Branding Blunder #5: The Centre of Attention

With all this talk about personal branding and authenticity these days, it is easy to think you need to be the centre of attention in your business marketing. But the truth is, we really need to balance sharing our story with showing empathy for our customer’s story. At the end of the day as viewers we’re bombarded by hundreds of marketing messages a day, so to get our attention we want to know what’s in it for us. The viewer will always care about themselves much more than they care about your brand. Especially when you haven’t forged an emotional connection with them yet.

Here are some symptoms of a Centre of Attention Brand:

  • You think the term “personal branding” means that you need to make your brand literally all about you, and nothing about how your client feels.
  • You think you need to share your life story for the sake of it, rather than framing it around the context of how you are best served to understand and help your ideal clients.
  • Your website and marketing leads with the words “I & me”, way more than the word “you”. You’re so busy talking about yourself that you forget to mention why your viewers should care.
  • You’ve based your visual branding and tone of voice purely on what you like, even if it actually doesn’t resonate with or even turns off your ideal client.

If you think your brand is neglecting your customers, start by digging deep to recognise and clarify who you’re trying to reach. Then map out what their dreams and goals are, as well as what they’re struggles and fears are. Lead with this kind of messaging on your website and in your marketing copy so it hooks them in. Use the word “You” a lot so people feel like you’re speaking directly to them, not at them.


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