For a lot of small businesses, brand development starts and stops with a logo design.

But let’s face it, did a logo design ever really make or break a business’s success? I mean I hate to say it as I design logos too, but it’s not this magic bullet many seem to think it is. Few people would think “oh I wasn’t going to work with this person, but then they changed their logo, and I saw them in a totally different light”. The reason is because logos are important, but just one piece of the brand puzzle. What makes or breaks success is how your logo exists as part of a larger ecosystem of visual elements, words, and underlying messages that work in unison to create an EXPERIENCE the customer LOVES.


We see a return on investment and growth when branding is approached holistically.

It’s kind of like an overweight person trying to only work out their abs so they’ll get a six pack. They may have worked hard to invest time and money into their ab workout, but they’re probably not going to see the fruits of their labour because they have avoided working out the rest of the body.


I’d encourage you to take a step back from your day-to-day of your business and ask yourself this one question: “What experience do I want to deliver to my customers?”.

Then use that as the building blocks for everything. If you want to deliver an amazingly professional experience, but your brand materials, website and logo look poorly thought out and messy, then your positioning is out of alignment. If you want to create a very heart-centred, caring and supportive experience, but your branding appears very dark, clinical and dry, then once again, your positioning may be out of alignment. It’s all about thinking whether what you’re putting out there is what you ACTUALLY want to convey.



Start with the way you want your brand to FEEL emotionally, and build out from there, considering every touch-point and interaction your brand delivers to your client, not just your logo placement on the page, and you’ll start to see improvements.

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