Would love to work with me but your budget doesn’t
extend to my 1:1 Branding Package pricing,
I have something cooking for you!!

Introducing Soul Stirring Branding School! 

Teaching you everything I have learned branding soulful,
heart-inspired, female-led businesses for the last 7 years! 

My heart breaks every time I get an email from someone reaching out to say they discovered what I do, fell in love *blush* but shelling out $8,000 to work with me was simply financially out of reach right now.

Being a *recovering* perfectionist, I was confused about how to help outside a one-on-one capacity for so long because I think there is immense value hiring a professional to design your brand. I’m not saying I don’t want you to hire a professional. However not every professional is going to go to the level of depth and discovery, deep diving into your world and what makes you tick to uncover the essence of who you are. This often leads to a misaligned outcome.

I want you to do this SOUL FOUNDATIONS work for YOURSELF, so you that you can tell someone exactly what you’re looking for and get the kind of result you’re madly in love with.

To create a website that is a true reflection of YOU.

  • Giving you the confidence to treat yourself as an expert/professional and charge what you need
  • Attracting your ideal soul clients who you’ll click with and can really help 
  • Taking the overwhelm out of what steps to take and how to approach this big task, so you finally stop procrastinating
  • Saying goodbye to brand shame and hello to empowerment and embodying your truth

I’ll be *virtually* holding your hand as we walk through MY EXACT branding + web design process. 

It’s the process I’ve taken brand new startups, 7-figure businesses and everyone in between through and refined the heck out of along the way to make sure it’s POWERFUL.  

The kinds of things we’ll be covering

• your brand strategy
• your brand messaging and copywriting
• your brand design
• your brand photoshoot
• your website design
• your website development

Along the way you’ll learn your options for either DIYing the work or getting help. That way you can make the choices that are right for your business, at this particular phase in your development and financial situation. Whatever you choose, my goal is to have you feeling confident, empowered, clear. Rather than giving your power away to someone else asking them to make all the decisions, I want you to be in control. This is your business baby. 

Who is this for? 

The New Business Owner
The truth is, if you’re just starting out, it may not always the best time to invest tens of thousands of dollars in your branding. It depends on your financial situation and how clear you are on your vision for your business. This is going to be a fantastic course for the newbie business owner who feels overwhelmed where to even begin and wants a tried-and-tested, step-by-step approach that has worked for businesses like hers. I’m talking the more soulful, creative, feminine businesses.

Best of all you can keep revisiting the material as your concept pivots and changes and over the years and use it as your anchor to keep you aligned to your bigger picture.


The Established Business Owner 
If you’ve been in business for a while now but things never really took off the way you wanted them to, this course could be for you. Sometimes the longer you go along and the more your business look, feel and message gets established, the more overwhelming it can feel of how to give it a big overhaul. This is where a formal process via an online course can give you the accountability and a little kick-up-the-bum to get going. 

You want to be at a stage of your business where working IN the business isn’t chewing up all your available time (and then some!) so you can devote time to this course, because god-knows it’s so easy to put courses in the too hard basket if you get busy and give up.


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Simply fill in the form below! I’d love your help shaping the material so please do let me know what YOU need help with!! 

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