8 Signs your branding needs some seriouslove
8 Signs your branding needs some seriouslove

Maybe you can put your finger on it, maybe you can’t, but your intuition knows something’s off. Your branding feels like a poor representation of who you are. You feel like Bridget Jones at the party in her bunny costume — you’re uncomfortable with how you’re showing up in the world and feel like everyone got the memo but you! If authenticity is one of your brand values, it may be time to reassess your image.



You have a beautiful message to share with the world and a great quality product / service, but no one seems to care and you’re not converting. You think ‘if only people would give me a chance, they’d see how great I am”, but the consensus is that no one can get past your less than ideal first impression. You’re unattractive to your dream customers, and it’s costing you. It’s time to call the style police to polish up your look.



Style is important, but you also don’t want to be a Barbie doll brand. Ultimately, your audience wants substance over the superficial. If you approached your branding on the bases of being pretty and trendy, but your logo, colours, fonts, graphics and photography don’t actually speak to who you are and what your message is, it might be time to give your customers something deeper to connect with. 



You’re trying to make a living, and it seemed logical to not exclude anyone from your marketing, right? You find yourself saying “anyone can benefit from your offer, so I don’t think I can (or should) narrow it down”. Fast forward a year, and you realise that by trying to please everyone, your vanilla flavoured branding ain’t tickling no one’s taste buds. If you’re finding your brand has zero personality and is about as boring as watching paint dry, it’s time to spice things up!



You jumped into marketing your business with no real plan of attack, and no visual identity system in place. Now you’re looking at your social media feed and realising it paints a murky picture of who you are. If you’re seeing a myriad of colours, fonts and graphics going to town on your visuals and running a muck, it’s time kick your unwanted guests out and get on clear who is actually allowed in your brand family. Hint: It’s not 10 different colours!



You want to be seen as an expert or leader in your field, but even you have a hard time taking yourself seriously with your branding in the state it’s in, let alone what your customers might think! You find yourself not feeling comfortable charging what you’re worth because you don’t think your brand image supports the higher price point. Eventually, you begin to realise your branding is a roadblock to your success. It’s time to throw that limiting belief away, and level up your branding.



When you launched your business you thought it would be safe to go with the industry ‘norm’ — same colours, same font style, same tone as everyone else. If it’s working for them, why wouldn’t it work for you, right? But now you’re realising that it says nothing about why they should pick you, over everyone else! Customers are confused by who to pick and your competitors are angry your mimicking their look. You don’t have to hide behind the safe bet. Remember that when you’re authentically you, your brand has no competition.



If you always seem to be attracting clients poor fit clients who can’t afford you and try to negotiate at every turn or ones who don’t end up respecting your expertise, don’t align with your values, and make your business miserable, it may be that your branding may be sending the wrong message. If you look cheap you’re going to attract cheap clients. If you don’t show your personality or beliefs, you’re probably not going to magically get the enquiries of your dreams. It’s time to tell the universe who you really want to work with!

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms?

Then it may be time to consider a rebrand or refresh. If you have big dreams and a booming heart and want to confidently embrace who you authentically are through joyful, radiant, one-of-a-kind branding, then I’d love to chat with you! Enquire here and we can schedule a complimentary 30 minute get to know you session!

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