As we wrap up 2016, it’s a great time to take stock of how your brand is performing. Usually we can sense when our branding isn’t firing on all cylinders, but sometimes it is hard to pin point the exact problem.
So I’ve put together a handy little guide to the Top 6 Branding Blunders I see with the clients I work with. Starting today with probably the most common blunder I see which I call “The Snooze-Fest Brand”.

The Symptoms a Snooze-Fest Brand might be experiencing…

  • You feel your branding is a bit bland, boring, clinical or maybe too corporate for your audience.
  • You feel like your branding doesn’t stand out compared to others in your industry.
  • You’d have no idea how to describe your brand’s personality, or frankly even if your brand has one! If you asked someone to describe your brand’s personality by looking at your website, they would struggle, or the feedback wouldn’t be positive.
  • You’re lacking the “WOW” factor — you have no raving fans for your brand.
  • If someone covered up your logo on your website, people would have a hard time identifying whose it belonged to.
  • You lead with logic and reason, but don’t make people feel things on an emotional level. So your brand doesn’t feel inspiring or something people could get behind.

You’re putting so much effort into marketing yourself, but still you don’t seem to be getting as much engagement as you would like.


Here are some basic tips on how to resolve it:

1. Get clear on the kind of personality you would love people to associate with your brand. Ask yourself how you want your audience / customers to feel emotionally and let that drive you. If you’re building a personal brand, think about the characteristics and personality traits that make you YOU.

2. Know that every design element — colours, shapes, line styles, fonts, photos, layouts and so on, convey a feeling and personality. Then it is just about finding the styles that match the vibe your after. For example type “Edgy branding” or “Feminine Branding” or “Friendly Branding” into Pinterest, and see what comes up. That should give you a basic indication of how to match your keywords to a visual approach. If you’re not very design literate then it may help to outsource this part! Also don’t forget your copy! Every copy has a “tone of voice” and you need to pick the right language that will once again match the vibe you’re after. Make sure all your visual and written elements work in unison to send the right message.
3. Once you define your design elements that fit the personality you want to convey you need to make sure they are laid out in your marketing pieces consistently and in an engaging, “Wow” factor kind of way.

If you need some help transforming your brand from a Snooze-Fest to a being soaked in personality, style and heart & soul I would love to chat with you! Read about my branding package here > and if you want to get in touch fill in my enquiry questionnaire here > 


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