Branding Blunder #4 The Copycat Brand
Branding Blunder #4: The Copycat brand.
It can be hard to step outside the box and break the mould if everyone in your industry who matters is sporting a particular aesthetic. The problem is that by looking like everyone else you end up blending in not standing out. The big principle of good branding is to showcase your unique points of difference. So that can be pretty hard to do when you’re convinced you need to follow a trend.

Here are some signs you might have a copycat brand:

  • You have very similar colours, fonts or generic styles to one or more of your competitors, or the industry at large.
  • Your branding is a carbon copy of the latest trend you found on Pinterest. It’s trend driven, not heart and soul driven, so it’s not going to have any longevity for you and your business.
  • You don’t feel sure enough of yourself to be the real you, so you’re being guided by what you think the industry, your clients, your family or your business coach want you to be.
  • The points of difference you use to promote yourself to your customers are actually the same as your competitors. So basically you’re doing nothing to showcase why you’re unique.
  • You’ve based your pricing on what everyone else was doing in your industry, not on what you think you’re worth.
  • Potential clients have a hard time deciding who to do business with in your industry, because you all seem equal.

What to do if your branding isn’t as unique as it could be: 1. Do a competitor analysis. Get clear on what parts of your brand are blending in with everything else and work towards changing them up. 2. Have a heart to heart with yourself! Get clear on who you are, why do you what you do and what makes you special. Let those answers guide your visual and written direction, not what you can see everyone else doing. Remember that no business is exactly the same because we all have our own past experiences, likes and dislikes, personality, attitudes and beliefs. So your branding shouldn’t be the exact same as everyone else either! 3. Consider whether you need some help to translate your authentic message visually. Sometimes this process can be very difficult for someone who is not a designer to accomplish. You may have the big vision, but it’s hard to get that down on paper in a professional way without the tools and skills.


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