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Fear and Self Doubt When Building a Personal Brand

Personal branding can be tricky on our emotions! Many of us get stuck in our own self imposed barriers as we put ourselves out there.

Have you ever thought any of these things…?

“Who am I to put myself out there and splash my face over my website and social media? I don’t want to give the impression I’m showing off…”

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Branding Blunder 6: The Experimenter

It can be hard to nail down one clear brand concept and apply it consistently. It’s especially hard when you DIY and sort of “wing” the process, rather than following the right method.

Without the right level of clarity you can end up tweaking your branding forever and sort of feeling crummy in the process because you know that’s not a professional way to…

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Branding Blunder 5: The Centre of Attention Brand

With all this talk about personal branding and authenticity these days, it is easy to think you need to be the centre of attention in your business marketing. But the truth is, we really need to balance sharing our story with showing empathy for our customer’s story.

At the end of the day as viewers we’re bombarded by hundreds of marketing messages a day, so to get our attention we want to know what’s in it for us.

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Branding Blunder 4: The Copycat Brand

It can be hard to step outside the box and break the mould if everyone in your industry who matters is sporting a particular aesthetic. The problem is that by looking like everyone else you end up blending in not standing out.

The big principle of good branding is to showcase your unique points of difference. So that can be pretty hard to do when you’re convinced you need to follow a trend.

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Branding Blunder 3: The DIY-er For Life Brand

I always advocate that start up businesses should determine whether their product/service is viable before they jump into any big business investments, including their branding.

Of course we all want to believe our business will succeed, but it’s also important to determine what the market actually wants and is willing to buy.

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Branding Blunder 2: The Awkward Teen Brand

This one is very common for most start up businesses. You know how as a teenager, we go on a journey to figure out who we are, what we believe in and what kind of people we want to spend time with? Well the same goes for your brand. Sometimes this process isn’t easy to nail from the moment you set up shop.

We often get to a tipping point as we establish ourselves in our industry when we realise that the image we’re putting…

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Branding Blunder 1: The Snooze-Fest Brand

As we wrap up 2016, it’s a great time to take stock of how your brand is performing. Usually we can sense when our branding isn’t firing on all cylinders, but sometimes it is hard to pin point the exact problem.

So I’ve put together a handy little guide to the Top 6 Branding Blunders I see with the clients I work with. Starting today with probably the most common blunder I see which I call “The Snooze-Fest Brand”.

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Client Spotlight: Hush Little Baby

I’m excited to share with you a spotlight interview with my fabulous client Jen from Hush Little Baby! Jen is a serious powerhouse! She is doing such amazing things in her space and the gusto with which she takes on business tasks was seriously inspiring to see and experience!

If you’re a mum with young kids, you’ll be seriously interested in what Jen has to say about the impact music makes on kids, as well as the thoughtful advice she offers about integrating…

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When is it the right time to invest in your branding?

We all want to step out looking amazing right from the get-go, decking our business out in our dream branding. But how do you know if you’re ready to invest in your branding, or whether you’re jumping the gun.

This is a question I get asked by almost every start up business who enquires with me, so I know it’s probably something that’s on your mind too if you’re just starting out.

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Considering a website refresh? Make sure your branding is sorted first!

We all can fall prey to shiny object syndrome from time to time.

In the online world, that might look like thinking a shiny new website will solve all our problems and be an exciting project to take on.
Sure, website refreshes are great, but I cant stress enough how we need to get our foundations in place first.

It’s just like building a house. Yes, everything gets exciting when you can see it all coming to life in front of…

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Client Spotlight: Anna Guljas, Brave Tales

I’m excited to share with you an interview with the lovely Anna from Brave Tales!

Give everyone a little introduction to your fabulous business!

We are your friendly gift store that caters to growing boys (newborn – 10 years). We carry fun things for the playroom, bedroom, on-the-run and we’re working on very own clothing collection which should be available shortly.

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Illuminating Your Ideal Customer

Are you confused?

Are you sick of those client avatar worksheets?

Do you struggle to understand why you need to define your customer in the first place?

When you’re first starting out in business, it can be really tempting to want to work with anyone who could use your product or service. You’re not about to turn away paying customers, right?

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How to speak to your potential customer’s gut instinct

As brands, we’re in the business of trying to influence buying decisions, right?

Hopefully not in a super manipulative, creepy kind of way, but more in the way of trying to show the people we know we can best serve, that we’re here to help!
We try to position our brand as being the best choice for our ideal customer’s needs. We showcase our points of difference and establish a brand image, which separates us from the pack.

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Why Good Branding Never Starts and Stops with a Logo

For a lot of small businesses, brand development starts and stops with a logo design.

But let’s face it, did a logo design ever really make or break a business’s success? I mean I hate to say it as I design logos too, but it’s not this magic bullet many seem to think it is. Few people would think “oh I wasn’t going to work with this person, but then they changed their logo, and I saw them in a totally different light”.

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8 Signs your branding needs some serious love!


Maybe you can put your finger on it, maybe you can’t, but your intuition knows something’s off. Your branding feels like a poor representation of who you are. You feel like Bridget Jones at the party in her bunny costume — you’re uncomfortable with how you’re showing up in the world and feel like everyone got the memo but you! If authenticity is one of your brand values, it may be time to reassess your image.

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What emotions can you embody with your brand?

Do you yearn to connect with your ideal customers?

Do you want to impact as many people as possible and spread your heart-centred message?

I’m so passionate about talking about how to harness the power emotional connection with your brand. Being authentic to your values and personality, having the vulnerability to show up and be seen as you and share your message…

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Brand touchpoints you can inject your personality into

Aligning your Brand Touch-points with Your Brand Message

We hear regularly that your brand is so much more than just a logo. Today I wanted to highlight different touch-points (areas where your customers or prospects interact with your business), which you may not be considering.

Branding is all about alignment and consistency. You want to make sure that every touch-point of your brand sends the message you want to be sending. S

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Why it’s worth invest in a brand identity system (not just a logo)

Do you feel like you’re always reinventing the wheel with your designs?

Do you have a visual system for your business, or just a logo?

We hear so much about how systems allow us to work smarter, not harder, so we’re not reinventing the wheel every time, or have to do repetitive tasks over and over again and we have ability to outsource tasks that aren’t in our zone of genius.

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Preparing for Your Branding Photo-Shoot eBook

If you’re the face of your brand and consult with clients, it is so crucial to build trust and allow your potential clients to get to know the real you behind your name.

One of the effective ways to do this is through your branding photos.

As they say, “a picture paints a thousand words.” That means that everything visual we put out there, whether it is your branding photos, your logo, your colours or your website is jam packed full of meaning which your audience is going to decipher….

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The Four Core Elements to A Successful Business

I’ve worked with so many small businesses over the years. Some go far and some don’t really seem to take off. Every business is different, but I think four key factors can influence your success or failure. Here’s a breakdown!

1. Your offer isn’t valuable
If you don’t have a valuable offer, you probably aren’t living up to your soulful branding or marketing promises.

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My Story in India

I wanted to share a fun fact about me today, which I recently realised really influenced on own personal brand aesthetic.

I got engaged just over a year ago to my gorgeous fiance TJ, who happens to be Indian. I’ve been lucky enough to live in India for three months all up over the last three years, experiencing the authentic local culture.

I was looking over all of our beautiful photos today and really realised how much of my experiences being in India have subconsciously influenced my own brand identity with Soul Stirring Branding.

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The foundations you need for a soulful brand

The importance of getting the right foundations in place BEFORE you jump into all the pretty stuff.

I recently made a diagram to help explain the concept of getting the foundations right to potential clients that might want to engage me in a brand touch point (AKA the final step in the process). I genuinely care about helping YOU and that’s why I use this process.

Here’s the analogy I use: Think of it like building a house.

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The Soulful Brand Checklist: What’s your ‘Why’?

Relationships aren’t just between people…

When it comes to finding your ideal partner, for most people, it’s not just about the looks. Sure, you want to be attracted to them, that’s what hooks you in initially. But if they’re shallow and have zero personality, you’re going to discover that pretty quickly and move onto someone else.

Now take that same concept and think about it for your brand!
Great brands are well-rounded and aligned. They balance style and soul. They appeal to your visual preferences,

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The top 5 reasons why small businesses need to rebrand

It is a completely normal part of learning and growing as a business to rebrand at some stage. I’ve been thinking a lot about rebranding as I start to launch my own rebranding to Soul Stirring Branding. There are a lot of reasons why businesses do it.

You may be wondering whether it’s time for your own business. Here are a few of the main reasons I come across with my rebranding clients:

1. You were on a shoe-string budget when you started (Hey, we can’t all be millionaires). You produced a DIY logo, got a friend to do it, got something cheap…

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