You've waited long enough! It's time your brand was truly seen, understood & loved for everything you are
You've waited long enough! It's time your brand was truly seen, understood & loved for everything you are
Hi, I’m Emma Brownson. I’m a rebranding specialist, who helps inspired women in business ready to step into the brand they were meant to embody, so they can change the world.
What I offer is kind of like the “the whole enchilada”, “the creme de la creme”, “the Netflix in your pjs, on a rainy day, with {insert your favourite snack} by your side”. It intersects brand strategy, visual brand identity design, copywriting, graphic design, web design and brand/business coaching. Call me your rebranding and launch “doula” — I totally support you every step of the way to uncover the truth of who you are – make it tangible and launch it out into the world — minus the stress, drama, confusion and disappointment.

here’s how we can work together…

Brand Strategy — We get deep and meaningful in a collaborative process that puts the microscope on your business to truly understand it from the inside out.
Brand Identity — I'll infuse life and personality into your brand through a custom designed logo and look and feel which celebrates and identifies who you are.
Graphic Design — We'll let your brand loose in the urban jungle through a range of a la carte marketing pieces tailored to your needs.
Some of my amazing clients

My Philosophy

I believe great brands are designed to be a lot like real people. They have their own unique expression, attitude, personality, values, driving purpose and vision for the future they want to see. Combine these qualities together, and the result is the essence of your brand’s soul. It’s that compelling, effortless and unmanufactured magic you have naturally within you, which can make your business one-of-a-kind and unique. My process seeks to uncover your brand's soul and make it sing sweet melodies for your dream customers.
Join the select group of women behind the Soul Stirring Branding I’ve co-created.

What do they have in common? They are all driven by passion to make a genuine difference on the world, each with their own amazing gifts and talents. My clients are more than just ‘clients’ – they’re partners in my mission to create a ripple of positive change and good in the world. My goal is to play a part in helping them connect more deeply with more people that need what they offer, so they can make a bigger difference!

The way I work

For branding to be effective, it must be a holistic approach.

Think about it like a healthy person. Mind, Body & Spirit must be in harmony — the same goes for your branding, but I like to call it Strategy, Style & Soulfulness

Soulfulness, Strategy and Style Diagram


Feeling connected to each other is a basic human need. Your audience wants to get to know the real, authentic you, so let your soul shine!


This isn’t design for design’s sake — your business doesn’t need that. This is design for your growth, profit and engagement.


You deserve a look and feel which fits you like a glove, captures your essence and makes your smile every time you see it.

When you combine these three elements, your brand is engineered for an evocative, authentic and soul stirring reception.

Who needs Soul Stirring Branding?

Let’s get one thing straight, you don’t need to be in a touchy-feely industry to dig a little (okay, a lot) deeper, and be more personal and intentional with your business & brand. This is a MUST for any passionate and purpose-led entrepreneur or small business that is serious about getting known, helping more people and making more profit, no matter what the industry. However if you’re self reflective, inquisitive, appreciate comprehensive detail and value one-on-one interaction then I know you’re going to love the process of Soul Stirring Branding.

I work on:



New Businesses



Established Businesses

Emma literally read my mind! She delivered a brand that was bursting with heart & soul, which fit my vision completely! When I saw my branding for the first time I had such a positive emotional reaction that it actually brought me to tears! Because she really took the time to understand my requirements, no revisions were needed and it made for such a smooth process. To top it all off, Emma is such a beautiful person and so easy to work with. I’m very proud of what we created together and so glad I chose Emma over other designers.

Denise Gribben

Founder, CocoWhirl

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