HOLISTIC Branding and Website design 

Ready to create SO MUCH MORE than a pretty website?

(not that you don’t want that too!) 

Decorative White Stars used in branding and website design

Dear Brand,
It’s not you, it’s me. Really!

I’ve changed. Things don’t feel the same anymore.

I know we used to have a good thing going. But over the years, I realised I wasn’t excited every time I saw you anymore. That’s when I first started to think something might be wrong. Now when I need to introduce you to people, I get this sinking feeling in my chest.

I know we used to want the same things. It’s not your fault, but I’ve kept growing and you just haven’t kept up. You still love outdated design trends, generic copy and those photos of me with my old haircut. That’s just not me anymore. I look at you and it feels wrong. To be honest, it’s felt wrong for some time now, I just didn’t want to admit it to myself because the idea of a break up feels overwhelming.

I don’t want to turn you into something you’re not. If I’m honest – I find you a bit embarrassing. You deserve someone who loves you for you and doesn’t want to change you. It’s time we broke up!


Me. Business Owner.

Hi, I’m Emma and I specialise in branding and website design, to help Established, female-led

creatives, psychotherapists, counsellors, coaches, course creators and other amazing personal brands

Communicate their valuE + ESSENCE

We co-create emotive and artistic, yet clean, expansive and strategic brands embedded with meaning and resonance for you and the people you are calling in. I offer a complete turnkey solution that gives you a brand you want to parade down the street and throw a party for because she’s the best reflection of you.

Sound like what you need?

Decorative Gold Flower used in branding and website design

The Soul Stirring Branding Method

The all-in-one heartfelt & powerful branding process

circles mob

Ready to

elevate the way you communicate?

Whether you’re a therapist, coach, spiritual guide, artist, teacher or more, you’re in an industry where buying decisions are emotional. They’re not just choosing your business. They’re believing in YOU. That means you don’t just want a quality rebrand that is all style and trend driven with no substance. You also want your branding to have a deep connection to who you are and what you value.

A deep, holistic branding process which captures the next evolution in your business vision.

If you’re looking to get your website whipped up in a month, this isn’t it. I invite clients on a journey through my signature Soul Stirring Branding process who are looking for a deeper approach and want to be shepherded through re-envisioning their brand and making sure that everything they are putting forward resonates with their vision into the future.

As someone who has been in business for almost a decade myself, I know that it is a continuous process of pivoting and evolving. Things that made sense on day 1 no longer align on year 5 or 10, as you get clearer about how you want to work and what fuels you.

The problem is we get so busy managing the day-to-day that often we never allow ourselves the space to really explore our vision and dreams for ourselves and our brands. If your intuition has been nudging you that changes need to be made, this is your opportunity to ensure you prioritise them.

It’s time to elevate and move to that next phase you’ve been dreaming about. Clients describe the process as creating a breath of fresh air and breathing new life into their business that will invigorate and propel them forward.

Sarah Tuckett Branding

“Choosing a therapist is such an emotive experience. Clients are choosing the person as much as the therapies they use – so it was vital that the branding reflected the real me. I believe we have achieved all of this. I LOVE my new branding.”

— Sarah Tuckett, Psychotherapist, Australia

Can people have a soul connection with a brand?

Absolutely! I’ll show you how to make it happen through…

Copywriting and Storytelling

Copywriting & storytelling

We’ll go on a deep dive through your business, starting with a comprehensive workbook you’ll fill out prior to us commencing. We’ll hop on Zoom and unpack things further to reveal your true magic. Finally, it will be brought all together in your ‘Heart & Soul Guidebook’ – the document that forms the foundation for everything to come.

Aligned Visual Branding

Aligned visual branding

Visual branding has the power of instantly saying who you are without needing words. It can make people say ‘yes’ without knowing why – it’s a feeling. My role is to translate your Heart and Soul Guidebook into your soulful branding. Every visual piece is consciously created to tell a story about your distinct personality. You’ll also do a brand photoshoot during this time.

Website and Social Media Design

Website & social media – blending copy + visuals

We’ll take the work completed in the first two phases and bring it all to life in the most important touchpoints for your online brand: your social media and website. I build websites people want to stay on and explore every inch of because they are rich in detail and design artistry.

The low down on the branding and website design process

The full process takes 6 months – 3 months for branding, 3 months for website (subject to client feedback speed, revision requests and website scope).

Brand Strategy


The ‘Heart & Soul Guidebook’ is key to our holistic branding process. Identify your core message, ideal client, competitive landscape and visual brand plan including photo shoot plan. Much of this material we can use to form your web copy.

Timeframe: 1 month

Visual Branding

PHASE 2: Visual Branding

A heartfelt personal brand identity including logo, colours, fonts, graphics and photography style, that truly honours who you are as an individual. Your visual branding will be rich in design details, making content creation your new addiction!

Timeframe: 1-2 months

Brand Training

PHASE 3: Brand Training

What’s the point in investing in something you can’t use? You’ll get your brand files, brand guidelines outlining your branding do’s and don’ts, Canva templates for your social media and a 1-hour training session to empower you.

Timeframe: 1 week

Website Design


The design, development and copy for your gorgeous new website. We’ll figure out the scope of pages and functionality you need on WordPress, utilising the Divi theme. Each page will be custom-designed and you’ll have training on how to use your site.

Timeframe: 3 Months

Sarah Tuckett Branding

Holy cow!!!!!!

You are a magician – everything about this package blew us away. Thank you for putting not only the time… but the thoughtfulness behind every line, color, word, and detail. We are truly blown away.

— Julia Oh, The Insight Company, Personal & Leadership Coach, USA

emma brownson soul stirring branding website design
emma brownson and family soul stirring branding website design2

Hi, I'm Emma Brownson

Specialising in personal branding and website design

I’m a university-qualified designer who has been honing my signature branding process for almost a decade with over 100 businesses, so you know you’re getting a wealth of expertise and experience poured into your project.

I live in Sydney, Australia and work mostly with US and Australian based clients. I’m also a mum of twin boys, so you know I’m an amazing multi-tasker and can get things happening for your business!

Clients describe my superpower as being able to make sense of the chaos and many moving parts of a business (which as a business owner we are often too close to fully see) and being able to pin-point the essence, value and feeling that reflects your deep, multi-faceted self. 

More detail on the inclusions & process


I help clients get the ‘soul’ of their business out of their heart and down on paper. This is great for you if you’re confused about how best to tell your story and show your value in a way that connects, as well as for established brands if you feel like your existing message is no longer aligned to who you are now or where you’re wanting to pivot and evolve towards.

The process involves:

Your “Heart & Soul Guidebook”, structured to lay out many of the key areas of copy we‘ll need for your website with so many juicy copy-and-pasteables that clarify your message and ideal client.

Support and personal brand coaching – for example to refine your niche if it currently feels too broad and wishy-washy, or clarify your client buckets/segments if you are multi-passionate, so each group feels seen on your website.

Us deep diving into your business so we develop an amazingly clear brief for your visual branding and website design (so we know we’re on the same page and you’re going to get what you want). This allows me to design and write for you more intuitively.

A photo shoot plan so you can get the photos that you feel really reflect your essence authentically and make you feel confident.

Expand for Specific Inclusions

Comprehensive personal branding workbook for you to complete ahead of us working together.

2-3 Hour Kick off strategy session to dive deep into your brand.

Your custom-made Heart and Soul Guidebook, including:

  • Your messaging including your core message, guiding statements, values, your why, your process/approach, your story/bio, your functional and emotional benefits, your tone of voice and a summary of key offerings. Depending on the business there may be add-ons or modifications to fit your unique business.
  • Ideal client profile, including their struggles & fears + dreams & goals in detail.
  • Competitive analysis and your current brand analysis.
  • Look & feel plan, including your personality, your mood-board to guide the visual direction and your photoshoot plan you can send to your Photographer to brief them.
Brand Strategy and Copywriting
Kellie Rae Roberts Branding and Website Design

“Emma is the real deal. She is one stop shopping and that is RARE and such a gift.

Before the rebranding I dreaded sending people to my website. It didn’t represent where I was professionally, personally, spiritually. Emma was a pure DELIGHT to work with. I was surprised and delighted by Emma’s level of detail, how generous she was with her time, how intuitive her ideas fit with what I was looking for. I have already given this advice, which is: “Make the investment. You won’t be disappointed. You will walk away not only with branding that reflects who you are, but it will translate into more profits that you can be proud of. “

—Kelly Rae Roberts, artist & educator, USA

emma brownson visual branding and website design specialist


  • Do you wish your logo and visual design style reflected your level of professionalism and expertise, instead of making you look like you lack credibility and won’t deliver (even though you actually do!)?
  • Do you feel like you try to reinvent the wheel on every marketing piece you create, experimenting with different colours and fonts while never being satisfied (or consistent!)?
  • Do you wish you could have a suite of amazing visual elements that conveyed who you are, translated into a comprehensive range of Canva templates, so it finally feels fun and easy to create content and market your business?

I know you probably love various different design styles and feel like a bit of a magpie, wanting to have a bit of everything and finding it hard to narrow things down. I’ll translate your heart and soul guidebook into the right look and feel for personal branding and website design that truly reflects who you are.


Logo Design, including sub-marks

A ‘love-inducing’ logo suite, saved in every colour-way and file format you’ll need.

Colour Palette

A dream-client-connecting colour palette, soaked in emotional decadence.

Typography System

An authority-building font selection.

Graphic Elements

A comprehensive, soul-stirring bundle of graphic elements to style your brand with, including illustration/icons and textures.

Photography Style

A captivating Photography Style that tugs at the heart-strings of your audience.*Style guide/art direction only.

PLUS 10 Social Media Templates

Set up for you in Canva so that you can manage your Facebook & Instagram consistently.


Font Licenses for Branding and Website Design

Font Licences

Your license of the fonts to create your own independent design is an additional cost and you’ll want to budget a one-off fee of a couple of hundred (AUD) for your brand’s premium fonts (desktop + web font files). Lower cost alternatives can certainly be provided on request.

Font Licenses for Branding and Website Design


All my clients organise photo shoots during the personal branding process to create more emotional connection with their audience. This is done with a photographer local to them and would be an additional cost. Purchase of any paid stock photography is an additional cost, though free stock photo options will also be supplied.

Graphic Design for personal branding and website design

Additional Graphic Design Add-ons

Want to add on any other design pieces, like ebooks, business cards or email graphics? Let me know and I can quote it up for you. I love helping clients holistically across as many brand touch-points as their budget allows and support them to manage everything else themselves.

graphic design and branding training


It is SO important to me that you can actually use your brand elements for your own day-to-day marketing tasks. No matter your tech levels, you’ll find it easy to put your visuals to use!

I have developed a range of handover services designed to ensure you’re set up to go out into the world, launch your brand with absolute confidence, and achieve amazing things! These include your brand guidelines, Canva templates, a 1:1 training session and a month of support to answer any questions you might have and give you feedback on how you’re going using the visual elements.

All my clients use Canva and love it! It’s been such a game changer! I’ll load all your files up into Canva in neatly organised folders streamlining you and your team’s processes and set up your social media templates, which you can then copy and resize to work for other applications as well.


  • The supply of all your brand files with the copyright/licence passed over to you.
  • Brand guidelines document
  • Canva brand kit set up & templates
  • Brand training session & a month of support


Say goodbye to generic websites. The websites I design are so rich in details and storytelling, that your viewers won’t want to bounce off!

Imagine a website…

  • where your ideal client comes on and instantly gets your personality and energy.
  • where you are supported through the process and not expected to hand over the exact content you need, but instead get professional input on how to structure the site more strategically and what to write to tell your story and soulfully sell your services and products.
  • with actual personal touches that don’t feel like an out-of-the-box template solution. A site where every page is a delight to explore.
  • which you can actually manage yourself. Even if you decide to outsource it at the end of the day, you want to feel empowered to know that if you need to you can make text changes and write new blog articles or add a new page. You don’t want to say “I’m scared to go in there and play with it because I know I’ll muck something up and wreck it!”
  • which isn’t going to just look pretty, it’s going to convert and streamline your business
Kellie Rae Roberts Branding and Website Design

“It’s hard to put into words just how much I LOVED working with Emma and how utterly delighted I am with my new website.

Before I found Emma’s services, I had a website that was OK, but a little outdated and with a piecemeal approach to graphic design. When people arrived there, it wasn’t immediately clear what the website was even about. I was mega impressed with how thorough Emma’s process was to guide me through the re-branding process, and the ‘spot on’, perfect brand I now have is definitely no accident — it was brought into being by Emma. Thank you, Emma. You are the best at what you do!!!”

— Anna Sayce, Intuitive Training & Spiritual Development, UK


Psychotherapists, Counsellors & Allied Health Practices

Artists & Creativity Teachers

Holistic Practitioners & Teachers

Life & Business Coaches and Consultants

What is covered during a website project

website copywriting by soul strirring branding


Writing your own website copy can feel really overwhelming because you’re so close to things. I normally draft client’s website copy for them, to make the process so much easier! I like to write as I design, which means you’ll be able to see everything in its real context, instead of a blank word doc. From there you can provide any edits needed to refine things.

Website Design by Soul Strirring Branding

Website design

I’ll custom design your website pages in Photoshop and show you the proofs to provide feedback and eventually sign off on, before it is converted into code for the web. We’ll work together to make sure it is perfect before it’s sent off to the web development stage.

Brand Training

Website development

Once the design of the pages are signed off they will be sent off to my lovely developer team-mate Lillie to bring it to functioning life. It will be set up in a “staging” environment, meaning that your current site can be up and running and we’ll be building in a private place until we’re ready to hook up your new site to your URL.

Website Training with Soul Stirring Branding


Once the site is finalised, we will organise a training session to ensure that you are comfortable using WordPress and your Divi page editor. You have one month of website support built in if you have any issues. Beyond that, you can get on one of Developer Lillie’s maintenance plans if you would like.

What happens when I hit ‘Apply Now’

step 1 when applying with soul stirring branding


Want to work with me on your business branding and website design? Great! First, fill in this enquiry questionnaire form online, which will be sent direct to my email. This will give me some basic info about your business and what you’re looking for. If you would like a complimentary 15-30 minute Zoom chat to get to know each other a bit better, we can tee this up then.

step 2 when applying with soul stirring branding


We’ll discuss your exact website needs and ensure you have an accurate quote on the full costs. If you think Soul Stirring Branding is a good fit for your business, then I’ll send you a formal proposal and estimated timeframe, with some Terms & Conditions to sign off on. You’ll pay your 1/6th deposit and from then your project is locked into my calendar.

step 3 when applying with soul stirring branding


As soon as you confirm payment, I’ll be able to send you the Heart and Soul Workbook, your welcome pack with all the info on your next steps and your guide to creating your Pinterest board with your visual ideas. This way you can get started straight away with planning out your branding and website design project!

But what about… 


Yes, I’m in Australia, you might be in the US. You could be wondering how this is going to work. First of all, let me tell you that the majority of my clients are US based and the process is just as smooth as it is with my local clients #magicoftheinternet.

My process does not require a whole lot of in-person meetings. Instead, I’m the queen of recording videos for you. That way you can watch them at your own pace and you’ll feel like I’m right there by your side. Some US clients really enjoy being able to catch up with me after hours, so they can focus on their business during the daytime hours. Another thing you’ll really like is the exchange rate with Australia. 


I know you might be eager to get your new online presence up and running. So when you read that it will be 6 months it’s a bit of a downer. But it is important to remember that this deep, comprehensive work can’t be turned around yesterday. That would be a disservice to you and your business.

Instead, I take the time to really get to know you. You take the time to really pour your purpose, dreams and intuitive guidance out onto paper. We cook up our creative magic slowly and surely. Because rushing will only mean key steps fall between the cracks and you won’t have the time and space to really open yourself up to new possibilities in your business. 


Scared of WordPress? A lot of people are, so I get it! I used to be one of those people too! But I promise you, it doesn’t have to be so hard. We use the Divi theme framework which allows you to drag and drop and design and write seeing the whole page visually. So you’re not sitting in the back-end of your site trying to make sense of a bunch of code.

WordPress has come along way, while still remaining the widest used website platform with the BEST functionality. However, I am also pretty platform agnostic. I recommend Shopify for eCommerce brands and I can even deliver you up a Squarespace site if you feel strongly that is your jam. Have a chat to me about your goals and preferences and we can figure out the best solution. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the process take?

The full process takes 6 months (subject to client feedback speed, revision requests and website scope). That breaks down to 3 months for branding, 3 months for website. You’ll also want to factor in my available start date, which should be listed at the top of the page. Unfortunately, I cannot accommodate rush jobs or shorter timeframes than 6 months.

Can I book in to get my website done, without the branding? I don’t need that part.

No, unfortunately, I do not offer websites as a stand-alone service for new clients. My passion is to help clients with holistic branding and website design.

Can you do other graphic design pieces for me?

Yes, you can absolutely add on any other graphic design pieces you might need like ebooks/workbooks, social media cover pics, business cards, email graphics etc. I am available on-going for existing clients’ ad hoc design needs.

What if I’m on a different time-zone?

I am based in Sydney, Australia, but work with clients all over the world. About half my clients are in the US so I’m experienced with making different timezones work. Usually, the US afternoon is compatible with my morning. My time zone is AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time). I’ll send you a Calendly link for any calls, so we can co-ordinate our timings.

I’m a soulful man, will you work with me?


Do you have a payment plan?

There is a 6 part payment plan over 6 months.

1. 1/6th deposit to book in the job
2. 1/6th payment when we kick off the branding
3. 1/6th payment when you sign off on the branding
4. 1/6th payment when we start the website
5. 1/6th payment mid-way through the website
6. 1/6th payment when you sign off on the developed website
If you would prefer less parts to the payment that can also be arranged, but I do not offer discounts for upfront payment.

How do I pay?

Australian clients pay via bank transfer and are subject to added GST. International clients pay via wise.com, a reputable money transfer site which has significantly lower fees and a better exchange rate than Paypal. You will have to create a free account to get started, but the process is fairly simple.

Can you work with platforms other than WordPress?

While WordPress is my preference, I also have a great developer who can work with Squarespace or Shopify, if required.

Can you work with my developer?

I recommend working with the developers who I have vetted and have experience working with. This way I can guarantee that the development will match the design and the project will run smoothly. If you would like to work with a specific developer, please let me know so that I can review the quality of their work and confirm whether I would be comfortable taking the project forward with them on this very important task of creating your website.