Emma Brownson



What Self-Care Really Is And How We Can Use It To Live In Greater Alignment With Our Needs And Desires.

In today’s masterclass, we discuss aligning & embodying our truth through the lens of self-care

We all know self-care is important, but at the same time, why is it so hard to prioritise? Nathalie believes self-care is not selfish, and that it doesn’t have to be some 2-hour affair. You can actually practice self-care in tiny pockets in your day. Imagine that?! Nathalie talks about her top three recommendations for self-care: creativity, mindful living and getting into nature.

We discuss:
• What self-care is and what isn’t it?
• Why do you think so many women struggle to take care of themselves?
When you consistently don’t prioritise yourself and your needs, what can happen?
• Why self-care isn’t selfish?
• Nathalie’s own story with self-care struggles
• How to start discovering your needs and desires?
• How creativity, nature and mindful living helps with self-care

At the end, Nathalie shares two beautiful pieces of artwork and takes us through a self-inquiry exercise about the one we select.

Meet Nathalie

Nathalie Bonte is an Artist, Guide, Educator and mother of two teenagers, based in the Netherlands. 

She has worked for over 20 years as a family therapist, behavioural scientist and school psychologist. While she always loved helping people, she noticed, despite her knowledge about mental health, how difficult it can be to cope with the high-pressure work environment while trying to be a “good” mother, sister, daughter and friend.

She yearned for more. To rediscover her life purpose and listen to her heart desires for the new season of her life she was entering. Listening to her creative side, the painter and illustrator, that was calling for attention. The calm, restful and positive light side of life. It felt like quite a step to go down a new path. From this experience, she understands how challenging it feels to be disconnected from your true self. If there is anything she’s learned after helping hundreds of women rediscover their strength, essence, gold, needs and desires, it’s that we are not alone.

You can learn more about her and her offerings in her website below.