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Stop going around in circles and experience the ease of knowing who you are as a brand

How to intuitively write your copy

Discover how to bring more meaning, depth and emotion into your brand and translate your essence into your dream visual branding which will make your ideal clients fall in love.

 In just three days you’ll discover how to breathe life into your brand  

Aligned & Embodied

Over three fun days, you’ll learn…

DAY 1: What branding actually is, why you might be feeling overwhelmed pinning down your brand direction and how to stop feeling like you’re going around in circles unable to settle on a direction and message for your brand you feel connected to.

DAY 2: How to plant the seeds of authentic, human emotion, heart and soul into your brand so you go from being just another commodity to a one-of-a-kind offering that deeply connect with the hearts, minds, values and vibe of your ideal clients and separates yourself from others in your industry. 

DAY 3: How to translate your essence into your dream visual branding to make your audience fall in love. You only have 7 seconds to make a good first impression and this is where your visuals are going to instantly create that full body YES response in your ideal clients hearts.

This masterclass series is perfect for you if:

  • You’re trying to build a personal brand that allows people to connect with the essence of who you are, but you’re not really sure how to best express all the parts of yourself into one unified whole. 
  • You are starting your brand from scratch or if you have an existing brand that you’re not 100% convinced is feeling right for you anymore. 
  • You know your brand has been made in a piecemeal, haphazard ‘throw things against the wall to see what sticks’ kind of way and now you’re not sending a clear message and looking cohesive. 
  • You feel like your brand is bland, simplistic and barely scratching the surface of representing the fullness of what you want to express. 
  • You feel like you look and sound like everyone else and you’re not differentiating yourself from others in your industry. 


Emma Brownson Holding Coffee Cup Soul Stirring Branding

Get to Know Your Host

Hi, I’m Emma Brownson. I’m the founder of Soul Stirring Branding — a branding, web and graphic design studio in Australia.

For the last decade, I’ve been helping heart-led women just like you (coaches, creatives, therapists, healers and more) to create a personal brand which uncovers the truest expression of who they are. That way, you’re able to connect with your ideal clients on a much deeper level, elevate how people perceive the quality of your work and do the inner work of claiming the immense value you bring to the world. 

I’ve worked with some of the most successful personal brands in the creative, therapy and healing spaces, bestselling authors, TEDX speakers and all-round amazing humans. I’m also the mum of twin 3 year old boys and a lover of all things floral. I’m so thrilled you’re here for this masterclass and I really hope you get lots of A Ha! moments!

Emma Brownson of Soul Stirring Branding on Chair Happy