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The guided pathway to creating a brand and website which deeply expresses who you are.

8 Month Brand coaching & Website Design Course • Starting March 27rd 2023


Are you a coach, artist/creative, teacher, guide, therapist, healer or retreat facilitator looking for brand coaching?

Then I imagine you wish your brand could reflect the depth of the experience you offer as well as the depth of your heart.

What if your brand and website could actually feel like you, so you could easily attract and connect emotionally with the right ideal clients and audience?


  • cropped one star pink.pngYour truth.
  • cropped one star pink.pngYour light.
  • cropped one star pink.pngYour style.
  • cropped one star pink.pngYour voice.
  • cropped one star pink.pngYour energy.


Can you truly see yourself in your branding?

or does it look and feel like someone you’re not?

can you truly see yourself in your branding?

Which one of these best

Describes Your Brand Right Now?

The Blank Slate Brand

You’ve decided to take the leap to create a business but pulling everything together from scratch feels overwhelming. You would like to set up the right foundations for your brand but don’t know where to start.

The Starter Brand

You have a logo, some colours and website, but you pulled it together quickly and without a whole lot of consideration. You know it’s not separating you from others in your industry but you’re not sure what to do differently.

The Unfolding Brand

You and your business have been evolving and your old brand doesn’t reflect your new direction. Now you need to figure out who you are again and how to express yourself in an aligned way.

The Next Level Brand

You like your branding and website but you feel like it could be better. It’s not that it’s bad, it’s just that you feel like you could be expressing yourself in a deeper, more thoughtful way.

If you identified with any of the above, then Aligned & Embodied would be perfect for you.

It’s a process that suits literally ANY phase in the business journey.

It’s helped my clients who have been in business for decades making 7-figures as well as start up clients who are still figuring out what shape their business will take.

That’s because our brands are living, breathing entities that grow and evolve with us. So I would recommend you keep this in your back pocket and revisit it many times over the course of running your business. And you have lifetime access to do just that!

Think of it as your essential guide when you’re creating your brand’s identity for the first time or when you feel in your gut like something is off with how you’re communicating your brand and you KNOW you need a shift, but you don’t know where to start.

Discover why this program is different

aligned and embodied logo primary

My signature process that I take each of my VIP 1:1 clients through is now available to learn how to do it yourself.

This process has been 10 years in the making and has helped develop and refine some of the most successful personal brands in the creative, therapy and healing spaces.

Except, not everyone can afford the $10K + price tag. 
Imagine learning the secrets to a soulful brand at fraction of the price, from the comfort of your home.

Some of the legendary clients that have gone through this branding process

This is for a woman like you wanting to build your connection, presence and authority as a subject matter expert in your field.

So you can be seen, heard, known and loved.

health practitioners

Health Practitioners

Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Counsellors, Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Yoga Instructors and more.



Business, Life, Health, Mindset, Career, Relationships, Motherhood, Money and more.



Artists, Makers, Designers, Photographers, Creativity Teachers and more.



Spiritual Teachers, Psychic Mediums, Crystal Healers, Reiki Pros, Intuitive Healers and more.


Marketing, SEO, Social Media Pros, Accountants, VAs, Bookkeepers and more.
moon eir

It’s more than a branding course. It’s a business development course.

Before Aligned & Embodied, my business was really only an idea at the time. Emma gives you value for money. The amount of support we got during the course was incredible. And I don’t think I would have gone part-time in my work if I hadn’t done the course. I think I would have still been humming and ahhimh and thinking ‘do I really have a business?’ ‘Is it worth taking a chance?’ But the course created the foundation for me to go, ‘You know what? I actually am ready for this.’ The website template is a godsend, really! I’m building my website myself, which is really exciting.”

— Kim Adams, transformational guide, retreat facilitator and yoga teacher, Australia.

The course contains three main phases

Phase 1:

Create your heart and soul guidebook

Modules 1-7

Phase 2:

Create your
visual branding

Modules 8-11

Phase 3

Phase 3:

Develop your dream website

Modules 12-18


Think of this as your brand’s ‘bible’ that gives you a big-picture view of your brand’s core messaging. You’ll work through various sections around:

• Who you are
• What makes you unique
• Your purpose and what you’re here to do
• Who you’re uniquely positioned to serve
• What you offer

It will provide the strategic and heart-centred foundation for everything you do next (think: visual branding, photo shoot, website and marketing).

What that actually means is

No more reaching around in the dark hoping to stumble on how to express yourself. This phase will give you clarity on how you want to communicate who you are as a brand.

This is HUGE because I’ve experienced first-hand that when you don’t know who you are or how to express it, you second guess EVERYTHING, leading to inaction and feeling uncomfortable about putting yourself out there. When you’re clear on what you’re trying to say, you feel confident and motivated to market your business the way you need to see growth.

Phase 2: Design your visual branding. Modules 8-11


Dreaming about discovering what visual elements to pair with your brand so that people instantly get your vibe, your energy, your ‘secret sauce’? In this phase, you’ll plan out your desired aesthetic and either bring it to life yourself, or hire someone to help you. You’ll also plan and book your photo shoot, which will be equal parts exciting and scary, but you can do it! It’s time to allow yourself to be seen and build an emotional connection.

What that actually means is

Did you know every colour, font, graphic element and photo has embedded symbolism and a way it makes us feel? In the modules, I walk you through what each choice says about you as a business, so that you can create or select visual elements which speak to your message and your energy. I provide plug-and-play templates and designs you can use to get a professional brand off the ground.


You’ll be taken step-by-step through how to write and design the key pages of a personal branding website, including your home, about, sales pages, blog, podcast, freebies, contact, testimonials and speaking pages. You have the option of using the gorgeous Sacred & Soulful WordPress website template I’ve designed (which will make this process 1000x easier) or tweak your existing website if you’re on or need another platform.

What that actually means is

We don’t just talk about how to create a professional quality website in theory- I give you the exact tools and templates you need to easily create this for yourself! It can feel nearly impossible to write your website copy when you’re staring at a blank page. I give you my recommended layout and sequence that you can customise instead. I’m also thrilled to offer a plug-and-play template which that the overwhelm out of the process.

Are you starting your business from scratch and feeling lost? Hear Kim’s story of how Aligned & Embodied gave her the confidence and clarity to go part time in her day job so she could transition her business from side hustle to serious. 

Do you have an established brand, but you feel like you’ve just scratched the surface of what’s possible? Hear Italia’s story about how she learned to create a deeper expression of who she is in her brand and website.

Are you an artist or creative who knows they have a really soul deep purpose behind their business but now needs to figure out how to present it to the world? Hear how Mia learned the skills to create her dream website. 

Wondering what it’s like to take a course from an Australian when you’re on the other side of the world? Hear from Jamila, a web designer with a dream to start a soulful tattoo business.  

Wondering whether it’s better to hire a professional or go through the course? Well, Karen did both! She worked with me 1:1 three years ago and taking the course helped her develop a much deeper connection to her intuitive wisdom, way more trust and she’s no longer scared to touch her WordPress website!

alignment leads to embodiment
what does it mean to be aligned

What does it mean to be


You want everything you put out into the world to be in harmony with the deepest parts of who you are: Your purpose, your values, your energy, your personality, your strengths, your gifts and more. It’s like everything being set to the right frequency to call in your soul-aligned clients.

If you’re feeling out of alignment, you probably know. It’s that icky feeling you get or that gut instinct that something is off. Business energetics matters because resisting change and holding onto stuck energy makes you play small in your business and life.


What does it mean to be


To me, brand embodiment is the process of standing unapologetically in your power and claiming every part of yourself. People can see and feel this vividly. The fullest, richest, most joyful and version of you! This requires a process of re-evaluating how you’re showing up in the world and what masks, beliefs and fitting-in strategies you might have been tempted to hold onto which no longer truly reflect the woman you are evolving into as your highest and most authentic self.

It’s stepping into the brand you know in your heart is yours to belong to, but one which you need a little support and encouragement to fully embody and claim for yourself. Brand embodiment takes courage and I know you have it within you. 


What does the course include?

Keep scrolling for more in-depth detail on each!

Module 2 photo of Emma writing in notebook

Module 1

Making friends with our

Intuition & Beliefs

week 1

Module 2

Finding the 

Soul of your Brand

week 4

Module 3

Defining your personality,

Energy & Vibe

Module 4 Image

Module 4

Articulate your


Module 5 Image

Module 5

Sharing Your


week 1

Module 6


Ideal Client


Module 7


Offering Suite

Signature Style

Module 8


Signature Style

Visual Branding

Module 9

Creating Your

Visual Branding

week 1

Module 10

Planning Your

Photo Shoot

graphic design

Module 11

Grow Your

Graphic Design Skills

Home Page

Module 12

Creating Your

Home Page

About Page

Module 13

Creating Your

About Page

Sales Page Copywriting

Module 14

Creating Your

Sales Pages

Blog and Podcast Image

Module 15

Creating Your

Blog & Podcast Pages

Module 14 Image

Module 16

Creating your

Freebies, Contact, Testimonials & Speaking Pages


Module 17

Demystifying your Web



Module 18



What the modules cover

Click to read all 18

moon eir

“Aligned & Embodied is a totally immersive course. I went from being embarrassed by my website and feeling like a generalist with a diluted message to having my level of awareness about my message and brand direction completely evolving from week 1 to the end of the course.

I’d done marketing courses already with other coaches and spent thousands. The difference with Aligned & Embodied is that everything is framed in a totally different, more compassionate and heart-centred way.

Emma, you’re amazing and I am so grateful I made this round 🙂

— Jen Carter, Therapist, Australia

weekly group coaching

Weekly Group Brand Coaching Calls

You’ll get WEEKLY group coaching calls for the entire 16 weeks.

That means won’t buy this course and be left to fend for yourself!

Instead, you can expect an unparalleled level of support:

• 4 months of guided dripped weekly content and Weekly group coaching/Q&a calls.

• Support via the Facebook Group or Email to answer your specific questions for 12-months.

Because I know that life happens and sometimes the best-laid plans don’t go to plan, I offer the initial 4 months of guided support through the modules and weekly calls PLUS an additional 8 months of access to me via email or the FB group to answer questions.

That way even if you can’t follow along with the content in real-time, you don’t have to stress, as my feedback on your work will just be an email away for the whole of 2023+ 

There is a special kind of magic that occurs when like-hearted women gather to bravely and boldly stand in their truth. 

This is your safe container to create from your heart and soul while being witnessed by other women walking the same path as you. 

Enjoy the support of brand coaching in a group! Through our Aligned and Embodied private Facebook Group, we will come together to ask questions, help each other and feel the momentum of the group energy flow us forward towards aligned action as we all are guided through these new waters. 

stars in hand

What you’ll achieve with this course

craft your message with clarity

Craft your message with clarity

Finally understand who you are as a brand (and maybe even deeper, as a person), and know exactly how to infuse more soul and personality into your heartfelt brand. With the help of this personal brand coaching program, you’ll have your brand strategy nailed down into one summarised document you’ll be guided to put together in Canva.

nail your photoshoot

Nail your photoshoot

Plan out your shoot from start to finish so that you know exactly what clothes to wear, props to bring, location to consider and poses/energy you want to bring forward. Be guided to find your perfect photographer in your area. You’ll be able to give them a solid brief about what you want to reflect in your photos, so you love the outcome.

plan & design your visual branding

Plan & design your visual branding

As part of this brand coaching course, you’ll put together an aligned mood board for your brand, as you become clear on the feel and vibe you are after. Learn how to hire the right graphic designer or how to create your own visual branding, including logo design, colour palette, where to source fonts, graphic elements and stock photography.

become a canva graphic design pro

Become a Canva graphic design pro

Going in circles wasting time designing things that just don’t work — No more! You’ll feel so much more empowered to design social media posts, documents and more for your brand when you learn the skills you need with a design pro as your personal branding coach!

write your website copy

Write your website copy

Imagine the relief of every page of your site being written, done and dusted! It can be confusing to know where to start and what to include, but not if you are guided with exact sequences, scripts and inclusions, which you can fully customise and arrange to make your own.

design your website

Design your website

Whether you want to design your website or hire someone else to do it, you will be empowered in the knowledge of what makes a strategic, soulful and high-converting website. Part science, part art. Let’s create a website your soul-aligned clients want to come home to.

tech demystified

Tech demystified

It’s hard to build and manage your own site when you are overwhelmed by technical jargon. You’ll walk away from the course feeling confident that you know what you’re doing with your site and are not beholden to your developer to do the right thing.

feeling marketing savvy

Feeling marketing savvy

No good website strategy is “set it and forget it.” If you set it and forget it, so will your customers. As part of this brand coaching course, we’ll develop your launch and ongoing marketing strategy, so that you can drive traffic to the site you create and gain momentum from your launch.

deeply love your business

Deeply love your business

Learn to tap into your intuition, so that everything you create in this course is custom-made to your soul’s blueprint. That way you’ll shed the parts of your business you no longer connect with and deepen into the parts you do, so everything lights you up and keeps you passionate.

Emma Brownson

Who is your Personal Branding Coach and the Aligned & Embodied Instructor?

Hi, I'm Emma Brownson

With a specialty in branding and website design, I’m a graphic designer, copywriter and entrepreneur who has been honing this signature branding process with over 100 businesses for a decade now. As your personal branding coach I’ll walk you through each step – and you’ll have the confidence of knowing that what you’re learning is tried and tested!

I was driven to create this course as a way to provide brand coaching, after seeing so many passionate entrepreneurs over the years reach out to work with me, whose businesses ultimately weren’t in a place to afford my 1:1 fees.

I live in Sydney, Australia where I am a mum to twin boys, so you know I’m an amazing multi-tasker and can get things happening for your business!

I know what it’s like to feel like you don’t know who you are or that you’re not interesting enough to build a personal brand around. I’ve heard the “who am I to do this work” ring in my head. I know how it feels to be stuck in the trap of perfectionism, to be fearful of what others will think and be afraid to do anything bigger in your business in case you fail.

I’m passionate about helping women not only learn the fundamental skills and techniques to design and write for their brands but also work through the emotional layers they need to shed to feel ready to stand in their power. This in itself Is life-changing.

moon eir

“I’m SO happy I took your course!

I wish I had it when I began my spiritual business.

It’s helped me to open my mind, heart, and soul to all the wonderful possibilities! I’m not tech-savvy or artistically inclined so I really learned a lot. It showed me how to best express who I am, what I have to offer, and how to share that with my audience in a way that feels aligned and embodied to my spirit and the soul of my business.

I was able to upgrade to get Emma to redesign my logo. She had already got to know me and my energy, so I didn’t have to go and explain it to someone else again. So that piece was really wonderful as well.

— Italia Oliver, Intuitive Medium, Voice Channel and Spiritual Teacher, USA

Our Guest Experts

As part of this brand coaching course, you’ll explore inspiring masterclasses with experts!

kareena glanville (1)


Kareena Glanville

Co-founder of Reclaim Her and Soul Coach, Kareena guides us on how to brand our business intuitively.

michelle swan


Michelle Swan

Learn how to approach your brand photoshoot from personal brand photography specialist, Michelle.

lillie clark (1)


Lillie Clark

Websites don’t have to be scary! Lillie shares how to feel empowered about developing your website even if you’re a technophobe!

kelly rae roberts


Kelly Rae Roberts

Hear how Kelly Rae built her much loved personal brand which inspires others to cultivate courage and creativity.

trish taylor


Trish Taylor

Former celebrity stylist Trish helps us figure out what to wear in our brand photos/videos and how to get comfortable being visible.

bamik baker


Bamik Baker 

Founder of Bamik Digital, Bamik advises on all things launching, Facebook Ads and marketing.

janet camilleri


Janet Camilleri

Founder of Front Page SEO, Janet will talk us through the techniques to get our sites ranking on Google. 

Chloe Allan


Chloe Allan

Founder of Chloe’s Creative Co, Chloe steps us through how to aproach Instagram and Facebook without tearing your hair out. 

Optional upgrade

Custom Logo Design

Would you like a ‘soul-stirring’ logo for your visual branding? If you can afford it and want something with a custom icon, I would recommend getting this done professionally to ensure it matches the calibre of your work (which I’m sure is amazing!). You can also secure special student-only pricing.

This is the ONLY place where I would offer logo design as a stand-alone service as I know you’ve done the deep work of creating your Heart and Soul guidebook in the course. This way we have clarity on your message and direction. You can request to add this at any stage during the course, just email me.

Add-on a custom logo design for $450 USD.

Optional upgrade

Custom Graphic Elements Pack

I will be walking you through where to find graphic elements you can purchase from stock sites or how to create them yourself via the course materials. But, if you would like some unique and pro visual elements for your brand that no one else can find and use on Canva or Creative Market, myself and my team are here to help!

Grab a pack of 5 or 10 uniquely yours elements, such as 2 textures and three illustrations or 8 illustrations and 2 textures. This will make populating your website template super easy as you have all your graphic elements created and ready to slot in! You can request to add this at any stage during the course, just email me.

Add-on 5 custom graphic elements for $450 USD or 
Add-on 10 custom graphic elements for $850 USD

Optional upgrade

The Sacred & Soulful WordPress Website Template

Looking for an easy and way to design or redesign your website while ensuring it looks professional and infused with your essence?

Introducing my first ever and super comprehensive website template “Sacred & Soulful” — bringing you Soul Stirring Branding quality website design at an absolute fraction of the price of custom design.

1:1 clients normally pay $5-20K for a custom website. You can grab the easily customisable template for only $500 USD with special, never to be repeated and student only discounted pricing — Save $180 USD +.

Included in the cost, my developer Lillie will sort out the tech side of Installing WordPress, Divi and the Template pages so you don’t have to worry about sorting out that tech side.

Need to keep your current website running while the new site is built? Lillie can host your new website while it’s being built for a monthly fee of $25 USD/month + $80 USD to migrate the new site over to your correct hosting when you’re ready to launch. 

Page designs include:

• Home page
• About page
• Program/service sales page
• Retreat sales page
• Blog page
• Podcast page
• Freebie’s page
• Testimonials Page
• Speaking Page
• Contact Page
• Shop Page 
• Lead Magnet Page

Take a tour of the template


  • NEasy to use, drag and drop style visual editor powered by the “Divi” Theme/Page Builder (The most widely used WordPress theme).
  • NCustomise everything - colours, fonts, backgrounds, icons, photos and even layouts if you want to.
  • NEvery single image is set up as a Canva template, so there is no guess work and everything will just slot into place!
  • NTech support in case you get stuck, so you never have to worry about getting lost.
  • NTotally mobile responsive
  • NComprehensive separate course with training videos on how to edit every element of the template.
  • NIncluded in the cost, my developer, Lillie, will install WordPress, Divi and the template page files into your hosting so you're all set up and ready to start adding your text and images.
  • NSpecial student only pricing - Save $180+ USD
  • NDoes not include your license of Divi (required).

Peek inside the page layouts

Sacred & Soulful Website Template

Why is this website template different?


Most website templates come with 7-9 pages as standard, and often without a long-form style sales page unless you upgrade or shop page. The Sacred & Soulful template comes with 12 pages, including a 16-section long-form sales page, a specific retreat sales page (I haven’t seen a template that offers this!), a shop page, speaking page and a free resources page. These are all pages that aren’t commonly included in popular website templates, so you get a comprehensive website with all the key pages for a personal brand.

Guidance on how to customise

There are a lot of website templates available these days, but most come with pretty standard support materials like how to edit the page. This template is unique because it ties seamlessly into the course. As part of the course, you’re guided through every section of each page of the template, discussing the strategy behind including it and how to make it your own based on the work we’ve done in earlier modules. Instead of placeholder text, you’re greeted by real mock copy in the demo site to inspire you as well.

Built on WordPress

You may have noticed most of the popular and stylish website templates on the market are only available on Showit or Shopify. But there is a reason WordPress is the most commonly used and considered y many to be ‘best practice’ when it comes to platforms — it’s affordable, flexible, will grow with you, with unparalleled SEO and plugin options. Plus, you OWN your website. You’re not tied to any company and you can move hosts if you’re not happy with the service.

Built-in training & templates

I set up all 120 images used in the template as individual Canva templates, so you have the exact size for everything (icons, photos, backgrounds, graphics, mockups). You are also welcome to use any elements within the demo content, with beautiful illustration and texture work designed by me and free stock photos via Pexels and Unsplash (or of course customise it with your own branded elements). I also recorded 75 individual training videos which break down how to edit each page into bite-sized, easy-to-follow videos.

Optional add-on - ‘done for you’ tech set up

Tech not your thing? I get that WordPress could sound daunting. My developer Lillie can assist you with installing WordPress, Divi and the Template pages so you don’t have to worry about any of that technical stuff and can get straight into adding your copy and images. Add this on for an extra $69 USD. Prefer to handle it yourself? I step you through the sequence of how to do it in the “Demystifying Web Development” module.

Optional add-on - ‘done for you’ customisation

Want that professional touch and to be more hands-off? I can offer a “Done For You” template customisation service for those interested. This means we follow the framework of Sacred & Soulful and then customise it with copywriting written for you and brand elements designed for you. I can custom quote this based on specifically how many offering pages you need and other variables that may need to be factored in. Get in contact at any stage during the course if you’d like me to quote it up.

have a question about the template? Check out the FAQS | Email Me

Frequently Asked Questions — General

What is Aligned & Embodied

Aligned and embodied is a 16-week guided online course which helps you develop your brand strategy, create your visual brand identity and write and design your website. The course is suited to coaches, therapists, healers and those offering professional services who want to build a personal brand. 

How is the course delivered?

The course consists of

  • pre-recorded videos you can watch at your own pace
  • fillable workbooks
  • weekly live calls/q&a sessions for 16-weeks.
  • Email support for up to one year related to you completing the course content
  • Facebook group community to connect with the other members
How long does the brand coaching program take?

The course is will be dripped out over a 16-week period, with one module dropping each week. I believe we can find momentum and learn from each other by following the set schedule, however, you are welcome to go at your own pace should you choose or if something comes up. 

Is there homework?

Each week you will have a workbook to fill in. I recommend setting aside approximate 2-hours per week to fill in the workbook and an additional 1-2 hours to listen to the videos (length of videos varies depending on the module). The more effort you put in, the more you’ll get out of the experience, but your level of involvement is up to you. I offer personal feedback on your workbooks should you choose to submit them (optional!). 

What happens if I get stuck?

The good news is that you don’t have to do this alone! I will be offering weekly Q & A Zoom calls with the group over the 16 weeks to answer any burning questions and check in with everyone’s progress. I will also be available in the Facebook group or privately by email if you have specific questions or are stuck in a particular area for an additional 8-months.

How long can I access the course?

You’ll have access for the lifetime of the course! That means you’ll be able to see all future updates and added guest speaker interviews and bonuses! Woohoo! 

You’ll also have 16-weeks of weekly group brand coaching calls 

12-months of email support 

Note: If for any reason the course is being retired, you’ll have 12-months notice and the option to download all videos.

When will the live calls run?

Last round we did them on Thursday morning Sydney time (AEST) (8am), which was Wednesday afternoon/evening US time depending on where in the country students were situated. I will find out the availability of the students for this round before settling on a time. 

I’m outside Australia. Will it still work to take the course?

Absolutely, we’ve had students from America, Canada, The Netherlands, Sweden, and Switzerland so far. Just bear in mind it is quite tricky to find a suitable time for Australia, the US and Europe, so I will have to go with what suits the majority.

I am based in Sydney, Australia AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time). We will likely do early morning Australian time, afternoon US time, or depending on the location of the students I will make adjustments to suit! All sessions will be recorded as well so you don’t have to worry about missing out. You can submit your questions ahead of time so I make sure I cover them on the call for you to listen to in the recording. 

I have a product-based business, will this suit me?

This course will suit you if you desire to build a personal brand around your business. The branding modules are suited to both service and product-based businesses. The website modules are more so geared towards people who are selling themselves as subject-matter experts i.e. coaches/services/courses/retreat-style businesses –  not just selling products such as artwork. The website template DOES have a shop layout and functionality though. I designed the home page template/geared the home page module around suiting someone who sells a mix of courses/programs/services AND also has a shop. So the home page layout is not optimized for purely selling products. However, you could rejig the layout to suit a product-based business. I think you’d still get a lot out of it if you are purely product-based and I can certainly offer advice and even extra training videos around how to approach this if you’re purely product-based if students need it.

How do I pay?

You can pay in full or via a 5-part payment plan (billed fortnightly) via my website. Please note Australian residents will be charged GST on top of the course fee. Pricing is in USD. The full details are below!

How will I access the content?

The content will be delivered via a private membership site connected to my website. As soon as you join, you’ll be given your unique logins to get in and explore! The first module will be available as soon as you purchase to give you a head start (if you’d like it). The rest of the modules will be available one at a time, each week over the 16-weeks, so you stay focused and don’t get overwhelmed. 

Do I need to have an established business?

No! This brand coaching process is perfect for you if you are in the early stages of business and are developing your first brand. It has also helped dozens of very established businesses and works great for people who are pivoting and evolving their brand concept. Plenty of the first round of students didn’t have established businesses, some didn’t even know what they were going to sell yet. This is totally fine, but just bear in mind that if that sounds like you, you may find you need longer than the 16-weeks to complete the course, as it often takes a lot of soul-searching to form your business concept. This is fine, just go at your own pace and you have a year to ask for feedback.

What kind of businesses does this course suit?

This course suits a variety of businesses! Here are some examples of students we’ve had through the course

  • therapists and counsellors
  • Intuitives and spiritual teachers 
  • Artists who also teach courses
  • Grief coaches
  • Yoga teachers
  • Women’s circles and retreat leaders
  • Personal development coaches
  • Tattoo artists
  • Soul art guides
  • Dream guides 
  • Soulful business coaches
  • Gratitude journal creators
What if I don’t want to be the face of my brand?

This process has also helped many business owners who are growing a team. I believe even if you aren’t going to be splashing your face on every page of your website or every social media post, you still want to ensure your values, vibe and energy come through. You set the tone for the company as its founder and you still want to attract the right-fit employees and clients. So this content would still be suitable, however, the content will often discuss showing your face. If you’re a solopreneur and don’t want to show your face, it would go against my personal advice and if this doesn’t resonate with you you may not resonate with the materials. 

What if I’m not very creative?

This brand coaching course is designed to support those who either wish to DIY their visual branding/design and copywriting or those who wish to hire those pieces out. If you can afford it, I HIGHLY recommend hiring a professional to create your logo and take your photos. But if you can’t that’s okay too.  You may wonder what the point is learning this stuff if you’re just going to get help anyway, but I believe it is really important to know who you are and develop a really solid brief for anyone you hire. That’s why so many design and copywriting projects go astray and don’t feel like you – there wasn’t enough clarity upfront. Being knowledgeable enough to assess others’ work and make sure it aligns is really important.

Can I cancel and receive a refund after purchase?

I believe so strongly in the course that if it didn’t meet your expectations, you can be refunded the total, minus bank transaction fees, within 14-days of the live round starting, after sending me your fully completed module 1 workbook to show that you’ve given it a proper go.

Refunds must be requested within 14 days of the course starting. No refunds are provided after the first 14 days.

I can’t make this round, when will it be available again?

I’m not 100% sure yet, sorry! If I launch again this year it will need to be in August. Otherwise, it will be early 2024.

How is your brand coaching and website design course different from others?

1. I feel confident in saying that this course is more comprehensive than others out there. There are over 60 hours of video content. I try to leave no stone unturned.

2. Most courses cover branding on their own or web design on their own. I haven’t personally seen them in combination, as there is so much to cover! So you’ll get. to learn BOTH important components for your business.

3. Most courses leave you stranded with the content or offer limited support. This course is unique in the level of support on offer. I personally answer all questions (often with in-depth and thoughtful video responses). I’ve extended the length of support to 12-months of email support to ensure you get the help you need even if life initially gets in the way.

4. A lot of branding, website and marketing courses/info you’ll find on the internet sounds extremely corporate. I don’t know about you but all that corporate branding jargon just goes in one ear and out the other for me. My style is conversational, down-to-earth, and heart-based.

5. I offer an optional Website Template that all ties into the website modules. This means that it is incredibly easy to create a designer-quality-looking website based on the recommended layouts I cover in the various website page modules with ease. I’m excited to offer this, because it means you won’t just learn about what makes a website good but struggle to actually follow through with bringing one to life. You’re actualy guided through the process with a turn-key solution. On. the flip side, there are MANY website template offerings out there, but rarely do they come with this level of guidance and training on what to change the placeholder text to!


What other costs do I need to consider?

If you would like to use the WordPress website template, you will need a license of Divi (The theme/page builder) if you don’t already have it. This costs $89 USD /year OR $249 USD for a one-off lifetime fee which is a great deal when you consider how many years you’ll be in business. It will start to pay for itself between 2-3 years of using it. You will also need website hosting if you don’t have it already. I make some hosting recommendations inside the course content. 

You may also want to factor in getting professional photography done. This is something I highly recommend. Past students have taken their own photos with a tripod though or got friends and family to do it. So there are always free options, but if you have the budget for it I would definitely recommend making this investment.

I step you through Canva during the course, which is a great online design tool. There is a free version of Canva you are welcome to use. I do recommend trying the paid version of Canva (Canva Pro), which gives you more features, which is a small monthly cost of $12.95 USD. You can start with a one-month free trial to test it out and see if you want to use it. It’s certainly not essential to the course that you get the paid version of Canva.  

You may want to purchase premium fonts, stock images and graphics for your visual branding. Of course, there are always free fonts and Canva graphics you can use if need be. 

In summary, there will always be free alternatives presented, it just depends on if you have a specific look in mind that will create the look and feel you’re after and whether you want to position your brand at a more premium level. 

I don’t use Facebook, is that a problem?

No, the Facebook group is totally optional. I do encourage it though so we can all chat outside of the calls and support each other.

Frequently Asked Questions — Websites & The Template

Do I have to have/want a WordPress website?

No, you are welcome to use any platform of your choosing. The website template I offer students and guide you through in the course, as well as the “Demystifying Web Development” Module, is only on WordPress at this stage. However, the template is an optional add-on and the brand and website modules can be purchased without it. If I get enough interest and pre-orders, I am happy to look at recreating it in Squarespace or Shopify in the future. 

What happens if I need help installing my custom fonts?

Lillie can do this for you for $40 (+GST for Australian Students) 

What happens if I have an existing website I want to stay live while I create my new website with the template?

This can absolutely be done. We basically just need somewhere separate to your current hosting to build the new website before we switch it out with your current site. So this can be done by setting up a sub-domain on your hosting plan or by Lillie hosting your new website during the time you need to build your new website with the Sacred & Soulful template. Lillie says different hosts make it more or less difficult to set up a sub-domain, so the easiest way to go about it would just be to have your new site hosted on her servers until you’ve finished creating it.

Lillie can host your new website while it’s being built for a monthly fee of $25 USD/month + $80 USD to migrate the new site over to your correct hosting when you’re ready to launch.

Or you’re welcome to get your trusted tech person to organise this kind of thing for you. 

I’m not very good with technology. Will I be still be able to complete the course?

Quite a few students from last round struggled with tech! There are a few technical things to get your head around including how to use Canva and WordPress but these programs are designed to be user-friendly you are lovingly guided through each step. You’ll be excited and empowered with what you learn. But I won’t lie, it could be a bit of  a learning curve and you’ll need to be committed to giving it a go.

kelly rae roberts

“Make the investment. You won’t be disappointed. You will walk away not only with branding that reflects who you are, but it will translate into more profits that you can be proud of.”

— Kelly Rae Roberts, Artist and Teacher, USA

andrea scher

When I started working with Emma, my website was still functional but didn’t reflect who I was or where I was going. It seemed like an old version of me that I had grown out of… and yet, I was also a bit lost about where I was headed.

 Emma offered me the most graceful and thorough process to get crystal clear about who I am, the message I am wanting to put out in the world, and helped me organize my offerings in a way that is cohesive and clear.

— Andrea Scher, Coach, USA

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