Emma Brownson



Why A Tattoo Can Be A Powerful Form of Self-Expression And How To Discover Your Soul Symbol.

In today’s masterclass, we discuss aligning & embodying our truth through the lens of tattoos and soul symbols

Tattoos are a powerful thing because they’ll stay on your body for the rest of your life. There are two common ways people get tattoos. One way would be to put a lot of thought and intention behind that very important decision and the other, which we often see on tv is one picked on a whim, probably drunk and in the middle of the night at a seedy tattoo parlor. Jamila opens our eyes to what your tattoo could be and how you can turn it into your soul power. For anyone who always wanted a tattoo or is curious but not sure what to get or how to make it a soulful and sacred act, you’ll want to listen to this. 

We discuss:
• Why is it so powerful or transformative to get a tattoo? And specifically, one that represents your soul? 
I think a lot of women would love to get a tattoo as a form of self-expression, but may struggle to think of what to get which they actually want to keep on their body for the rest of their lives. Do you think that’s a common feeling? 
What do you think are the common mistakes people make when getting a tattoo that can lead to regret? 
• I
f someone is listening that wants to really be intentional about the tattoo they choose, where should they start? 
You talk a lot about turning your story into your soul power. Can you tell us more about what that actually means?
•Do you believe that you need to go to an artist to do this process yourself or can everyone draw a soul symbol?

At the end, Jamila teaches us how to draw our own soul symbol which expresses our story. You’ll want to check it out! 

Meet Jamila

Jamila Ifzaren is the founder of Moon Phase Ink and a soulful tattoo artist who takes people through a POWERFUL process. 

Her role is to journey with you through a deep, soulful process of self-discovery as we make sense of the stories or experiences that made you who you are. From there, she creates a sacred design that is truly one-of-a-kind and reflective of who you are. She can tattoo this on your body or she can make an art-piece, especially for you. This process is ceremonial. Sacred. Raw. Expansive.

Her superpower is truly seeing you and listening to the real emotions behind your stories and mirror that back into a soul design that helps you step more fully into your authentic self. Unconditionally and unapologetically. A design just for you that will turn your experiences into soul power!

Jamila is based in The Netherlands and is a double-blooded Moroccan Dutchie who used to sing in a metal band! 

You can learn more about her and her offerings on her website below.