Branding Blunder #3: The DIY-er for life brand.
I always advocate that start up businesses should determine whether their product/service is viable before they jump into any big business investments, including their branding. Of course we all want to believe our business will succeed, but it’s also important to determine what the market actually wants and is willing to buy. So pivoting and changing, tweaking and researching is a normal part of the process and it can be wise to start with a DIY approach so you’re not putting too much skin in the game early on.

The blunder occurs when you don’t know it’s time to let go of doing everything yourself (when it’s SO not your zone of genius) and letting an expert get involved to take you to the next level.

Here are some symptoms of a DIY-er for life brand:

  • Even though you’ve grown so much over the years, you’ve stuck with your initial DIY branding and you get the feeling it could be hindering your growth.
  • Your VISUALS don’t match your VALUE — when people meet you they love your business, but online and in your marketing people can’t tell how awesome you are because the image you’re painting looks so basic and unprofessional.
  • Your logo or marketing pieces feel really busy, with so much going on and no white space to give the eye breathing room! People complain your website and other materials are hard to read.
  • You’re still on the WIX or Weebly website you started with and you’re finding it doesn’t have the functionality you want anymore.
  • You made a simple text based logo yourself in Paint but don’t really know what the fonts actually say about you. It also just doesn’t really feel like a proper logo to you as there is nothing unique and distinctive about it.
  • You have no plan for how to approach your brand visuals. You often spend all day in Canva trying to create some social media posts and still hate the outcome. You end up feeling frustrated and behind in the work you’re actually great at.
  • You use styles like heavy drop-shadows, gradients and other 3D effects, instead of transitioning to a more flat style of design. Or your logo looks distinctly “Clip-arty”

Some Questions To Ask Yourself:

1. Do you feel you’ve outgrown your DIY branding? Is it looking more like a hobbyist’s brand than a professional’s brand?

2. Are you wasting too much time working outside your “zone of genius” and feel you don’t have the skills to make your brand shine?

3. Realistically, do you have the budget to make a rebrand happen? Including roll out?

4. How much money or opportunities do you think you could be leaving on the table without a professional brand?

To recap, there is nothing wrong with DIY branding if you still need time to test your business concept. The hard part can often be drawing the line on when the “testing” is complete, and you’re ready to move into your next big stage of business development. Only you can decide and answer that question. But as we round out the end of the year it could be a good opportunity to ruminate on it.

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