What emotions  can you embody inyour brand?
Do you yearn to connect with your ideal customers? 
Do you want to impact as many people as possible and spread your heart-centred message? 


I’m so passionate about talking about how to harness the power emotional connection with your brand. Being authentic to your values and personality, having the vulnerability to show up and be seen as you and share your message, being generous with your knowledge and expertise — they’re all ways we can connect on a deeper level with our audience.

Here’s the facts:

Great branding is no longer about touting your features and benefits — the real magic happens when you hook your audience in with the power of emotional connection. Most purchasing decisions are actually based on emotion, not logic — especially if your dream clients are women, so it couldn’t be more important to speak from the heart. People who feel emotionally connected to a brand are far more likely to go out of their way to use the product or service — even if it is more expensive or inconvenient than a competitor’s offer.


So in this image I have a list of 9 emotions you can convey in your business branding. Think about which ones you use or could use, to deepen your connection with your ideal customers. You can also learn more about the different emotions in Jordan Berg’s Ted talk — The Soulful Brand: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVtPzDHlH_Y


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