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Hey Beautiful!

I know you dream of someone who will

“Get” you.

All of you.

Make sense of you.

Your wild, wonderful, real self.

See what you can’t because it’s too close to your heart.

Making your heart and soul so visible and tangible…
that your dream clients feel like they could reach out and grab it and hug it and be BFFS with it, is no walk in the park.

Making sense of how your business has evolved while you were so busy in the trenches, making things happen can feel overwhelming.

But it is SO doable, my friend. 

You need a team who has experience nurturing passionate business women like you through the wild ride we call “Branding”.

Hi, I’m Emma Brownson, Founder and Creative Director of Soul Stirring Branding
The word clients use most to describe me is “Thorough”. 

I believe details matter because they show people you care. That you haven’t just slapped things together to get them out the door, but instead have taken such immense pride in the work that you do. Like you’ve lovingly hand stitched every detail of your brand quilt.  

My superpower is reveling in the details. I feel like what I offer here is super unique because most people would get overwhelmed or bored with the things I find fun in the branding process. 

I always say “there is no such thing as too much information with me!” Once I get down the rabbit hole of your brand I have a super hard time getting out again!! 

As a result I really feel like I take on your brand like it is my own and immerse myself in your world. I pour all my emotional energy into your brand like this overflowing cup. I see it as this super big privilege which I don’t take lightly because you are also investing your time, money and energy into birthing this new direction into the world and you are believing in me to be the person to take you there. 

So that’s what you can expect.

Unbridled Care. Detail. Depth. Heart. Empathy.
An experience I suspect you won’t get anywhere else. 

You’re in the right place if you feel in your heart you’re in the right place. 

That’s what good branding does. It connects with your in this instant, emotional level and tells you “This is it”. I’ve found what I am meant to work with”.  Trust your gut, it won’t steer your wrong. 

I do, however, think you’ll really love what I do if… 

  • You’re a details girl and read my website back to front and upside down already. 
  • You’re not a minimalist. You LOVE the beautiful handmade details that make brand unique. But you also understand the importance of balance and readability. 
  • You’re tired of copy-and-paste cookie cutter branding and people who don’t deliver
  • You deeply desire to be seen, heard and have your essence reflected back to you. 

About Emma 

♥  Scorpio
  New Zealander
  Living in Australia the past 16 years
  7 years strong in Business
  Podcast Fan
♥  Oats Enthusiast
  Plant lover but neglector
  Kizomba Dancer

Meet Rebecca
Web Developer

Rebecca is a WordPress and Shopify expert based in Brisbane, Australia. I love her because she cares about the details just as much as me! She has been translating my designs into functioning websites for clients for over 2 years. Rebecca helps advise clients strategically on how to put the right tech systems in place to support their growth. And most importantly, she really cares! Finding a reliable web developer is like a needle in a hackstack! We’re so lucky to have her! 

♥  Scorpio
  Wine Obsessed
  Tech Nerd who speaks your language
♥    Business Degree

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