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Your heart is worth sharing with the world.

I would be honoured to help you illuminate it.

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I’m so happy you’re here!

As a designer and branding coach, I partner with women-led businesses that care deeply about the work they do in the world and value an in-depth, thoughtful process.

Have you been dreaming about finding that unicorn who will…

  • one star pink“get” you - the real you.
  • one star pinkmake sense of your multi-passionate self; and
  • one star pinksee what you can’t because it’s too close to your heart.

Before finally reflecting that in a brand you can be proud of?

“Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” are life’s big questions

But we’re suddenly supposed to have it all figured out so we can brand our businesses authentically?


I believe this work is important, because I know what it feels like to be stuck in self-doubt.
To be so worried about what others will think of you that you feel paralysed and only share with the world a fraction of your light, your gifts, your self, for fear of rejection.

If you’re been struggling to make sense of who you REALLY are and what to do with your many passions and overflowing ideas, or how to bring more of you into what you do, while still coming across as a valued expert and total pro, then you are SO NOT alone.

My work as a designer and branding coach means that I have walked beside hundreds of women now who have taken this journey and I know for certain that having a supportive, non-judgemental person to lead you through the process makes all that has felt impossible suddenly possible.

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Hi, I’m Emma Brownson

I believe details matter because they show people you care. That you haven’t just slapped things together to get them out the door, but instead have taken such immense pride in the work that you do. Like you’ve lovingly hand stitched every detail of your brand quilt.

My superpower is going deep, with an intentional and holistic approach. I feel like what I offer here is super unique, because most people would get overwhelmed or bored with the things I find fun in the branding process.

As a result, I really feel like I take on your brand like it is my own and immerse myself in your world. I see it as this super big privilege which I don’t take lightly because you are also investing your time, money and energy into birthing this new direction into the world and you are believing in me to be the person to take you there.

These days, when I’m not helping clients with their branding and website design, I’m busy keeping my two crazy twin boys, Aidan and Noah in check (no easy feat) and singing to Cocomelon.


My first business was a babysitter’s club I inherited from my sister, who no longer wanted it.

I was about 16 and had to co-ordinate finding babysitters for various jobs and I would get a commission ($10). I quickly realised running a business was hard when heaps of families wanted to book but I was having trouble with recruiting and I even had babysitters refusing to pay my commission! It did get me more confident speaking on the phone though, which felt a bit terrifying at the time.


I was about 21 when I first started my branding and website design business – that’s a decade ago now! 

At the time I saw it more like ‘freelancing’ than a formal business though. It took me much longer to step into the confidence and mindset of saying I was a business owner. I always felt like a bit of a fraud, or like I had to hide my age because I was so much younger than all my clients in the early days. Now that I am in my thirties, I feel a lot more at ease in my business and life in general!


Some people find joy in cooking. I think I’m destined to only find joy in eating!

One thing I realised about myself is that I have very little patience for elaborate meals. I would be perfectly happy having avocado on toast for breakfast, lunch and dinner! 5-minute meals all the way! Unfortunately, some members of my family would prefer it otherwise! Thank goodness for air fryers! 

Sarah Tuckett Branding

“Seeing my branding for the first time was nothing short of amazing! I couldn’t believe that you were so able to speak to my soul through what you created. You truly “got me.”

 I feel like I have something to say and something to offer the world and I am worth more now that I know how to accurately get my message out.”



Lillie Clark

Lillie is a website and UX designer/developer based in Brisbane, Australia. She is a coffee addict, art and interior design lover who lives with her little family of 3 in their cute little 70’s style bungalow.

We love Lillie because she is proactive, a great communicator, and thinks strategically for clients, not just providing exactly what we ask for, but looking at ways we can make sites more streamlined, easy to manage and a better long-term outcome that will grow with you. Lillie is great at explaining complex technical things in simple ways and we love her explainer videos!

Lillie also offers maintenance packages to support clients after the site is built, should they choose, to ensure you’re not abandoned after the initial work is done!

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