It’s hard to explain in words, but I feel like I’ve grown more into myself as a therapist during this process. I think it was gaining clarity from our work together, being given the gentle nudges to step out of my comfort zone and then seeing this beautiful new branding which really resonated with me. I really feel like I have achieved my branding goals during this work with Emma. 

“Before working with Emma, I felt that I had outgrown my old branding and that although it was really pretty, it had never resonated with me as a person or as a practitioner. I had been trying to grab a really wide audience – all people with anxiety and depression and relationship issues. I knew who my ideal audience was, but I wasn’t talking to them directly on my website. My website looked dated and cluttered. I felt embarrassed about it because it was old fashioned and piecemeal. There was way too much copy on the site and it talked about what I do technically as a therapist, rather than talking about my potential client’s problems and how I could help them. It felt unsurmountable to change all that and rewrite it all on my own. I found I was attracting the wrong kind of clients (people who couldn’t afford to pay my private practice rates, people who wanted a quick fix rather than wanting to look deeply at their issues). I wanted to attract more of my target clients and a more affluent audience who could afford my rates.

Now that we have gone through the branding and website process I LOVE my new branding and the new site is going to be amazing. I think that the branding we’ve now created reflects both me as a person and as a therapist. Choosing a therapist is such an emotive experience – clients are choosing the person as much as the therapies they use – so it was vital that the branding reflected the real me. Plus make it really obvious how I am different to other therapists and what to expect when you come to see me. I believe we have achieved all of this.Emma has a great network of contacts that can help with photography and website technical creation, which made the whole process seamless and fun.

The structure of the new site is just perfect. Emma took the content I’d put in the Heart and Soul Clarity Workbook and transformed it into words that really talk to the client and say “hey are you experiencing this?  I understand you. This is how I can help you. This is what you need to know”.  The wording that Emma has created speaks directly to the needs, pain points and desires of my ideal client. Emma helped me work through my new content in a relatively short time frame where I had the mental space to focus. This was an absolute godsend for a busy sole trader, and I am so grateful to her for all her amazing work.

The overall experience was worth every penny.” 

Sarah Tuckett

Founder, Sarah Tuckett

It was SO MUCH MORE than money well spent.
It has given me a whole new world to play inside of. 

“When I started working with Emma, my website was still functional but didn’t reflect who I was or where I was going. It seemed like an old version of me that I had grown out of… and yet, I was also a bit lost about where I was headed next. Emma offered me the most graceful and thorough process to get crystal clear about who I am, the message I am wanting to put out in the world, and helped me organize my offerings in a way that is cohesive and clear.

At first, I wasn’t sure if I could afford to invest in my business this way! But it was SO MUCH MORE than money well spent. It has given me a whole new world to play inside of – one that inspires me and my community. So much possibility and new opportunities have already come out of the new branding…

Emma is incredibly detailed and organized. Every piece of the process and branding was thoughtful and considered. She is a BRILLIANT designer with gorgeous taste and excellent instincts around channeling your style and vision. She is also kind, open-hearted and loving in the way that she guides you through the process. The whole experience was so rich and such high quality from start to finish. I’m thrilled.

It’s amazing how visuals can give you a whole new feeling about your work. I love how unapologetically feminine the new branding and website is, how it reflects the new energy I am bringing to the world. I pretty much squeed with excitement every time she sent me a finished page.

Andrea Scher

Founder , Andrea Scher

Emma is the real deal. She is one stop shopping and that is RARE and such a gift.

“Before the rebranding I dreaded sending people to my website. It didn’t represent where I was professionally, personally, spiritually. It was also confusing to navigate, not making the most of passive revenue. The visual branding only represented one (out of three) service/offering as the site had grown/adapted as my business did.

In my 13 years of business, I’ve had luke warm experiences with graphic designers and brand strategists. I was hopeful working with you would be different, but I did have concerns about the overall process, considering my experiences before.

Emma was a pure DELIGHT to work with.

I was surprised and delighted by Emma’s level of detail, how generous she was with her time, how intuitive her ideas fit with what I was looking for. Emma went above and beyond — from the video explanations to the PDF for photographers to the scheduling of all the milestones – I appreciated that she fully had the reins of this experience and that I could relax and take my boss hat off and let her do the leading.

I got major clarity doing the workbook, and throughout the entire process. I was also surprised how easy it would be to keep the visual branding going via Canva once you set up all the templates and graphic folders. Who knew? It’s so easy!

Omg. I’m so happy. I almost peed my pants when I saw the first designs.
The new branding and the new site communicate who I am very
clearly as well as what I offer very clearly. The response has been so loving and people have written things like “Joy! This is SO YOU! It’s such a happy, vibrant site! So easy to navigate.” And on and on. Daily revenue is UP and I’m certain it’s the branding and new site to go with it.

Emma is a brilliant visual brand strategist and designer who will – through various exercises, conversations, and intuition – know how to translate your brand into a beautiful visual language. I have already given this advice, which is: “Make the investment. You won’t be disappointed. You will walk away not only with branding that reflects who you are, but it will translate into more profits that you can be proud of.

Kelly Rae Roberts

Founder, Kelly Rae Roberts

“It’s hard to put into words just how much I LOVED working with Emma and how utterly delighted I am with my new website. 

Before I found Emma’s services, I had a website that was OK, but a little outdated and with a piecemeal approach to graphic design. When people arrived there, it wasn’t immediately clear what the website was even about.

Now, after going through Emma’s branding and design process, I’ve got a stunning website with branding that is very clear, and spot on, in terms of the message I want to put out into the world.

The website has had loads of compliments.

I was mega impressed with how thorough Emma’s process was to guide me through the re-branding process, and the ‘spot on’, perfect brand I now have is definitely no accident — it was brought into being by Emma. Thank you, Emma. You are the best at what you do!!!”

Anna Sayce

Founder , Anna Sayce

It has been the best investment I have ever made, hands down.

“My old branding didn’t represent my business the way I wanted it to. The copy was terrible and I was becoming more and more embarrassed to show my site to clients. I knew pretty branding alone wasn’t going to help me, the wording needed to be changed and fixed and this was not something I knew how to do. When I came across Soul Stirring Branding I knew straight away I need that, I needed the complete solution not just pretty branding and that is why I chose to work with Emma.

I wasn’t happy at the start with the wait list, but it ended up being so great because it allowed me the time to plan and prepare. I think the reflection time is why this rebrand was so effective. I am always go go go and do things at a crazy speed, but with something like this, it wouldn’t have worked to my advantage.

The branding process affirmed that I do have a great business and I do help people.

I finally feel proud of my business and that is a word I hardly ever use (unless I am talking about my kids).

I am proud to show my website off and for my friends, family and clients to see it. I feel way more confident and since the new site has gone live I have started to market the business which is something I hadn’t done in the past, mainly because I wasn’t happy with the copy and design.

Emma is the most amazing, down to earth and talented person/designer I think I have ever met, truly. She just gets it! Her creativity is so incredible to witness. When I saw the branding for the first time I felt a sense of calm, like yes this is who I am. My advice if you’re considering branding your business with Emma would be 100% go for it. You won’t find anyone the same. Trust me I have looked for something like this for years. It has been the best investment I have ever made, hands down. Emma always goes above and beyond every time.”

Caryna Khan

Founder, Private Label Skin Care

Emma is the best of the best, so when you are ready to invest make it count and don’t settle for other designers who dabble chose an expert who can do it right the first time!

“Before I went through the branding process, I didn’t have a cohesive and clear message that spoke to my ideal client. Over the course of my 10 years in business, I had done DIY design work and worked with a bunch of different designers, so it felt like it wasn’t as cohesive as when I started. My branding felt outdated to me and the look didn’t reflect the spiritual, creative and earthy vibe I was after. I wanted to be seen as the go-to expert for entrepreneurial energy and launching and to have a cohesive brand message with room to branch out without diluting the message.”

I had invested in other parts of my business but knew this was a piece that I had been neglecting for a while that I knew needed to be addressed. This is the piece I think most smaller entrepreneurs struggle with investing in because the payoff isn’t an immediate ROI, but if you’re in it for the long-game a professional clear reflection of your brand is a must. It also gives you the perfect framework for moving forward to avoid brand dilution which I see happen all the time in the online space.

The experience working with Emma amazing. She answered all my questions and the end result was exactly what I was after. 

Wendy Zamora

Founder, Wendy Ann

Because I have gotten my branding done, I am more confident to charge higher prices cause I feel that my branding reflects my services.

Even though I know I am personally giving value something was always missing and I believe it was my branding. I now feel like my business is whole!

My branding wasn’t working cause it was all piecemeal work. I did it all myself and it looked it! My website and my branding were not cohesive or professional looking. It made me feel a little embarrassed to have to direct people to my webpage. It made me nervous to do Facebook ads for fear I would look like an immature placing ads.

I had some reservations about hiring someone to do my branding cause I had heard it involved a great deal of time and money with no guarantee of a finished product I would be in love with.  While Emma came highly recommended, I was still quite nervous about the investment but after having our initial call, I knew Emma was the right person to do my branding.

The one thing that surprised me about this experience is how much clarity I received by filling out the 80+ questionnaire you provided.  At first, I didn’t understand why I was being asked so many questions about my business. Duh!! It all became clear and the guide that was created is the best piece of information about my business that I own. It is absolutely brilliant. It has given me clarity and going into 2020 this is HUGE! I know who I am. I know who my ideal customers are. I know what my best skillsets are.   

Working with Emma was an absolute joy!  She blew me away with how organized she is. She has designed an incredible system for working 1:1. The workbooks are amazing. Everything is TOP NOTCH! Her standards have 100% inspired me to improve my own. She is an inspiration to me on how to work with 1:1 clients. In regards to the branding, when I first saw it, I was sooo thrilled. I thought to myself “WOW, this is fabulous. And, it’s just the first draft.”  I am incredibly proud of my brand and of my website. Everything looks so beautiful. My social media graphics are stunning.

The advice I would give someone who is considering Soul Stirring Branding is to make the investment and don’t look back!  There will be no regrets.  I promise and I assure you that it will 100% help you know who you are as a business and as an entrepreneur and perhaps as a woman.

I believe Soul Stirring Branding is different than other options because the focus is not solely on your business but also is in you as a person. As a leader. As an entrepreneur.    

Lisa Clark

Founder, Raising with Lisa Clark

“Prior to working with Emma, I had been running my business for many years and we kept tweaking the brand as we went along trying to make it more polished or adding things as we needed them and almost always working with different graphic designers who, although did wonderful work…didn’t really get the feel for me and my business message. We ended up having a bit of a mish-mosh without a polished cohesive branding message.

Emma is a true one-stop shop. She gets to really know you and your business. She digs into what makes it sacred to you and the image you want to project into the world. When my team and I saw the final branding work Emma created, jaws hit the floor. Mics dropped. It was absolutely stunning! So stunning, in fact, that we begged Emma to stay on as our graphic designer for major projects after the initial branding project was wrapped up. Emma has now been our primary graphic designer for over 2 years and works seamlessly with our team all the way from Australia. Emma now knows our brand inside and out and can be relied on to intuitively create new design pieces as we need them.

With all the new visual branding elements in our back pocket, it has given our team the freedom to create day-to-day design pieces, such as social media posts and blog images on their own with a sense of consistency. The way she set up all the brand files and templates for us in Canva really streamlined this process!

Our overall branding now feels polished, on-point and cohesive. It reflects the growth that Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy has had over the years and our design elements are something we can proudly show off! I feel her comprehensive branding package brings all the elements my company presents to the world into one cohesive and beautiful graphic message that makes you feel proud to show it off. “

Hibiscus Moon

I got exactly what I wanted – an online home that reflects my heart AND the work I do best with my clients.

“Prior to working with Emma I was such a diy’er bootstrapper and my brand was all over the place. I wanted a ‘home’ and but back then I had a poorly put together hotel room lol. I felt like I knew the brands/people in Emma’s portfolio based on her work and that is what I so desperately wanted for myself. In person, I wear my heart on my sleeve and it works very very well for me. I wanted that online…for people to know my heart from the outside looking in.

I didn’t have any hesitations about the process of working with Emma because was so well laid out and I knew exactly what I was getting and by when. My only hesitation was timing but it was worth the wait. 

People LOVE my branding – I get compliments all the time. I am never ashamed or hesitant about my branding and instead, feel confident and incredibly comfortable guiding people to my online home and social media. Emma does such an incredibly thorough job and really, really listens to you. The initial homework alone was worth its weight in gold in helping me clarify my offers and exactly what I’m about – what I stand for. It’s a beautiful and unfolding experience. You’ve seen Emma’s portfolio and all that is available to you if you show up, partner with Emma, and do the work.

Jen Vertanen,

Founder, Jen Vertanen

Rebranding our business with Emma was the best decision we have made!

“Before the rebrand, it was like we had made all the ‘branding mistakes’ Emma spoke about on her website! Everything was DIY, we had no clear vision, we got stuck comparing ourselves to other businesses and had worked with other designers that let us down. We knew we didn’t have the ability to see our business from an outsiders’ perspective and it was time to get a pro in to help.

When we first saw the branding we had tears in our eyes! It is absolutely stunning and we don’t have words for how beautiful it all looks! We’ve had such great feedback on the branding and website and know it’s made a big difference to how our brand is perceived. We got clear on all the parts of our business which are unique and how to tell our story which has really grown our confidence and drive to market the business.

One of the other parts that has been so impactful is having all of the Canva templates and brand elements so we could manage the day-to-day design pieces ourselves! I think that’s probably the next most important thing other than having the visual branding itself. I don’t think other designers do this and it saves us having to fork out $$$ foot every little thing. It has made a process of posting to social media which I used to dread so easy and fun which has been a godsend considering this has been our busiest year to date and we have a brand new baby!

Emma really went above and beyond and delivered so much value in the project. If you’re like we were – knowing you need to rebrand but terrified to make the investment, my advice would be to do it! It was the best decision we have made!”

Alicia Burns,

Founder, Ishani Designs

Having a professionally designed brand that clearly depicts my message transformed my business from a “side-hustle” to a “legit business”.

“Have you ever been “too close” to something? So close, that you just couldn’t see the forest for the trees? I, more than anyone else, understood my brand’s message and how I wanted it portrayed to clients. The problem was… I couldn’t seem to translate the fuzzy idea in my head into a clear, concise brand. My previous brand was pretty, but there was no cohesion or no clear message that immediately captured people’s attention. My target audience was SO broad. Have you ever heard the adage “if you are selling to everyone, you are selling to no one.” That was me! My target audience was…. drum roll… women. ALL women. Emma taught me the importance of having a niched-down target audience. Brilliant! I remember a specific moment when Emma and I were talking about target markets; she threw out the idea of “niching my market” into a smaller sub-section. It made so much sense! I remember thinking, “why didn’t I think about that?!”

I had a good bit of hesitation about investing dollars in this rebranding effort. I am an “over-analyzer” by nature. It was a lot of money that I did not have in my business account, and I didn’t know if it would pay off or not. Also being that I live in the US and Emma is in Australia, I wasn’t sure the Zoom protocol would be sufficient to capture our discussion and energy as I normally prefer physically being in the same space with collaborators.

I’m so glad I got over the anxiety of investing as I do not regret it on any level.

I think her ease of working with Zoom settled my anxiety about the process. The first time I saw the brand elements I was incomplete awe. The designs, fonts, colors, and vibe were just spot-on! Emma has a great energy and passion for the work she does, and it shows in the final results.

If you feel like your business is not as legitimate as you would like it to be; or you feel like your message is not clear; or if you have issues with not being able to “focus” because your target market is too large or you can’t figure out how to tell your story/message, then I really think Emma and her team can help you like she helped me. After working with Emma, I was better able to see how in the past, I was “all over the place” with my message and target market; Emma and her team corrected that… in spades! Thank all of you brilliant ladies comprising the “Emma Team”!”

Sheila Mae,

Founder, A Girl Like Me Art

“Prior to working with Emma, I knew something had to change with my branding/website. It was embarrassingly impersonal, yet my offering is deeply personal. I found Emma online and LOVED her work, but had reservations around the amount of time I would have to have to wait to work with her and the amount of money I had to outlay. Now I tell everyone that Emma is worth the wait!

I think my biggest fear was that once I financially committed and agreed to work together that she might present me with what she thought would be good but I wasn’t going to like it and how we would move forward from that?  That fear was completely dispelled as soon as I received the first draft. When I saw my visual branding for the first time I instantly loved it and was blown away. 

As entrepreneurs, we often doubt ourselves and our abilities. Now, when I look at my website I feel proud of who I am and what I do, and I feel that my branding/website reflects the positive difference I want to make in this world. I even had one client tell me they thought my website felt like a big warm hug! So many people over promise and under deliver. My experience with Emma was that she delivers – on every part.

What you are really paying Emma for is her ability to bring to life what you couldn’t do on your own. She extracts the best part of you so you can share your special gifts and shine your light for the rest of the world to see. That is something worth paying for. I know of no other person in her industry offering services to the depth she does.”

Michelle Peden

Founder, SheQi

My brand, Marina J is all about igniting women to become the most powerful, intoxicating version of themselves – it screams power, transformation and self-love. I mean is there truly any other way to live?!! My brand didn’t scream this! I am very clear on what I want, but up until working with Emma nobody had been able to put exactly me – my energy, my essence, my soul onto paper, which had been highly frustrating.

After seeing my visual branding Emma created for me for the first time, I HAD to call her immediately and leave a super gushy message for her, because I couldn’t contain myself. I was so over the moon – finally, somebody ‘had got me!’. I LOVE the branding she did for me – Oh My Goddess – it takes my breath away and is SO ME thank you!

I imagined it would be wonderful working with Emma – and it was! The whole process was FUN (which is so cool because I utterly hate all things marketing). She was detailed, professional, fun, friendly, she listened to everything I had to say and kept going deeper and deeper with me. I felt heard, seen, understood and confident that she’d be able to replicate me onto paper so to speak – beautifully – and she did! In a way that astonished me! She is very organised and I felt ‘safe’ all the way through this process, never wondering where she was or what the next step was.

Soul Stirring Branding is the right branding business for you if you really want someone to ‘get you,’ finally and to put you out there in a more magnificent way than you could ever imagine!  I know it will make it much easier for the right women to find me! I highly recommend Emma and have been recommending her to everyone, whether they need branding or not! Thank you Emma, you’re one in a million!”

Marina J

life coach, #1 best selling author and speaker, Marina J

I’ve said to so many people already that working with Emma has been by far THE best investment I made for my business so far.

“When I first started my business many years ago, I got a cheap company to do my logo, I did my website on my own and I just thought my branding wasn’t that important. But after years of struggling to make things work, I was feeling quite down about the whole thing. I always felt really overwhelmed about designing things as I’m not naturally creative and I absolutely hated doing any form of marketing/ social media. Now I know that it was because I wasn’t really proud of my brand and I wasn’t really clear on what I actually wanted for my business.

I was excited to work with Emma, but I did wonder if it would all be worth the cost and whether I would be able to use the design/look Emma created once I was left on my own. However, I should not have been concerned at all. Emma was absolutely amazing at making sure that I really understood how to make the best out of using the visual system on my own. I actually enjoy the designing process now! Having templates, backgrounds and a whole suite of graphics that were created by a professional makes such a difference.

Going through this process with Soul Stirring Branding has been eye-opening for me. I did not expect so much personal growth to come from the experience. I used to be scared of other businesses who offered something similar to me. But through getting to the heart of my business with Emma’s process, she helped me realise that I offer something unique, which others don’t. I’d say this process on its own was worth the cost as I got so much out of it! I felt like Emma really cared about me and my business and I couldn’t believe how much she understood me, who I wanted to work with, the best way to attract my ideal clients. I was blown away!

A lot of people make beautiful designs, but what differentiates Emma is how well she understands marketing/business. I’m already seeing an increase in income, and I know this will keep getting better and better. Thanks so much Emma, I really can’t thank you enough.”

Genevieve St-Cyr

Founder, Nourishing Therapies

“Working with Emma has been one of the best investments I have made for my business — so much so that I went through her branding process again a year later with a second business I had taken over.

She is passionate, thorough and exceptionally good at branding and design. Emma was able to help me understand my target market and the core values of my business with a depth well beyond what I expected. Her amazing “heart and soul guidebook” is full of pearls of wisdom and copy-and-pasteable phrases, sentences and paragraphs all about my business. She then reflected all of this in a beautifully designed logo and breathtaking print and online marketing materials.

Emma’s support has reached far beyond the term of my business’s rebranding, and she has been incredibly generous in giving ongoing advice and assistance where needed. I really can’t recommend Emma and Soul Stirring Branding highly enough.”

Jen Teh,

Founder , Hush Little Baby & Pathways to Music

“As a lifetime DIY designer and marketer, I never felt that my branding was consistent or to the world-renowned standard that I desired, until I was finally able to work with Emma.

Now I can say without hesitation that this is what every soul-centred entrepreneur needs to invest in. Sure, you may save a little with the online branding courses or schools, but now that I have been through Emma’s branding process I am convinced that the way she is able to capture you in the copy and design and really sell you and your work objectively is not something you will ever be able to achieve on your own. What she gives you is more than a new look on the outside. It really helps you shine from the inside out. She doesn’t hold back, like you would when it comes to selling you and this is what you ultimately need.

The whole experience was hugely beneficial. I don’t know how she does it but she totally got me and the heart of my business! I was in tears the first time I saw my new visual branding. It was just so perfect! It felt like Emma took everything that was inside of me –  who I am, how I work and how I contribute to this world and put it out in the world for people to see, giving me so much clarity and confidence. I also really appreciated how Emma made the whole process from the branding to the website design so easy. She was supportive, responsive and has an amazing attention to detail.

Since rebranding, the feedback I have received is so positive and I genuinely feel as though my online presence finally reflects who I am, which I love! I have also found that the language I use to market myself has also changed and this has been a significant part of the increase in results I’m seeing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Emma!”

Kerrie Wearing,

Psychic-Medium Soul Coach

It raised the bar on how I’m perceived and even how I perceive myself as a brand!

“I absolutely loved working with Emma! Before I worked with her, not having clarity on who we were as a company and what we stood for made me feel less confident in my abilities and often led to me undercharging or discounting our services in a way which cheapened my brand.

Once I was really clear on my message, what makes me different and the value I actually delivered, through working with Emma, that eliminated a lot of guilt I associated with charging what I’m worth. It also made me feel comfortable with letting potential clients go who only focused on the dollar amount because I now know exactly who my ideal client is that will value me and who isn’t. The process also helped me get clarity on staffing — I had a number of people who no longer suit the brand and what we stand for, and I was able to move on from them quickly and unapologetically to focus my energy on the kind of staff who were aligned to my vision

After taking at least a year to check out a multitude of branding consultants I chose to work with Emma and after going through her process I can confidently say she is offering a service that is truly unique and personalised. It can be so hard as a service based business to dedicate the time to work on your business when you’re so busy, but I’m so glad I did it because it raised the bar on how I’m perceived and even how I perceive myself as a brand! It has also ensured that any future work I do on my business such as content creation is streamlined and productive and we have received loads of positive feedback from clients already! We finally have a sophisticated, high end style for our brand and a message in alignment with who we are, which will help me attract the kind of client that best suits what I stand for. I will be recommending Emma for many years to come!”

Serena Marie Tucker,

Director, Serena Hair

“Before working with Emma, the many facets of my business felt disconnected. I’d been in business for 12 years and my business had expanded to include two bricks-and-mortar store as well as an online shopping and education. Many people who knew I had a store didn’t know that I also teach online classes. People who took my online classes didn’t know I had a store! As my business evolved I hadn’t kept up with re-conceptualizing my messaging: I had years of messaging layered one atop the other. I was also feeling frustrated because I didn’t have cohesive styling across all facets of the brand. I’d never been through a holistic branding process to develop a consistent approach and it showed. Everything felt piecemeal and any time something new needed to be created, I was starting from scratch trying to craft a look that blended with the pre-existing materials.

Saying yes to Emma’s in-depth process forced me to prioritize getting out of the day-to-day activities of running my businesses and focus on clarifying the big picture of not only what my message was today but what I wanted it to be moving forward. Not gonna lie – the process was hard work. It was like peeling an onion: I’d dig down one layer and think “that’s it!” But it usually wasn’t. Slowly but surely, everything came together. The end result of the process is AMAZING: I love my branding and my website design. I really appreciated that Emma treated the process like a true partnership and collaboration. Together we found a great balance of color, texture, visual interest, and function. All the bits and pieces finally hang together and connect the dots for my customers — both my websites match each other so people can travel between them with ease, my emails, handouts, facebook headers, and even signage for the stores can all look sharp and integrated.

Emma also empowered my team to use the new branding and provided the tools to make this happen with ease. This piece has been invaluable! I’m psyched that any of us can can easily go into Canva and access all the visual elements and templates Emma set up making it easy to create anything new that we need. Emma trained my team on how to use the branding and still checks in and answers questions months on to makes sure we’re on the right track.Over the course of working together, Emma has been reliable and prompt with her communication. I’ve already recommended Emma to my friends looking to rebrand and look forward to continuing to work with her on additional projects!”

Maia Toll,

Author, Spiritual Mentor, Founder of Herbiary

“Prior to working with Emma it felt like the ‘spark and light’ was missing from my website and my online presence in terms of ‘depth’, quality and vibrational resonance.

My work in Service is about Energy, but the right VIBE for my branding was missing. I was ready for a powerful Logo and visual transformation to match where my future focus and Soul mission and vision was. I wanted someone that would truly hear me and listen and intuit my needs and hold my hand through each step with patience. I wanted someone that would allow me to have input into the feeling and vibration of colour and how the graphic elements aligned with my Soul and my services. I wanted someone that would guide me and teach me what I didn’t know about the intricate inner workings of general marketing and use of branding. It is rare to find such a person. Emma did all of these things and more!

It is hard to believe graphic alchemists like Emma exist. Firstly, she is super organised, caring, creative and generous with her time and Heart. If you want a VIP exclusive feel, and the best for your business branding, Emma is for you. If you want an energetic imprint of who you truly are to be expressed through branding and visual elements, Emma is the woman you want on your team. If you are willing to invest your money and time to dig into the Heart and Soul of your business, your future growth and expansion, and want a magnificent end result – Emma IS your girl.

I know my business branding has the weavings of magic in its veins, and speaks volumes to my customers, clients and the community of women I support.  I am so happy to see my vision come to life and be aligned with my business, and who I am as a person.  Her guidance and training for using the brand has been priceless.  I have had so many incredible comments and praise from my clients after seeing my branding splashed over Facebook and Instagram. There is a real spectrum of light, flow, magic and joy in my branding and I love seeing it, which makes me happy too.”

Vanessa Sumner,

Multi-Faceted Soul Healer, Channel and Grace Guide

I’ve had my best year, financially, ever! And I’ve grown my business by leaps and bounds.

“Emma – this is my very public love letter to you. <3 Working with you has been such a dream. You have taken me on a branding journey that has ended with a website that I’m absolutely in love with and people keep saying is so incredibly ME. That’s the biggest compliment – that my website doesn’t look or feel like anyone else but the very essence of who I am. From Day 1, I appreciated your depth of presence and devotion to me and our work together. I know you had a full load of clients in addition to me, but I felt #1 in every interaction. I cannot thank you enough for this.

Prior to rebranding, I had a brand and website that were created haphazardly several years prior that no longer represented me and my work. I had patched it together here and there, trying to upgrade it on my own using canva and picmonkey and various cheap designers on etsy, but it wasn’t cohesive or clear for my tribe. It wasn’t an easy sell into my services and I was a little bit embarrassed about it. I was that typical new-to-branding client who wanted to rush through and have it all done yesterday. I think part of that was my resistance to truly sitting down and looking at who I was and the soul of my brand. So I thought I could just rush through the branding and get something “pretty” up there. So when Emma called me out and was like “no this is going to be more thoughtful process” I got a little nervous but decided to trust her.

Working with Emma was a dream come true. Her process is really comforting. I always knew what was coming next and marked my calendar to make sure I delivered everything to her on time. She always got back to me in a timely manner and was willing to hope on Skype at any time. I mostly felt really seen and understood by her, which put me at ease and allowed more courage and creativity to come out of me. The result is a truly powerful brand and website. 

When I saw the final outcome, I cried out of sheer joy and was over the moon excited to share it with the world. I felt like it was a brand that truly represented me and was something I could also grow into. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive andhave been told people can see and understand me and my services a lot more clearly now. I’m so pumped to head into the next year with this brand arming me for further success! If you are looking for an incredible branding specialist and designer, go no further than Soul Stirring Branding.”

Becca Piastrelli

Creativity coach and sisterhood circle space holder

Since working with her, She Is Fierce!’s bounce rate has gone way down and the pages per visit has gone way up!

“I have worked with contractors before who are just into getting through a project, but working with Emma was so much more than that — she took the time to get to know my vision for She Is Fierce! as well as I do and create not just a beautiful style — which she totally did!! – but also a very clearly strategic layout for pages that had been just thrown together previously.  I couldn’t be happier with the final result of working with Emma!!  I love the look, the effectiveness of the layout of the pages and how everything we do now tells a story visually – it has already had a positive impact!! I get emails all the time from people telling me how beautiful our site is now, and the overall look and feel of our visual branding is consistent with the quality of our community and our content! Working with Emma seriously gave me faith in working with contractors again! She is consistent, responsible, communicates so well and always delivers! :)”

Kelly Youngs

Founder, She is Fierce!

Emma’s all-in-one branding package, was that it was WAY more comprehensive than any other branding professional out there.

“Prior to working with Emma, we had grown in leaps and bounds over four years of being in business, but we were still decked out in our start-up branding. We knew our brand identity was conveying an old-school, impersonal look, which was out of alignment with our actual style, personality and the way our audience viewed us as professional, cutting edge and inspirational. We wanted to stand out online and at trade shows in a positive way and knew our existing branding was doing us a disservice, but we hesitated going through a rebranding process for a while because we were worried it would be too expensive or too hard to implement across our many brand touch points we had built up. Luckily what we discovered when we came across Emma’s all-in-one branding package, was that it was WAY more comprehensive than any other branding professional out there. We instantly got the impression she was much more intelligent and savvy about branding than anyone else we were considering and the end result was worth so much more than what other professionals charge. Now I feel at peace and happy, knowing that I finally have a website look that I would be proud for total strangers to visit. Which they do, every day, because we have about 150,000 visitors per month! I tell everyone I know who is thinking about branding to contact Emma!”

Rebecca Dekker

Founder, Evidence Based Birth®

Finally, I am getting excited about content creation now that I have all the Canva templates to play with.

“Before I rebranded, I was never happy with my brand’s look and feel and found it difficult to come up with the right words to convey what I do. I ended up losing motivation and didn’t want to actively promote myself online as much as I knew I should have been doing. Then I found Emma and I immediately connected with the detail and personality she had infused into her website through her design and copy, and I knew I wanted the same for my own website. Emma is like a business coach, a strategist and a designer all rolled into one, so even though I didn’t have it all worked out from the moment we kicked off, Emma came up with some excellent ideas on how to communicate what I offered and helped me get clarity on my direction in the initial stages of the project.  Now that we have wrapped up the project, I can say that the process was invaluable and possibly the best investment I’ve made in my business.
 I’ve already had such positive feedback on my branding with many saying it looks ‘professional, yet friendly’,  which was exactly the look I was after. I would recommend Emma wholeheartedly to anyone looking to rebrand. Thank you Emma, I am so, so happy.”

Maz Hancock

SEO Expert

I’m so glad I found Emma – it was money very well spent and I’m more than happy with the results.

I was so impressed with Emma’s personal and professional approach and excellent results. She went above and beyond at every single step, and the value she delivered was incredible. Her consultative approach and communication skills made it a relaxed and enjoyable process. For anyone who thinks branding is just a logo – try working with Emma and you’ll change your mind very quickly! Because she took the time to really get to the heart of my business, she pushed me to think deeper and was then able to nail the execution very quickly.

Cathy Marshall

B2B Marketing Consultant, Cathy Marshall