I wanted to share a fun fact about me today, which I recently realised really influenced on own personal brand aesthetic. 
I got engaged just over a year ago to my gorgeous fiance TJ, who happens to be Indian. I’ve been lucky enough to live in India for three months all up over the last three years, experiencing the authentic local culture.
I was looking over all of our beautiful photos today and really realised how much of my experiences being in India have subconsciously influenced my own brand identity with Soul Stirring Branding. Because I work very intuitively I think all these thoughts and memories and colours, the sense of vibrancy, the gold, the warmth, the energy, the amazing prints and patterns, it was all stored in my mind, ready to be tapped into. 
I think it is truly amazing how our unique journeys, our back story, our life experiences, our family heritage, all the details we’ve been exposed to in our lives, can inform our brand message and visuals in a way that feels really authentic to us. I love this because it’s such a shift away from the concept of jumping on the latest trend to finding what speaks true to us. This is hugely important to allow your audience to see you as being different and special. 
So my question for you to consider today is: what is unique and meaningful to you in your life’s journey and experiences? And how can you build on this to develop your brand aesthetic?
I wanted to share with you below some of my favourite photos from my time in India, so you can get a better understanding of my own experiences and story! Enjoy xx

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