The Soul Stirring  branding method
The Soul Stirring  branding method
The importance of getting the right foundations in place BEFORE you jump into all the pretty stuff.
I recently made a diagram to help explain the concept of getting the foundations right to potential clients that might want to engage me in a brand touch point (AKA the final step in the process). I genuinely care about helping YOU and that’s why I use this process.
Here’s the analogy I use: Think of it like building a house.
  • First you need the right foundations so everything doesn’t collapse (your strategy, why, values, vision, personality and so on – read more in my free eBook).
  • Then you need to complete the structure of the house (your brand identity system that you can apply consistently through everything – logo, colour palette, typography, graphics elements, photography style, written tone of voice – you don’t want a house where every room is painted a random different colour and there’s no synchronicity in your style and vibe).
  • Then finally you deck it out in all the nice furniture and appliances(your brand touch points). Think first – design second.
So my question for you today is: are you jumping the gun with your brand? Have you been guilty of missing vital steps in the process?
Well it’s never too late to drill down to the core of who you authentically are and reassess your branding, so don’t stress!
Hope this helps!

Emma x

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