Branding Blunder #6 The Experimenter Brand
Branding Blunder #6 The Experimenter Brand
Branding Blunder #6: The Experimenter
This is my last blunder in the series and a big one!

It can be hard to nail down one clear brand concept and apply it consistently. It’s especially hard when you DIY and sort of “wing” the process, rather than following the right method. Without the right level of clarity you can end up tweaking your branding forever and sort of feeling crummy in the process because you know that’s not a professional way to approach it. Indecisiveness can feel SO frustrating — in business and in life.

Here are the symptoms of an experimenter brand:

  • You’re like a magpie — you love so many different styles and you find it hard to pick just one cohesive look for your brand…so you don’t! You’re left with a wishy-washy brand you don’t feel inspired by.
  • You keep tweaking your logo, colours or fonts and have a million different versions floating around on your brand materials. You’re always trying to improve things, but you’re never quite hitting the mark.
  • You had your logo designed by a professional, and then you winged it from there. You don’t have a consistent plan for what exact colours, fonts, graphic and photography style to use. It’s leaving you floundering!
  • If you laid all your brand materials out on the floor next to each other, you’d see that they don’t look like they all belong together. You know how important brand consistency is in business, yet you can’t seem to pull it all together.

So how can you get out of the experimental stage and into a solidified brand? Well if you’ve been making things up as you’ve gone along and got so lost along the way, it might be time to get back to square one again. I know that might sound like a lot of work, but you really can’t move forward with a frankenstein, half baked brand and expect things not to topple over down the track.

First make sure you have clarity on what you want to say.

Then figure out how you are going to say it with a set system you can feel happy to use. That might mean investing in some professional help if you think that you’re never going to be satisfied with the results your design skills are going to award you. Make sure you clearly define your:

  • Logo
  • Colour Palette
  • Typography (Fonts)
  • Graphic Elements
  • Photography Style

Once you have the system, it’s time to launch it out to the world across all your brand materials. Make sure you list them all out and update everything in the new style.


If you need some help transforming your brand from one big experiment to a consistent, cohesive system, I would love to chat with you! Read about my branding package here > and if you want to get in touch fill in my enquiry questionnaire here > 

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