Preparing for your branding photo shoot

If you’re the face of your brand and consult with clients, it is so crucial to build trust and allow your potential clients to get to know the real you behind your name.


One of the effective ways to do this is through your branding photos.

As they say, “a picture paints a thousand words.” That means that everything visual we put out there, whether it is your branding photos, your logo, your colours or your website is jam packed full of meaning which your audience is going to decipher…. whether you like it or not!


You might have popped any old photo up on your website, without giving it a second thought. That’s all well and good, but remember that your dream client IS going to give it a second thought. They’ll make immediate assumptions based on what they see.

So that means you absolutely need to be intentional in your approach to all your visual brand elements.


If you have a photo shoot in the works, take a step back from the excitement and anticipation, and get your thinking cap on.

The best results come from planning your concept out prior to the shoot.

The steps you should take include:


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