Yoga Branding with Raw Energy and Flow



BAM Yoga Lifestyle is a unique urban escape in Brisbane’s Hawthorne area, where you can rest your mind, soothe your soul and move your body. Founded and run by qualified yoga teacher Belinda Mohr, BAM offers daily classes including Yoga 101, Yoga Stretch, Active and Relaxation, catering for those of all experience levels. Belinda approached me to develop their branding as a start up business and they have since grown from strength to strength. 
For many clients, the look and feel they want isn’t so black and white. For Director Belinda it was no different. She came to me wanting a bold, bright, energetic, street style look to complement her bold name and some of her more adventurous yoga class styles. At the same time, she had relaxing, chilled out classes, as well as offering massages and wanted there to be a low key, zen, natural aspect to it as well. As she described it, Belinda felt like it was a “Messy and Scrambled Vision”, but by asking the right questions and digging deep into what made her and her business tick, I was able to develop a concrete brief for us to work from. 
Ultimately, the brand had to be inspirational, injecting lots of heart and soul to convey her emotional positioning statement  “Live your life by doing what you love”. We quickly identified that when it comes to yoga there are A LOT of visual cliches. Think: lotus flowers and pose silhouettes. We wanted to step away from the expected, for a unique look which really captured the essence of BAM. 
The logo was inspired by the flow and shapes of yoga poses. Rather than a cliched yoga silhouette, I captured the essence of yoga movement through the custom BAM letterforms themselves. They interconnect in a flowing, subtly stretched and peaceful way, with the end of the B curling around, crossing the bar of the A and connecting to the foot of the M. The result was a sophisticated representation of yoga that certainly separated BAM from its competitors.
The design concept was centered around the statement ‘Raw Energy, which describes a yin/yang balance Belinda was after. I created a brand identity which had a sense of contrast between the energetic, bright colour palette and sense of movement in the logo and illustration, with the raw, fluid, softer elements like the hand-painted abstract illustrations and natural textures.
A combination of abstract and realistic illustrations were created to give the brand depth. The illustrations were done in a loose brush and ink style to create movement, energy and texture and a hand-drawn, natural look to complement the yoga theme.

“I feel so lucky to have been able to stumble across Emma when developing Bam Yoga Lifestyle. Emma was so wonderful at being able to get to the core of what I was hoping to achieve with regards to the look and feel of the business. The time she invested into understanding my concept and the market was amazing and she was able to incredibly understand my messy and scrambled vision and transform it into a concrete visual representation of the business. I particularly loved listening to her explain how she came up with all the elements, her attention to detail is amazing. I cannot speak highly of her both professionally and personally – such a superstar….. go on, call her!”

Belinda Mohr

Director, Bam Yoga Lifestyle