Soul Stirring Branding podcast episode 1: Soul Stirring Branding: what is it and how do we achieve it

Welcome to the very first episode of the Soul Stirring Branding Podcast!
Soul Stirring Branding Podcast Episode 1 What is Soul Stirring Branding

Welcome to the very first episode of the Soul Stirring Branding Podcast! 

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In this episode, I’m sharing: 

— My story from a childhood fascination with graphic design to my current mission of helping women express their essence through branding.

— How I had been procrastinating creating this first episode for MONTHS. Maybe you can relate to the enormity of trying to explain or what you do and why it matters in a succinct, easy-to-understand way when your work is probably so deep and transformative and personal and from the heart.

— What my definition of Soul Stirring Branding actually is and how we can achieve it with our businesses. 

— Why many women can face an identity crisis when trying to clarify their personal brand and how to get out of the overwhelm of it all. 

— My process of taking a 360-degree view of all the areas of a business so we can find the golden thread that runs through everything you do. 

— Why branding is not a static exercise done once, but something we should be continually reviewing and checking in on ourselves to see if things are in alignment. 

— Why being yourself is your best differentiating strategy, not following trends. 

— The power of our branding to create emotional connections with our ideal clients, without us actually having to be in the room. 

Here’s a snippet:

So what is soul stirring branding?

It’s all about stirring up something in your ideal client evoking emotions and making people feel something. But I’ve also always felt like it’s about stirring something up in ourselves to as business owners, you know, stoking the flames about inner fire, reminding us of our brilliance anchoring down into our deep why? So the purpose of all this soul stirring branding work is really to create a deeper bond with our ideal clients. And I think it goes without saying that when we can connect with our ideal clients on a deeper level, it makes us more memorable, trustworthy and magnetic. 

And actually we know from neuroscience that most people actually buy with the unconscious mind and emotions, not necessarily through logic, facts, figures and reasoning. 

So how do we actually achieve soul stirring branding? 

Well, at its core, it’s about being more human, as a personal brand, you have that advantage. You know, you’re not a faceless corporate entity, you’re a person, and people want to buy from people who are like them or what they aspire to be. But you know, to be honest, I think it’s really sad that so many women are hiding who they are. Because when you sort of break it all down, you know, we are afraid of being seen and heard. 

I look forward to supporting you to really get to know your brand over the coming episodes. 

If you have any questions you’d like to ask on an episode or you want to give me some feedback, I would love to hear from you. 

Feel free to DM me @soulstirringbranding on Instagram 

or jump onto soulstirringbranding.com for more info. 



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