Emma Brownson



How to Make Your Personal Brand Align To & Embody Your Essence and Be A Vehicle For Your Sacred Self-Expression.

In today’s masterclass we discuss aligning & embodying our truth through the lens of personal branding.

Emma believes that running a business and developing a ‘brand’ for yourself is a wonderful gateway into the journey of self and soul discovery. We need to answer life’s big questions like “Who am I?” and “Why am I here/what’s my purpose?” in order to connect with our ideal clients and customers and that isn’t always easy. She also believes that self-expression and creativity are such crucial parts of life and our businesses are a way for us to express ourselves in the most sacred of ways. So whether you’re a business owner or have always dreamt of being one, you’ll love today’s conversation!

We discuss:
• Why should we create an aligned brand?
• How do you know if your brand isn’t aligned?
• What is sacred self-expression?
• Why so many women struggle to create a brand that’s unique and authentic
• Should our brands be reflective of us or our ideal client or both?
• The best way to connect with your soul and get what has been sitting on your heart down on paper

At the end, Emma also takes us through a beautiful meditation exercise to uncover the heart and soul of your message. It’s a chance to quiet the noise of your inbox and inner critic to see what your inner wise self wants to express.

Meet Emma

Emma Brownson is the founder of Soul Stirring Branding and Brand and Website Designer and Branding Coach for women in the coaching, creative, therapy and spiritual industries. 

For the last decade, Emma has been providing support, guidance and creative magic to heart-led women in business around the world who are building personal brands. Emma’s mission is to help women uncover the truest expression of who they are, elevate their brand presence and claim their value and visibility. She helps them through 1:1 branding and website design projects, her online group program Aligned & Embodied which teaches women to do their branding and website so they can be empowered with the knowledge on how to create an aligned brand for themselves and through her WordPress website template Sacred & Soulful’. 

Emma is lives with her partner and twin toddlers in Sydney, Australia, working with clients and students all over the world! 

To learn more about Emma, click on her website link below or follow her on Instagram where she regularly shares tips and resources about the branding process.