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This is the holistic, heart-centred process to rebranding your business that gives you the confidence and professionalism to take on the world.

Dear Brand,
It’s not you, it’s me. Really!

I’ve changed. Things don’t feel the same anymore.

I know we used to have a good thing going. But over the years I realised I wasn’t excited every time I saw you anymore. That’s when I first started to think something might be wrong. Now when I need to introduce you to people, I get this sinking feeling in my chest.

I know we used to want the same things. It’s not your fault, but I’ve kept growing and you just haven’t kept up. You still love outdated design trends, generic copy and those photos of me with my old hair cut. That’s just not me anymore. I look at you and it feels wrong. To be honest, it’s felt wrong for some time now, I just didn’t want to admit it to myself. I don’t want to turn you into something you’re not. If I’m honest – I find you a bit embarrassing. You deserve someone who loves you for you and doesn’t want to change you. It’s time we broke up!

Me. Biz Owner.

Why hello overwhelm and the too hard basket, my old friends!

Be honest – have you been putting it off breaking up with your current branding for a while now? I won’t lie: rebranding can be a big undertaking as an established business like yours. But the longer you put it off, the worse you can start to feel about your business. It should be your happy place, not your fraudy feelings corner. 

I offer a complete turnkey solution that gives you a brand I want to parade down the street and throw a party for because she’s the best reflection of you.

Sound like what you need?

You’re in the right place if you’re a Coach, Consultant, Educator, Creative or Grounded Holistic Practitioner
You’ve been in business for a number of years now. You’ve already have established services, courses or products. You’ve learned through trial and error what your audience wants. You’re considered by many to be an expert in your industry. You have a following online. A small team. In other words, this is NOT your first rodeo.

You might fall into one of two camps: 

1) You did invest in a previous brand. It just doesn’t align with who you are and what you do anymore. Your offerings have changed. Your style has changed. Your understanding of yourself has changed. The brand just didn’t keep up; or

2) You basically succeeded without a properly thought out brand so far. It was cobbled together by yourself with the help of a series of random designers you hired. You know it’s the missing piece your business needs to invest in.

I know you dream of…

your ideal clients looking at your branding and website and breathing a sigh of relief, knowing in their heart that they have found the person to solve their problems. To feel so safe and confident to move forward because everything you are communicating tells them you’re going to deliver.

But right now, if someone was to make a first impression from the way you’re presenting yourself, you feel they wouldn’t get you. They wouldn’t feel like they can totally trust you.
You know your brand could be so much more. 

This branding package goes way beyond a slick image for your brand

It cultivates trust and credibility for your business.

The four keys to building trust


Stop hiding and put the real you out there, lady!

Stop hiding and put the real you out there, lady!
So many of us just have no alignment between our online persona and the way we really show up in real life. Some of my clients need a gentle push to put themselves out there in a real way. Others have evolved over the years and haven’t ensured their brand has kept up. By showing your face, your voice, your personality, your story and your energy, you give people a sense of what to expect when they work with you.


Resonate visually and verbally at the right frequency.

Resonate visually and verbally at the right frequency.
Aligned copy and design demonstrates the experience you’re going to deliver. Imagine showing such a high level of attention to detail and care in your branding and marketing that people can instantly tell any paid services are going to be absolutely above and beyond! A high quality service needs high quality branding. It’s time to stop being the best kept secret out there and start being known for your brilliance.


Explain your process and value!

Explain your process and value
Don’t assume people know what to expect when they work with you. I’ll tell you right now: they don’t! Plus if their expectations going into the engagement don’t match the outcome, you’re not going to end up with happy clients. You’ve got to start making it easier for people to buy from you by actually explaining what you do, how you do it and why they should care in plain language that is at your reader’s level.


Establish your credibility

Establish your credibility
Your job is to prove that you’ve got the skills, track record and experience to deliver the results your prospective client is looking for. So your site needs to be full of testimonials, reviews, case studies, past work examples, before and afters, conversations with clients, helpful blog posts, ebooks, videos and other free content.

Are you craving a deeper approach to branding your business?


Giving your clients permission to be themselves by being yourself
Giving your clients permission to be themselves by being yourself.
Resonating on a frequency that just makes people go ‘yes!’ sometimes without knowing exactly why
Resonating on a frequency that just makes people go ‘yes!’ sometimes without knowing exactly why.
Standing for something you believe in and inspire others to do the same
Standing for something you believe in and inspiring others to do the same.
Feeling like a friend your viewers already love, even though you haven’t met
Feeling like a friend your viewers already love, even though you haven’t met.
Giving your ideal client a part of you which becomes a part of their identity
Being able to put the essence of heart and soul down on paper/screen for the world to see.
Igniting a fire in someone’s belly — for change, for growth, for transformation
Igniting a fire in someone’s belly — for change, for growth, for transformation.

The Soul Stirring Branding Package

is my 10 week solution to craft the brand of your dreams that will sink into the soul of your ideal client.
Your brand
If you’re the kind of person who wants the complete solution taking you from the foundations of your messaging to a shiny new brand and website, without the hassle of working with different people in a disjointed way, I’m your girl.
We’ll cover aspects like
+ A complete brand strategy, including a compelling brand story that connects with hearts and minds and makes it crystal clear that you are the best choice to solve your ideal client’s problems.
+ A heartfelt visual brand identity system that truly honours who you are as an individual. It will be rich in comprehensive design details giving your brand a visual story and making content creation your new addiction!
+ A set of key brand applications designed to get you started: including a website home page, social media templates, business cards, client document/ebook templates, an email signature template, an email newsletter and more, with all templates set up in Canva for easy use. *Add on a full website and any other graphic design needs you have straight after.
+ Training, guidelines and support to ensure you feel empowered to take your branding and wow the world with it.
This package is perfect for you if:
You’ve been getting that nudging feeling in the pit of your stomach for a while that your branding is sooo wrrooonnng. It doesn’t feel like you anymore. Maybe it never truly did. It doesn’t get you excited. It isn’t positioning you as an expert. In fact if you’re honest, it feels awkward, uncomfortable and it has kept you playing small.
You’ll be the first to admit you haven’t properly invested in your branding in a holistic way. But you’re at a stage in your business where you are so. damn. sick of DIYing or cobbling together cheap stop-gap measures that you know just aren’t working. You’re beyond ready to hand things over to a professional.
You’ll be the first to admit you haven’t properly invested in your branding in a holistic way. But you’re at a stage in your business where you are so. damn. sick of DIYing or cobbling together cheap stop-gap measures that you know just aren’t working. You’re beyond ready to hand things over to a professional.
Things feel muddled. Things feel messy. Your brand feels like a dusty old boot in the attic no one wants to wear anymore. You’re ready for it to feel seamless, sophisticated and soulful.
You’re looking for your perfect designer partner. Not el-cheapo on Fiverr who can get it to you “yesterday”. You are willing to wait to work with the right person who will take the time to understand the contours of your soul and has a track record of delivering seamless rebrands for clients just like you. You know it’s not worth the stress of working with someone unreliable.
“Prior to working with Emma, I knew something had to change with my branding/website. It was embarrassingly impersonal, yet my offering is deeply personal.  I found Emma online and LOVED her work, but had reservations around the amount of time I would have to have to wait to work with her and the amount of money I had to outlay. Now I tell everyone that Emma is worth the wait!

I think my biggest fear was that once I financially committed and agreed to work together that she might present me with what she thought would be good but I wasn’t going to like it and how we would move forward from that?  That fear was completely dispelled as soon as I received the first draft. When I saw my visual branding for the first time I instantly loved it and was blown away. 

As entrepreneurs, we often doubt ourselves and our abilities. Now, when I look at my website I feel proud of who I am and what I do, and I feel that my branding/website reflects the positive difference I want to make in this world. I even had one client tell me they thought my website felt like a big warm hug! So many people over promise and under deliver. My experience with Emma was that she delivers – on every part.

What you are really paying Emma for is her ability to bring to life what you couldn’t do on your own. She extracts the best part of you so you can share your special gifts and shine your light for the rest of the world to see. That is something worth paying for. I know of no other person in her industry offering services to the depth she does.
Ready to say goodbye to itchy, uncomfortable branding that’s rubbing your ideal clients the wrong way….
and hello to being seen as THE go-to person in your Niche?

I know that your biggest fear with outsourcing your branding and hiring a designer is being understood.

You’re wondering: Is this person going to ‘get me’? Will my vision be translated? Can they intuit my “me-ness”

So you’ve probably been thinking to yourself that you need to have all the answers upfront and this perfectly cemented vision for EXACTLY what you want or you’re going to waste your money. So you put off contacting anyone and have to stare at your uninspiring branding for another year.

Well, I have good news for you: Unlike other designers, I don’t expect you to have EVERYTHING figured out before you hire me. If you did, you may as well go on Fiverr, hire someone for $5 and tell them exactly where to push the pixels! I’m different. I know my clients are not graphic designers and I don’t expect them to be. I know you may not always have the language to articulate the nuances of what you want. Instead, I have tailor-made a process which draws it out of you step by step and I won’t end the branding process until you are IN LOVE with the outcome.

Here’s a break-down of the process you’ll love

Divine Health & Wellness
“Working with Emma has been one of the best investments I have made for my business — so much so that I went through her branding process again a year later with a second business I had taken over.
She is passionate, thorough and exceptionally good at branding and design. Emma was able to help me understand my target market and the core values of my business with a depth well beyond what I expected. Her amazing “heart and soul guidebook” is full of pearls of wisdom and copy-and-pasteable phrases, sentences and paragraphs all about my business. She then reflected all of this in a beautifully designed logo and breathtaking print and online marketing materials. Emma’s support has reached far beyond the term of my business’s rebranding, and she has been incredibly generous in giving ongoing advice and assistance where needed. I really can’t recommend Emma and Soul Stirring Branding highly enough.”
Jennifer Teh, Director, Hush Little Baby & Pathways to Music
I help clients get the ‘soul’ of their business out of their heart and down on paper.

Imagine one simple document which:

  • you can always refer back to that explains the essence of your business.
  • Not only helps us develop an amazingly clear brief for the visual brand identity design and your website (so we know we’re on the same page and you’re going to get what you want), but also will be by your side underpinning everything you write, speak and do for years to come.
  • has so many juicy copy-and-pasteables that rewriting your website and sales documents just got way easier.
  • makes on-boarding new team members so simple because your whole ethos and values are right there to be read.

What is included

A gorgeously designed 60+ page Workbook

Don’t freak out! I know it sounds like a lot but you’ll have a number of months to fill it in. Plus did I mention the document is really nice looking? Nice looking docs are scientifically proven to make you want to fill them in 😉 Best of all I have examples, prompts and narrowing-it-down techniques to help make big questions like “what’s your vision” less overwhelming. It’s everything you know you need to do (but never had the accountability to actually follow through on), plus things you never even considered. I’ll work with you from there to dive deeper, get clearer and really make sure we get to the heart of your key messages. So no need to worry about getting it “perfect”.

A 3-4 hour Zoom Call Heart-to-heart
Here we dive deep into the workbook you’ve provided to really get clear. As service-based business owners who are experts in our field, we often have the “curse of knowledge” where we don’t realise we’re going over our audience’s heads. I’ll help you simplify your language and concepts where it’s needed (without dumming you down!), to make sure your message really hits home.

For this kind of exercise it is so valuable to have an objective third party to hold your hand and help you through it. As heart-centred business owners we’re too close to it. It feels too emotional sometimes because our businesses mean so much to us. It can cause us to procrastinate these kind of exercises because the questions feel too heavy. Sometimes we can’t see how much our business has evolved in the last couple of years.

With me by your side, we’ll push through those limiting beliefs and discomforts and show your worth. I am passionate about investing the time to get to know the real you so the final outcome feels so personal to you.

When I speak with my clients we have lots of laughs, funny hand gestures, coffee, plus the odd child or pet popping up.

Then I’ll work my magic to combine your workbook answers and our zoom conversation into your brand’s

Heart & Soul Guidebook

It contains four key chapters

1. Your Key Messages
  • Your core message
  • Your elevator pitch/bio
  • A range of tagline concepts (if desired) 
  • Your guiding statements (vision, mission, essence, promise)
  • Your core values
  • Your story 
  • Your differentiating points
  • Your functional and emotional benefits
  • Your tone of voice
2. Your Ideal Client
  • Your ideal client’s basic profile
  • Your ideal client’s goals + dreams
  • Your ideal client’s struggles + fears
3. Your Competitors
  • Your perfect process map from start to finish working with a client
4. Your Look + Feel Plan
  • Your brand personality and how it would translate visually
  • Your mood board and colour palette concept
  • A summary of the proposed design approach to be undertaken in the next phase and an outline of how the mood board would actually translate into your visual brand elements
  • A photo shoot art direction plan including clothing colour palette and styles, key shot types / backdrops to cover on the day, key props to include, notes for your photographer to make sure the photos are super easy to use in designs
Hear from one of my clients about her experience with Soul Stirring Branding

My brand, Marina J is all about igniting women to become the most powerful, intoxicating version of themselves – it screams power, transformation and self-love. I mean is there truly any other way to live?!! My brand didn’t scream this! I am very clear on what I want, but up until working with Emma nobody had been able to put exactly me – my energy, my essence, my soul onto paper, which had been highly frustrating.

After seeing my visual branding Emma created for me for the first time, I HAD to call her immediately and leave a super gushy message for her, because I couldn’t contain myself. I was so over the moon – finally, somebody ‘had got me!’. I LOVE the branding she did for me – Oh My Goddess – it takes my breath away and is SO ME thank you!

I imagined it would be wonderful working with Emma – and it was! The whole process was FUN (which is so cool because I utterly hate all things marketing). She was detailed, professional, fun, friendly, she listened to everything I had to say and kept going deeper and deeper with me. I felt heard, seen, understood and confident that she’d be able to replicate me onto paper so to speak – beautifully – and she did! In a way that astonished me! She is very organised and I felt ‘safe’ all the way through this process, never wondering where she was or what the next step was.

Soul Stirring Branding is the right branding business for you if you really want someone to ‘get you,’ finally and to put you out there in a more magnificent way than you could ever imagine!  I know it will make it much easier for the right women to find me! I highly recommend Emma and have been recommending her to everyone, whether they need branding or not! Thank you Emma, you’re one in a million!

Marina J, life coach, #1 best selling author and speaker.

Your Signature Style

How do you want people to feel when they experience your brand? We’ll translate that visually.

Do you wish your logo and visual design style reflected your level of professionalism and expertise, instead of making you look like you lack credibility and won’t deliver (even though you actually do!)?

Do you feel like you try to reinvent the wheel on every marketing piece you create, experimenting with different colours and fonts while never being satisfied (or consistent!)?

Do you wish you could have a suite of amazing visual elements that conveyed who you are, translated into a comprehensive range of Canva templates, so it finally feels fun and easy to create content and market your business?

Imagine a visual brand for your business that you (and your audience) want to dive into and never leave, which also tells a strategic story to your audience about who you are.

I know you probably love various different design styles and feel like a bit of a magpie, wanting to have a bit of everything and finding it hard to narrow things down. I’ll translate your heart and soul guidebook into the right look and feel to reflect who you are.

I love crafting unique visual styles for brands abundant in details, making it so easy to create diverse design pieces that still have a strong sense of continuity and consistency.

Forget looking sweet on the outside but meaningless on the inside.

This isn’t design for design sake. This isn’t replicating the latest trend on Pinterest.

This is a gorgeous exterior which speaks to the heart and soul of your business. Every design decision ties back to the work we’ve mapped out in your Heart and Soul Guidebook.

You’ll communicate at a subconscious heart and soul level that you’re the right fit for your ideal client without sleazy selling techniques.

Wouldn’t that be nice?! heart


We’ll tell YOUR story, visually.
I’m passionate about tailoring your branding to your personality and values. I will design in any style that tells your story such as:

  • Vibrant and creative
  • Refined and sophisticated
  • Fun and approachable
  • Edgy and modern
  • Loving and feminine
  • Natural and earthy

This isn’t about me, this is about you!

What is included

The building blocks for your visual brand which tells your story.

Logo, colour palette, typography style, graphic elements, photography style.


A ‘love-inducing’ main logo design, saved in every colour-way and file format you’ll need.

Plus sub logos for programs if required.

A dream-client-connecting colour palette, soaked in emotional decadence.


An authority-building font selection.

*Your licence of the fonts to create your own independent design is an additional cost.


A comprehensive, soul-stirring bundle of graphic elements to style your brand with, including patterns, icons and textures.


A captivating Photography Style that tugs at the heart-strings of your audience.

*Style guide/art direction only, custom photo shoots and purchase of stock photography is an additional cost.

All delivered in one mammoth 40+ page, often tear-inducing (!) PDF presentation, clearly articulating why the overall concept works for your business! It will include the brand elements themselves as well as mockups of how the elements would be applied on your key brand applications for context.

It can be an exciting and for some an emotional moment when you see your full brand identity system and design pieces for the first time. It’s like all of your dreams, hard work, and heart and soul are being laid bare on the page! I think it’s important to see the bigger picture of how all your visual elements work together so I put together a very comprehensive PDF which you’ll love.

Once reviewed, you’ll provide feedback and I’ll keep refining each brand element to ensure you are totally in love with the final outcome.

Hear from one of my clients about her experience with Soul Stirring Branding
“I had a brand and website that were created haphazardly several years prior that no longer represented me and my work. I had patched it together here and there, trying to upgrade it on my own using Canva and Picmonkey and various cheap designers on Etsy, but it wasn’t cohesive or clear for my tribe. It wasn’t an easy sell into my services and I was a little bit embarrassed about it.

I was that typical new-to-branding client who wanted to rush through and have it all done yesterday. I think part of that was my resistance to truly sitting down and looking at who I was and the soul of my brand. I thought I could just rush through the branding and get something “pretty” up there. So when Emma called me out and was like “no this is going to be more thoughtful process” I got a little nervous but decided to trust her.

Working with Emma was a dream come true. Her process is really comforting. I always knew what was coming next. When I saw the final outcome, I cried out of sheer joy and was over the moon excited to share it with the world. I felt like it was a brand that truly represented me and was something I could also grow into. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and have been told people can see and understand me and my services a lot more clearly now. I’ve had my best year, financially, ever! And I’ve grown my business by leaps and bounds. I’m so pumped to head into the next year with this brand arming me for further success!”

Becca Piastrelli, Coach
Brand brought to life

Imagine your key touch points going from basic and uninspired to professional and full of life and being able to show off the transformation to your audience!

Website Home Page Design + Copy

Facebook Header Graphics

Social Media Templates (Facebook + Instagram)

Email Signature

A few added extras your brand specifically needs

Business Cards

Client Documents

Email Newsletter Style

Divine Health & Wellness
Hear from one of my clients about her experience with Soul Stirring Branding
I absolutely loved working with Emma! Before I worked with her, not having clarity on who we were as a company and what we stood for made me feel less confident in my abilities and often led to me undercharging or discounting our services in a way which cheapened my brand. Once I was really clear on my message, what makes me different and the value I actually delivered, through working with Emma, that eliminated a lot of guilt I associated with charging what I’m worth. It also made me feel comfortable with letting potential clients go who only focused on the dollar amount because I now know exactly who my ideal client is that will value me and who isn’t. The process also helped me get clarity on staffing — I had a number of people who no longer suit the brand and what we stand for, and I was able to move on from them quickly and unapologetically to focus my energy on the kind of staff who were aligned to my vision. After taking at least a year to check out a multitude of branding consultants I chose to work with Emma and after going through her process I can confidently say she is offering a service that is truly unique and personalised. It can be so hard as a service based business to dedicate the time to work on your business when you’re so busy, but I’m so glad I did it because it raised the bar on how I’m perceived and even how I perceive myself as a brand! It has also ensured that any future work I do on my business such as content creation is streamlined and productive and we have received loads of positive feedback from clients already! We finally have a sophisticated, high end style for our brand and a message in alignment with who we are, which will help me attract the kind of client that best suits what I stand for. I will be recommending Emma for many years to come!
Serena Marie Tucker, Serena Hair
Brand brought to life

It is SO important to me that you can actually use your brand elements for your own day-to-day marketing tasks. No matter your tech levels, you’ll find it easy to put your visuals to use!.

I always say that your brand is like my baby too! I take your DNA and develop it from nothing. Then I bring it into the world and pass it over to you, but I still really want to see it and you succeed in life. That might sound a bit cheesy but it’s true! I genuinely care about all the brands I work on. Your success is my success.

I have developed a range of handover services designed to ensure you’re set up to go out into the world, launch your brand with absolute confidence, and achieve amazing things! These include your brand guidelines, canva templates, a 1:1 training session and a month of support to answer any questions you might have and give you feedback on how you’re going using the visual elements.

What is included

A suite of canva templates set up
All my clients use Canva and love it! It’s been such a game changer! I’ll load all your files up into Canva in neatly organised folders streamlining you and your team’s processes. Then I’ll set up all your social media templates, client document templates, email signature template, email newsletter header template and blog post title template in Canva for you so it is super easy to use.
Here’s what my client Maia had to say about it
“Emma empowered my team to use the new branding and provided the tools to make this happen with ease. This piece has been invaluable! I’m psyched that any of us can can easily go into Canva and access all the visual elements and templates Emma set up making it easy to create anything new that we need. Emma trained my team on how to use the branding and still checks in and answers questions months on to makes sure we’re on the right track.” — Maia Toll

A comprehensive brand guidelines document

This document is designed so that no matter who has their hands on your brand, they will have the basic know-how to ensure consistency, whether that is you or other members of your team, another graphic designer or web developer, a printer, a sign-writer and so on. It will ensure you use the correct colours and fonts, and apply your various elements the way it was intended.

We’ll walk through the document during our 1:1 training session to make sure it all makes sense.

A 1:1 Training Session
This session is an amazing cap off to the project! At this stage you’ve received all your branding: all your individual files on Dropbox, your brand guidelines and Canva templates and you’ll be doing a happy dance! We’ll celebrate with a glass of coffee or wine and run through everything to make sure you understand what you’ve received.

If my clients have a team that would be managing the branding (such as a VA), they often sit in on this session. Alternatively I can record the session if you want to send it to your team for them to watch at their convenience.

Discussion on next steps

After we wrap up going through the brand files and guidelines, we usually use this as an opportunity to talk about the website. At this stage they’ve got the home page designed as part of the branding package, but what’s next? Many clients will want their full website redesigned beyond the home page or advice about how to get the Photoshop design of the home page recreated for the web.

I partner with an amazing web developer who I can wholeheartedly recommend to bring your home page and any other pages of your site to life in the new branding. We work on WordPress. So this is a great opportunity to map out the pages you’ll be having on your site and the specific functionality you’ll need and then I can put together a design + development quote for however many pages you’ll end designed as a next step.

Keep reading below for a more in-depth discussion on how the website projects work and the costs!

For established businesses rebranding is a joooourrrneeeyy. You want the right partner to birth your vision.

Why trust me
to bring your heart and soul to life?
Caring – When you work with me your brand becomes my baby too and I will look after it with dedicated, passionate hands! I take on a small selection of clients every year to ensure each is personally taken care of. When you say yes to going on your soul stirring branding journey, it’s bigger than the project. You get a long term creative partner and biz cheerleader!
Depth – Do you ever work with contractors on a one-off project and feel like they never really understood your business? This is different. I will seriously know your business inside and out… and back to front… and sideways by the time we’re finished. I’ll be able to advise you and design for you from a deep place of understanding about the big picture of your business.

Experience – I have spent five + years refining my branding process, while working on 50 + rebrands and discovering areas where business owners get stuck or places I could add more value. At this stage I feel quite confident in saying this is one of the most comprehensive and supportive branding processes available on the internet! Many branding professionals will be great with strategy but lacking in design or great with design but won’t take you through a strategic process. My clients say I do both very well.

















So you’re liking the sounds of things?

Read the below to really assess whether this is going to be the right fit for you.

You’ll get amazing results from Soul Stirring Branding if…
  • This ain’t your first rodeo! You’ve been in business around 2-6 years already. You know your business inside and out and you’ve worked with lots of clients to know who you love (and loathe) to work with.
  • You’ve waded through the early experimenting days. You’ve thrown a bunch of things at the wall over the years to see what sticks already with your offering and marketing. You know what DOESN’T work. So now we can focus on what DOES. You feel in your gut you’re ready for this.
  • You’re a details girl like me who would LOVE an in-depth comprehensive approach. You’ve read this far down the sales page and haven’t given up. In fact you’re actually thrilled to find out this level of detail about the package for once and that gives you the sense that we would be the perfect match.
  • You know that you can get results for your clients. You have the proof — the track record, the testimonials, the loyal clients. Your brand just isn’t fully communicating that yet to bring more amazing people in the door.
  • You also have a lot of heart and soul behind your brand. You’re not just doing this for the money (though getting paid to do what you love is amazing!), you REALLY want to make a difference in this world. When I ask you about why you do what you do I won’t be able to shut you up!
  • You’re wanting to move into the space of having a premium offering. You currently have a middle-of-the-road/affordable pricing that is causing you to work long hours to make good money. Now you just need the right brand to position your worth and justify the higher fees. You’re at the stage where you really see that DIYing your design or going with low cost designers is holding your business back.
  • You have a small team working for you or aspire towards it in the future. You need to develop clear brand systems now more than ever to streamline your business and empower your team to be consistent and “on-brand” without you having to micromanage everything.
  • You’re the kind of person who doesn’t just want to deliver an average service. You get excited about going above-and-beyond expectations and really surprising and delighting your clients.
  • You take your business seriously and you’re going to take the branding process seriously too. You’re organised and have the time time to devote to it. You want to have an input in your branding and love the idea of a truly collaborative approach. You are really driven in your business and are the kind of woman who makes things happen. So you’re going to see this process through and want to hit the ground running with your branding once it’s complete to get it out there and seen in the world!
  • You want to work with someone who feels like a team-mate, not just someone being paid to work for you. You want your next biz bestie/friend/support system who you can develop a relationship with long after the branding project wraps. You want someone who gets you. Someone who knows how to deliver a high value, premium experience like you’re ready to offer your clients. You want someone who sees your brand as their baby too and will give you 100% of their energy.
You might want to wait a few years or find someone else to work with if…
  • You’ve never had a paying client: or
  • Your business is so new that you really haven’t tested out your offering enough to know that it’s going to be worth making this kind of investment.– consider making a smaller investment in your start up branding or potentially just doing the brand clarity stage and coming back to me in a few years when you’re ready. A lot can pivot and change in the first few years as you find your feet.
  • You’re expecting this process to turn around a bad business model, take you from $0 to six figures instantly or allow you to sit back and have people will come to you with no marketing effort.– I wish branding and websites were these magic unicorns where you set them up and suddenly hundreds of people are knocking down your door without any marketing effort. But the fact is, you need to support the work we do with a sound marketing strategy to see a return on investment. Branding and websites also can’t fix a business that just doesn’t deliver value or the right offering. That part is up to you. We need to make sure whatever we’re communicating in your branding is actually congruent with the experience you deliver. Branding is a long term investment in your future, not a get-rich-quick scheme. It can deliver amazing results, but you will need to put the effort in.
  • You want to be completely hands off. You have a super busy/stressful life and if you’re honest with yourself, you’re not going to prioritise reviewing things and on being responsive on email. You look at the month I’m currently booking for and you know you have something big cropping up there — that launch you’ve been planning for months, that baby you’re about to have, that holiday that will fall right in the middle.– At the end of the day, any of these things is not going to work for either of us. If the month I’m booking for is not a good month, we can always book it a month or two after, so bear that in mind.
  • You really need this project to start…like yesterday– I wish I could work for everyone’s timelines, but I am usually booked at least a few months in advance if not more (check my current availability) . And no – there really is no wriggle room on that. I take my bookings seriously and can’t push anyone else back to fit you in. I can take on at a given time to make sure I deliver great outcomes for my clients.
  • You have a low budget and this is going to seriously stretch you beyond your means. I recommend you invest in your branding when you are financially ready and it isn’t going to leave you down to your last dollar, because this will not deliver an instant return on investment. It’s also super important your branding is rolled out to your business touch points post project. What’s the point in having all these gorgeous brand elements but then a) they just sit there on Dropbox or b) you try to DIY your website and other high value brand touch points from here. I absolutely try to empower you to be able to use Canva to DIY your day-to-day design tasks (think social media posts and other content creation) and having your visual brand identity elements makes that SO MUCH easier, but I think the clients that get the most value out of the process will come to me (or another design professional) for the design of their high value business materials/platforms. The ones that will get a lot of reach and REALLY need to look super slick and professional.

Our branding process summarised


$8,999 AUD + GST

+ GST for Australian clients only, + Transfer fees for international clients 

Payments are split into three

Payment 1: due signing up, Payment 2: a week before we commence (usually 2-5 months later); and Payment 3: when you sign off on the visual brand identity (usually 2 months after the last payment).

Ready to join the exclusive group of women who believe in the power of Soul Stirring Branding and transform your brand from the inside out!

Divine Health & Wellness
Hear from one of my clients about her experience with Soul Stirring Branding

It’s hard to explain in words, but I feel like I’ve grown more into myself as a therapist during this process. I think it was gaining clarity from our work together, being given the gentle nudges to step out of my comfort zone and then seeing this beautiful new branding which really resonated with me. I really feel like I have achieved my branding goals during this work with Emma. 

“Before working with Emma, I felt that I had outgrown my old branding and that although it was really pretty, it had never resonated with me as a person or as a practitioner. I had been trying to grab a really wide audience – all people with anxiety and depression and relationship issues. I knew who my ideal audience was, but I wasn’t talking to them directly on my website. My website looked dated and cluttered. I felt embarrassed about it because it was old fashioned and piecemeal. There was way too much copy on the site and it talked about what I do technically as a therapist, rather than talking about my potential client’s problems and how I could help them. It felt unsurmountable to change all that and rewrite it all on my own. I found I was attracting the wrong kind of clients (people who couldn’t afford to pay my private practice rates, people who wanted a quick fix rather than wanting to look deeply at their issues). I wanted to attract more of my target clients and a more affluent audience who could afford my rates.

Now that we have gone through the branding and website process I LOVE my new branding and the new site is going to be amazing. I think that the branding we’ve now created reflects both me as a person and as a therapist. Choosing a therapist is such an emotive experience – clients are choosing the person as much as the therapies they use – so it was vital that the branding reflected the real me. Plus make it really obvious how I am different to other therapists and what to expect when you come to see me. I believe we have achieved all of this.Emma has a great network of contacts that can help with photography and website technical creation, which made the whole process seamless and fun.

The structure of the new site is just perfect. Emma took the content I’d put in the Heart and Soul Clarity Workbook and transformed it into words that really talk to the client and say “hey are you experiencing this?  I understand you. This is how I can help you. This is what you need to know”.  The wording that Emma has created speaks directly to the needs, pain points and desires of my ideal client. Emma helped me work through my new content in a relatively short time frame where I had the mental space to focus. This was an absolute godsend for a busy sole trader, and I am so grateful to her for all her amazing work.

The overall experience was worth every penny.” 

Sarah Tuckett –


What happens after I hit "Apply Now"
Want to work with me on your business’s branding? Great! First, fill in this enquiry questionnaire form online, which will be sent direct to my email. This will give me some basic info about your business and what you’re looking for.  If you would like a complimentary 15-30 minute Zoom chat or phone call to get to know each other a bit better, we can tee this up then. If you think Soul Stirring Branding is a good fit for your business, then I’ll send you a formal proposal and estimated timeframe, with some Terms & Conditions to sign off on. From then your project is locked into my calendar.
I want to work with you, but I don't need this exact package
My focus is on helping clients through this particular package which I have really honed in to make amazing! While we can tweak some of the brand applications – i.e. some clients would like to swap the business cards for something else, overall if your project doesn’t fit this offering, then we won’t be the right fit. While I can help with general graphic design work, this service is only available to clients who have gone through my branding package. My passion is to help clients on a big picture level. But I’m sure there will be many graphic designers out there who can help you for what you need.

I do not offer the branding project minus the strategic messaging work. Even if you have done this before, I recommend we go through it again as usually when clients say this they done this already have not gone to the level of depth I would expect and it also means I don’t get to dive deep into your business the way I normally would.

Do you accept rush jobs? I need to get started straight away
I wish I could accommodate everyone’s ideal timeframes, however, I purposely space out my bookings to give every client the time and space they deserve. It has been many many years since I could get started with a client straight away. My availability should be clearly listed on my home page and on this page. When you hit Apply Now I’ll confirm the timeframe.

This is the kind of project where we want to give the project time to incubate. Good news is that as soon as you sign up you’ll have lots of work to do independently on your end to get your vision down on paper, so you will be able to make progress between now and when we kick off.

How does all the payment stuff work?
We can either split the payments into 3rds or halves if you prefer less admin.

Normally clients put down a 1/3rd deposit payment to reserve your spot in my calendar. The second 1/3 installment will be due right before we kick off.  Then the final 1/3 installment is billed once you’ve signed off on the visual brand identity.

Australian clients pay by direct bank deposit. Clients outside Australia pay via Paypal.

Where are you located?

I am based in Sydney, Australia, but work with clients all over the world. About half my clients are in the US so I’m experienced with making different timezones work. Usually the US afternoon is compatible with my morning.  If you’re not in Sydney, we can use Zoom to have face to face meetings. All international transactions are done through Transferwise, which has lower transfer fees and better rates than Paypal, making it so easy. My time zone is AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time). 

Do you need to add on a website with that?

Say goodbye to generic websites
The websites I design are so rich in details and storytelling, that your viewers won’t want to bounce off!
Imagine the positive feedback you’ll receive when you get the website of your dreams!
Here is a small sample of the comments my client Becca received online when she launched her website.
“I LOVE IT!!! It is so uniquely you and I love feeling your incredible energy as soon as I open the page. Every word I read speaks you. Great work. SO happy and inspired. CONGRATS!!”
“Becca, this is such a magnificently beautiful expression of you and your depth, of your ever-evolving self and work. I love it so much.”
“I feel like I am connected to you somehow after just taking in your website, your honesty. Love! Congrats Becca!”
“Yay! Love this website and how it shows more of who you really are. I see you and love you dear!”
“You’ve stepped into the light indeed, and how radiant you are! What a gorgeous representation of the important work you do in the world!”
“This website is stunning! It feels so full and true and I can’t wait to explore every nook and cranny!”
An online home for your business
that feels like you
and converts!
A complete website experience from start to finish
  • I work exclusively with WordPress and Shopify.
  • I create totally custom website designs, underpinned by the amazing Divi theme for super easy content management
  • Design, website strategy and copy are my areas of expertise. I have an AH-MAZING all female team of developers and SEO strategists I partner with for the rest to ensure you have a team of experts working on your site and double the brain power!
How it works – the complete solution


Sometimes writing your website copy can feel really overwhelming and it is really nice to have help getting it all together as a starting place and then being able to make refinements when you can see the first draft. Alternatively other clients feel quite confident writing their own first draft of the copy and have the time, but then I can come in and do some copy editing and add in suggestions for elements they may be missing and how to order things. We’ll tailor how we approach things to your unique situation to make sure the process is easy for you.

Website Design

I’ll custom design your website pages in Photoshop and show you the proofs to provide feedback and eventually sign off on, before it is converted into code for the web. I will send you the page design as well as an outline of why I made the choices I made and how it will work strategically for your website goals so you understand the background behind the decisions. We’ll work together to make sure it is perfect before it’s sent off to the web development stage.

Website Development

Once the design of the pages are signed off they will be sent off to my lovely developer team-mate to bring it to functioning life. It will be set up in a “staging” environment, meaning that your current site can be up and running and we’ll be building in a private place until we’re ready to hook up your new site to your URL. We work in tandem, meaning that once a page design is approved it will be sent off to start getting developed, and then I’ll continue to work with you on other pages designs. This means we whip up your website faster!

SEO Strategy

Depending on your website goals and budget, you may wish to add on a SEO strategy. This would be delivered by my lovely former client Maz, who SO gets the branding process you’ve just been on and has worked with a number of my clients since I rebranded her and got to know how amazing she is! While our developer will do the technical SEO set up, Maz will be diving deep into your keyword research to figure out what we want to rank for and ensuring that is incorporated into the website. If being found on Google is a high priority for you, this is a must have.
She is Fierce
Hear from one of my clients about her experience with Soul Stirring Branding
“I have worked with contractors before who are just interested in getting through the project, but working with Emma was so much more than that — she took the time to get to know my vision for She Is Fierce! as well as I do. She created not just a beautiful style — which she totally did!! – but also a very clearly strategic layout for the website pages that had been just thrown together previously.
Since working with Emma, She is Fierce!’s bounce rate has gone way down and the pages per visit has gone way up! I couldn’t be happier with the final result of working with Emma!
I love the look, the effectiveness of the layout of the pages and how everything we do now tells a story visually – it has already had a positive impact!! I get emails all the time from people telling me how beautiful our site is now, and the overall look and feel of our visual branding is consistent with the quality of our community and our content! Working with Emma seriously gave me faith in working with contractors again! She is consistent, responsible, communicates so well and always delivers! :)”
Kelly Youngs, Founder
How to know if you’re ready for a Soul Stirring Website
You don’t just want the bare minimum anymore…
You’ve done that already. You’ve set up your current site yourself or hired someone for a basic set up. Now it’s time to take things to the next level. Does that mean being super fancy pants for the sake of it? No. But it means having a site you feel proud of. A site where your dream client looks at it and feels like they have come home.
You want something you can actually manage yourself…
Even if you decide to outsource it at the end of the day, you want to feel empowered to know that if you need to you can make text changes and write new blog articles or add a new page, you can. You don’t want to say “I’m scared to go in there and play with it because I know I’ll muck something up and wreck it!” You also want things explained in your language minus the jargon!
You want the kind of set up that isn’t going to just look pretty, it’s going to convert and streamline your biz…
It’s about creating online systems that serve you and allow you to work smarter not harder. It’s about telling your viewers WHO you want to work with, so they self select and you spend less time writing response emails to people who can’t afford you. It’s about knowing the desired action of each page and leading the visitor towards it so they convert.
You want to follow best practices…
Even if you don’t know what those best practices are. You want someone who will give you their professional opinion on what you should do strategically, not someone who will just execute what you ask for (especially when you really probably don’t know what to ask for!) and then it ends up that you’ve missed all these important things and your site isn’t functioning right!
You want a site that feels like a ‘whole lotta you!’…
A site where you’re ideal client comes on and instantly gets your personality and energy. A site which is a manifestation of yourself and your value. A site with actual personal touches that doesn’t feel like an out-of-the-box template solution. A site where every page is a delight to explore.
You want a seamless, stress free experience from start to finish…
There are so many moving parts in a website redesign and it’s going to be complicated. But it doesn’t have to get stressful. When you hire someone inexpensive, it can call on you as the business owner to really babysit the project. I’ll do that for you instead so you don’t have to!

Remember, the website component is optional.
I can give you a ballpark upfront before you book in your branding package. 

 BOOK HERE NOW for a January 2022 start date.