Soul Stirring Branding for Small Businesses with booming hearts
Soul Stirring Branding for Small Businesses with booming hearts

Welcome To Soul Stirring Branding


I’m Emma, a graphic designer based in Brisbane, Australia. I work with big-hearted, small business owners who want to leave a long-lasting love-mark on the world through authentic, intentional and soul-oriented branding. Soul Stirring Branding is more than just a business name for me — it’s my whole design philosophy and the intended outcome of each project I work on!
Emma Blowing Dandelions

Why I believe in Soulful Branding

I believe in soulful branding because it feels damn good! Forget that it’s actually an amazing brand strategy to get more genuine engagement with your brand. Forget that finding your ‘why’ is the latest buzz word.

The fact is, underneath all the other good reasons is one simple truth: when you speak, act and show up from a place that looks and feels authentic to you, it’s the most amazing feeling in the world. It energises and empowers you. It allows you to connect and take ownership of your own brand in a way you never knew before. It stops your business feeling like work and transforms it into your calling. That’s why I believe in soulful branding. It changed my business and it might just change yours…


A few things that stir my soul — time with the people I love, cute cat videos, dancing the night away, good coffee (of course)
A few things that stir my soul — time with the people I love, cute cat videos, dancing the night away, good coffee (of course)


  • You’re intuitive, thoughtful, deliberate and action-oriented.
  • You LOVE detail and appreciate 50 page branding presentations with in-depth detail on every choice made so you can totally understand where I’m coming from and why it will work for you. 
  • You’re a helper, a natural-born nurturer, and have one helluva creative spirit. You might not be an artist per se, but you do take an imaginative and innovative approach to all that you touch.
  • You’re truly ready to guide your business into its next wave of excellence with a sense of curiosity, experimentation and a whole lotta soul.
  • You adore anything that makes your day more productive, and would likely list ‘organising’ as a hobby of yours.


  • A ‘fly by the seat of your pants’ type. You love order, progress and tracking success far too much to move blindly.
  • Looking for something that just looks good and brings in the revenue. Your business is deeper and more meaningful to you than that. 
  • After a trend-driven design that you saw once on Pinterest. You want a brand which is the right fit for you and has longevity. 
  • Into following the herd, playing by the rules, or following someone else’s path. You understand that to stand out you need to be yourself. 
Photos of Emma at the beach - branding shots

My Approach To My Work


I take on only a few select, highly engaged clients every month so that I can create the best possible visual expression of their business identity.


I personally work one-on-one with you to create an authentic visual extension of your BIG PICTURE vision


I consider all parts of your brand identity to ensure it is jam packed full of unique details, bursting at the seams with love & life.


I work with you to create a timeless style that visually communicates your brand’s character, values, mission and destiny.

Photo of Emma

My Story

I knew from a young age I wanted to be a graphic designer. I’ve always been a creative, inquisitive soul, and a natural introvert, happy to spend hours pottering around the house doing my own thing, lost in my own little world. I was well known in the family as the messy one who was always cutting up all the magazines to make designs and traipsing little pieces of cut up paper around the house. There was always a little bit of magic in getting lost in a project for hours.

Fast forward a bunch of years and I was completing my Bachelor of Design at the Queensland College of Art. I took a class in branding in my final year of study and fell head over heels! I love the way it engages both the left and right sides of my brain on a daily basis and that I get to work with so many different clients from all walks of life — there really is never a dull moment!

My favourite parts of what I do include: learning quirky things about my client’s business and industry (I have all this random bank knowledge about everything from keeping pet chickens to the gift card industry to oil pulling!), that ‘a ha’ moment when the right solution finally presents itself and everything just flows and of course, when a client truly falls in love with what I’ve created and I’m am able to contribute to them being able to make their dreams a reality. That’s what truly makes my job so fulfilling, engaging and worthwhile!

When you work with me, we'll cultivate your strengths and unfold a powerful new brand identity


  • Design one-off logos, ASAP please, and don’t worry, I know exactly what I want, so you won’t have to think about it.
  • Start projects without speaking to you face-to-face and getting a comprehensive understanding of your business.
  • Provide multiple brand concepts so that you can eenie-meenie-minie-moe and pick your favourite.
  • Create a brand that your audience wants, but you don’t actually feel a connection with (or vice versa).
  • Replicate something you found on Google.
  • Make pretty things without using a logical, intuitive thought process that puts longevity at the fore.


  • Personally consult with a few select highly engaged entrepreneurs (hopefully that’s you!) to truly get to know their values, big dreams, goals, loves, hates, lifestyle, strengths, weaknesses and character.
  • Work alongside you and what you truly desire, so that you can authentically step into the next phase of your brand’s life.
  • Use creative problem solving to design for you the most effective, engaging and evocative concept.
  • Consider your brand as an evolving ecology with an entire kingdom to nurture and grow, so that you in turn can achieve BIG THINGS. It all begins with YOU.
  • Present to you an entire brand concept that allows you to rule with pride, confidence and clarity.

Like what you hear?

You’re my dream client. I would relish the opportunity to work with someone like you. Discover for yourself why my graphic design services are different.
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