Andrea Scher


Andrea Scher has inspired others for nearly twenty years through her award-winning blog Superhero Journal, her international workshops, her Creative Superheroes podcast, and her joyful e-courses. She helps women to be more brave and feel more alive through growing their creative superpowers – like courage, intuition, creativity, connection, self-compassion. She believes the more we are able to practice them/honor them in our life, the more we are able to live the fullest expression of our life and purpose.


After being in business for over 15 years, with a 7 year old website that she felt was not strategically put together. She wanted deliciously designed pages and a new brand and website that felt colourful, alive, vibrant, clean, professional and joyful. During the process, we renamed the business from Superhero Life to Andrea Scher, stepping deeper into her authenticity.


Brand Messaging + Identity
Website Design
Social Media Templates
eBook Templates


WordPress Website Development by Rebecca Hope
Photography by In Her Image

“It was SO MUCH MORE than money well spent.It has given me a whole new world to play inside of.

“When I started working with Emma, my website was still functional but didn’t reflect who I was or where I was going. It seemed like an old version of me that I had grown out of… and yet, I was also a bit lost about where I was headed next. Emma offered me the most graceful and thorough process to get crystal clear about who I am, the message I am wanting to put out in the world, and helped me organize my offerings in a way that is cohesive and clear.

At first, I wasn’t sure if I could afford to invest in my business this way! But it was SO MUCH MORE than money well spent. It has given me a whole new world to play inside of – one that inspires me and my community. So much possibility and new opportunities have already come out of the new branding…

Emma is incredibly detailed and organized. Every piece of the process and branding was thoughtful and considered. She is a BRILLIANT designer with gorgeous taste and excellent instincts around channeling your style and vision. She is also kind, open-hearted and loving in the way that she guides you through the process. The whole experience was so rich and such high quality from start to finish. I’m thrilled.

It’s amazing how visuals can give you a whole new feeling about your work. I love how unapologetically feminine the new branding and website is, how it reflects the new energy I am bringing to the world. I pretty much squeed with excitement every time she sent me a finished page.”

— Andrea Scher, USA



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