Emma Brownson



How To Create A ‘Tree of Life’ to Help You Map Out Who You Really Are and What Matters to You.

In today’s masterclass, we discuss aligning & embodying our truth through the lens of narrative therapy and self-discovery. 

Who are you, really? Beyond all the roles you take on of mother, daughter, friend, employee and so on. As a counsellor, Jen has seen hundreds of people from many walks of life and sadly, so many of them don’t know who they are or why they matter in the world. She has an amazing process where you literally create a tree and map out the parts that make you who you are, from your roots to your dreams, which helps people see their strengths and the value of who they are. If you’re seeking a greater understanding of yourself, this is a must-listen! 

We discuss:
• Why do so many women struggle to actually know who they are and feel like their life lacks meaning?
• Do you find it’s more common for younger women to struggle with this or do you find there are many women in the mid or later stages of life that still haven’t figured themselves out? 
How does a lack of self-awareness or a lack of authenticity and truthful living affect a person? 
• Jen’s own story with a career path in the financial industry and how she realised it wasn’t meaningful for her. 
• What aspects make up who we are, really, beyond the highlight reels we post to Instagram?
How do we grow our self-awareness? 
• Jen explains how her Tree of Life program works and where it originated from

At the end, Jen steps us through how to create our own tree of life to start to explore who we are. 

Meet Jen

Jen is the founder of Soul Centred Life and an amazing counsellor. 

Jen is a Masters trained counsellor and psychotherapist who offers a caring, sensitive and non-judgemental approach with my clients. Jen’s vision is to see a world where women are confident to show up just as they are — imperfectly, perfect. A world where the social narrative around women is centred around empowerment and wisdom rather than weakness and disrespect. 

Jen guides women on a path of self-discovery, exploring their values and strengths, allowing them to find more meaning and purpose in their lives. She invites women to create a new roadmap that is not solely based on patriarchal control or gendered expectations. She does this by holding deep, personal conversations with her Tree of Life program that will guide women to explore what is unque to their dreams of living authentically – what really matters. 

You can learn more about her and her offerings in her website below. On the home page you can grab her free resource which follows along from the masterclass outlining the different parts of the tree/yourself to reflect on. This is an amazing process to try for yourself or even with your children as we touch on in the masterclass!