Emma Brownson



Is procrastination and perfectionism holding you back?
Why radical self-acceptance is the key to confidently moving towards your goals.

In today’s masterclass, we discuss aligning & embodying our truth through the lens of radical self-acceptance. 

So many women are held back by perfectionism and procrastination. Kim says that perfectionism and anxiety often go hand-in-hand, which I (Emma) can definitely relate to from about a decade ago when I struggled A LOT with this. Have you ever noticed how perfectionism can often lead into procrastination? Because something feels too overwhelming and impossible to get right, so you end up putting it off and not pursuing your dream. With Kim’s psychological and grounded spiritual wisdom, we explore what is going on beneath the surface level to gain more awareness of the patterns we may be falling into and how to shift it through the power of radical self-acceptance, to remind ourselves that we are worthy and enough just as we are, without needing to change ourselves. 

We discuss:

  • What is procrastination and what is perfectionism? And how might someone listening be able to identify if they are exhibiting those tendencies..
  • Are they like two sides of the same coin? Like one being striving too much and the other not trying at all and both driven by fear?
  • Some people perceive perfectionism as a good thing, but is it actually a bad thing?
  • Most people probably see their procrastination as being lazy or lacking willpower, but you’ve mentioned you think it’s actually fear, can you tell us about it?
  • How does perfectionism disconnect us from ourselves and taking action?
  • How do you know if a goal is something aligned with your truth and something that will make you happier or just what we’ve been conditioned to believe is important and worthy (climbing the corporate ladder, losing weight, looking perfect, making money, buying a house, having a fancy car etc)…
  • What is radical self-acceptance? What makes it radical and how does it help us achieve what we want in life?
  • What are some steps women listening can take today to release their perfectionism and procrastination and take actions which will help them reconnect to the things they love?


Meet Kim

Kim Adams is a Transformational Guide, Yoga Teacher and Space Holder.

Kim helps quiet, perfectionist women claim radical self-acceptance, release self-limiting beliefs and anxiety, using a blend of psychology and grounded spirituality so they feel more calm, confident and connected to their brilliance.

She takes a top-down approach (mindset, mental habits, psychology) and blends this with a bottom-up approach with includes embodied practices (movement, energy work) that assist you connect with the wisdom of your body. To do this she draws on her qualifications in psychology and yoga and her own journey of healing. 

Kim is known for her grounded approach to spirituality and for creating beautiful spaces for group events. She loves all things tropical, Latin music and travelling in South-East Asia.

You can learn more about her and her offerings in her website below.