Are you confused?

Are you sick of those client avatar worksheets? 
Do you struggle to understand why you need to define your customer in the first place? 

When you’re first starting out in business, it can be really tempting to want to work with anyone who could use your product or service. You’re not about to turn away paying customers, right?

That makes it confusing as to why you have to do all these client avatar exercises and really narrow it down so far.

Believe me, I’ve been there!

I don’t know about you, but I seriously procrastinated identifying my ideal customer in my early days of my business, because I struggled to find a grounded way to approach it! Does it ever feel like you’re making up these random facts about an imaginary person you’re not even sure exists, or wants what you offer? It can seem counter-intuitive, but narrowing your focus can actually result in more sales, more clients and more success, not less. I’ve seen this with my own business and it’s likely to work for yours too! When I finally bit the bullet and got clarity on who I really loved to work with and built my brand identity around that, my whole business expanded and became even more of a joy to run.

I’d love to invite you to download my latest eBook and learn more about: 

+ Why getting up close and personal with your ideal customer is the key in deeply resonating and building brand loyalty; and
+ My top 4 tips for a more grounded, simplified way to establish your ideal customer profile.


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