I’ve worked with so many small businesses over the years. Some go far and some don’t really seem to take off.  Every business is different, but I think four key factors can influence your success or failure. Here’s a breakdown!


Your offer isn’t valuable

If you don’t have a valuable offer, you probably aren’t living up to your soulful branding or marketing promises. People may take the bait, but they won’t stick around for long if they’re not getting something of value. You may end up damaging your reputation after a while, so be mindful. So make sure whatever you offer, you truly believe in it and its value to the customer. Good things take time, so make sure you test it, assess it and pivot as needed until you find that perfect offer that fulfills you and your clients needs.

You brand isn’t soulful (or stylish)

If you don’t have a soulful brand, you’re probably not connecting with your audience on a meaningful level, even though you’re doing everything right with your marketing efforts. If you’re not positioning yourself the right way you could be losing serious business. As Trump says: “If your business is not a brand, it’s a commodity”. Think about it! If you’ve read my blog you’ll know the most important step to soulful branding is getting the foundations right! Make sure you work with someone who can help you harness your foundations and translate them visually!

You don’t know how to market yourself

If you don’t have strategic marketing, then you’re probably not being seen or heard, and are hugely limiting your potential growth. Don’t be the best kept secret out there on the Internet. That’s such a waste of your talents. You can’t expect organic growth — go out and get it! Social media, e-newsletters / list building and blogging are all great ways to drive traffic to your site. There are amazing courses you can do, plus loads to tips tricks and videos on the web.

Mindset Mishaps

I’m a huge believer in the fact that the wrong mindset can totally derail your whole business. I think we’ve all been there, struggling through the uphill battle to master our own minds. If you’re on struggle street you’re probably playing small and letting your inner critic take the reigns. There are a lot of amazing business and life coaches out there who can help you get things back on track, plus fantastic books, videos, and articles on the web. Help is at your fingertips, you’ve just got to reach out and grab it.


So the point of this blog post is to say: there is no one magic trick to business success. There are many components to making it work for you, and YES, it is super hard work to turn all these moving parts into one well oiled biz machine!

I see lots of clients develop great brands but then not know how to market themselves or they’re going guns blazed with their marketing, but their brand is totally off! These kind of things happen to everyday small businesses all the time. So make sure you look at the big picture if you’re not seeing the growth you want!

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