same concept and think about it for your brand!
Great brands are well-rounded and aligned. They balance style and soul. They appeal to your visual preferences, while having something meaningful to say, which resonates deeply with you. You feel like you know them. You hold a special place in your heart for them. You’ll stand by them and stay loyal.
Is your brand balanced? 
More often than not, it’s the soulfulness  part that we’re missing in our brands. We’re all too quick to start thinking about our brand’s visual elements as soon as we dream up our business concept. They’re tangible and easy to comprehend. We all know when we start a business we need a logo, but did you know, if you really want to be strategic, you need a why?
So what on earth is a ‘Why’ anyway, and why am I always seeing people talk about this elusive concept
If you’ve never thought critically about this it can seem overwhelming, but it’s really not! You have your ‘why’ tucked deep inside of you, waiting to be discovered. Trust me. I know this because when it comes to most small business owners, we’re not in this just to make a quick buck.
I’m guessing you took this huge leap, full of uncertainty and overwhelm because you knew there was something missing in your life. A void in your soul you needed to fill. You knew you hadn’t reached your potential. You knew there were so many people out there who could benefit from what you do. Something deep in your soul was pushing you to go for your dreams and take that leap.
This is your ‘Why’. It’s your purpose. It’s the thing you’re most passionate about. It’s that that thing that drives you, your source of inspiration that gets you out of bed in the morning and through the late nights, because you know you’re producing something meaningful.
Passion is infectious. It gives your brand charisma. People want to buy into inspiring stories and support your journey when they get a true insight into WHY you’re doing it.
Some background reading…
If you haven’t watched Simon Sinek’s famous Ted Talk, go do it now! It explains the concept of developing a ‘why’ so well and will give you some amazing inspiration for writing your own why:


The golden circle
As Simon explains “we spend most of our time explaining the “what” and the “how of our ideas. While most ideas get spread because of the ‘Why’.
Action Steps:
  • Check out Simon’s excellent Ted Talk and get inspired
  • Dig deep and develop your own statement of why you do what you do. Ask yourself: What do I believe in? What gets me out of bed in the morning? What gets me fired up and inspired? How do I want to change the world or help people’s lives?
  • Make sure it’s emotive, authentic and from the heart x

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