Do you feel like you’re always reinventing the wheel with your designs?
Do you have a visual system for your business, or just a logo? 

We hear so much about how systems allow us to work smarter, not harder, so we’re not reinventing the wheel every time, or have to do repetitive tasks over and over again and we have ability to outsource tasks that aren’t in our zone of genius. But the conversation always seems to be around marketing or project management tools — like how to set up email automation, canned response emails, or social media scheduling. Today I wanted to talk about a system that may be a bit overlooked, your brand identity system.




I feel like for many small businesses, they develop a logo for their brand and stop there. I get it, when you’re starting out, you feel like you can’t afford all the extras. But here’s the thing: logos are rarely seen in isolation, slapped onto a white piece of paper, right? When you produce materials for your business, it usually has text. So what fonts are you going to use? You’ll usually want to use colours. So do you have a system for this? You’ll probably want some supporting imagery to make it a bit more exciting. What’s your system for that? When we don’t define a set system of elements beyond a logo up-front, it usually results in a visual free-for-all, basically anything goes and it turns into a big mess! The result is a lack of consistency, and consistency really is the core of all great branding.





Consistency implies professionalism, dependability and trustworthiness. Inconsistency implies unprofessionalism and instability. Think about a person you have known who acted really inconsistently, unpredictable and was a bit of a loose cannon. These kind of people make us nervous and unsure. We wouldn’t feel very confident recommending them for a job. Same goes for a brand. You want your audience to feel confident about using your services and for them to feel like they know exactly what they’re in for when they sign up.


We have the power to shape the way our audience sees us and how they feel about us, through the power of visuals and words. But if you are putting out an inconsistent message, we lose that power. In fact you could be sending the total opposite message to what you want to send. Being inconsistent is not strategic and ends up being a waste of marketing dollars and time. It’s likely to leave the customer confused about who you are, because you’re giving off a multiple personality syndrome brand vibe.


Consistent brands are memorable. If you want to be the first brand people think about when they are seeking out your category, it’s vital to be consistently putting out a recognisable image that differentiates you from the competition. Colour in particular plays a HUGE factor in recognition.




What does a consistent brand identity system look like? Well it’s comprised of your logo, colour scheme, typography (AKA your fonts), graphic elements (like icons, illustrations and textures) and photography style. These 5 elements need to be working cohesively to tell a story to your viewer about who you are, what you believe in and what makes you special.

Here’s an example of my brand identity system to give you some context 


You know what the other added benefits of developing this system is? 

You’re not reinventing the wheel on each and every piece of branding. You save time and money by already have your building blocks in place. Whether your DIYing or hiring a professional to work on your brand, this is just good business — time is money. An investment in this system on the front end can save you loads in the long run! If you’ve ever gone round and round with revisions with your designer, all because you had no idea what you wanted and nothing seemed right, you’ll know the value in deciding on your style BEFORE you jump into graphic design pieces.



So in summary, a brand identity system is a must! Save time, money and look professional at the same time 🙂

Do you need help creating your authentic, cohesive brand identity system? 

If you have big dreams and a booming heart and want to confidently embrace who you authentically are through joyful, radiant, one-of-a-kind branding, then I’d love to chat with you! Enquire here and we can schedule a complimentary 30 minute get to know you session!

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