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Website + Brand Coaching: Jess Heading, Life Coach

Join me for the first video in my series of free coaching recordings, with the wonderful Jess Heading, a life coach from Brisbane, Australia. 

Join me for the first video in my series of free coaching recordings, with the wonderful Jess Heading, a life coach from Brisbane, Australia.

You can follow along with her website here:

Some of the key takeaways: 

• Make sure you make that first marketing message above the fold really prominent. It shouldn’t be like a footnote at the bottom of your image, it should be front and centre!

• Anyone who has a business name that doesn’t actually speak to what they do might benefit from including a tagline under it to explain what they do. You want it to be clear above the fold as to what you actually do. Beautiful emotive languages like Jess’s “Restore your vitality and vibrancy. Live a life unleashed.” is powerful, but we still want to balance that with clarity of message.

• The majority of Jess’s home page copy was not written directly to the reader i.e. YOU. She used lines like “Soul Guide and Life Coach for high-achieving, successful women who are seeking a better way.” or “Deep and intensive virtual support for women who are seeking freedom from anxiety, stress, worry, self-doubt and perfectionism.” – I recommend adjusting all wording to say “you”. If you still want to call out your ideal client in the copy, try things like “women like you….”

• Remember that people only skim and scan websites. For this reason, you want each heading in a section to be powerful and able to speak for itself, as if it had no more supporting text. What would you write if you ONLY had a headline and nothing else to write on the page? Would it change the way you write your headings?

• Jess had some amazing testimonials! I would highly recommend that every testimonial has a photo paired with it to make it more relatable and emotive. I also recommended that Jes let the testimonials speak without any distracting visuals around it, as this is a really powerful element of her site.

• Jess’s key question was: ” I provide an accessible bridge to deep woo-woo for “mainstream” women. How do I create an inspirational, bold, stunning, soulful brand that is both grounded + deeply spiritual?” This was a tough one to answer and it’s always a fine balance. I think she’s currently doing a great job visually conveying a grounded look that doesn’t come across as too woo-woo to scare away her more mainstream women with corporate careers. Perhaps she isn’t delving into her soulful side as much for fear of scaring them away and maybe as a result doesn’t explain the depth of what she does in her sales page. I feel like it is safe to bring more of that forward, but she’s got to be really careful to use absolute layman’s terms and be careful that no jargon creeps in.

• Make sure you’re always answering the question: what makes you different to the other options available to solve your clients’ problem. Don’t hide this in your FAQs, you want this central to your messaging.

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