Beyond the Books is a business mentoring and financial management consultancy for business owners who see and do things differently. Run by Founder Summer Pirrottina, an expert in the areas of Accounting, Bookeeping, Management, Human Resource Management and Training, you won’t see a cookie-cutter package in sight! Summer offers a flexible and personalised service tailored towards your business’ missing links — whether that be visioning, planning, structuring, developing sales and pricing models, and a wide range of financial management services.She believes that if you’re going to run a business it should fit in with your lifestyle, rather than forcing your lifestyle to fit around it. She helps her clients challenge their assumptions of how a business “should” run and be by their side every step of the way with reassurance, nurturing, direction, business savvy and number crunching.
When Summer approached me she had been running her business for just over a year, but was a seasoned entrepreneur. She had developed her previous branding and website in a hurry and it didn’t give you a sense of who she was. She really loved working with “creative” business owners – those who saw and did things differently and didn’t want to develop cookie-cutter businesses. But her brand was communicating the opposite message. It felt very corporate, impersonal and generic. As a business mentor she would regularly advise her clients to invest in her branding and she had known for some time that she needed to do the same and walk her walk.
“My previous brand was very stereotypical and fit in with my industry when I started my business, however over the course of building my business I realised that I worked very differently to others in my industry and I just did not feel that it represented me. I had got to the point I no longer promoted my business and was almost embarrassed by the way my brand was presenting me.
While I was excited about the prospect of having something new that I could be proud of, I did have concerns that it could be difficult to create something relevant to my industry that represented me. I shouldn’t have bothered worrying because after the first conversation with Emma I was reassured she understood both aspects and could make it happen.”
We centred the brand message around the tagline “Growing Businesses as Individual As Their Owner”, aligning to Summer’s beliefs and values and emphasise the fact that she gets genuine results and growth for her clients. From there the themes of Growth and Individuality emerged. The growth theme was woven throughout the brand through nature inspired imagery in the logo, graphics and photography. Particularly we focused on trees. Summer tied her process back to the elements of a tree — the first stage of her process being the roots, then the trunk, then the branches and leaves. The logo takes the idea of a tree and a fingerprint to mirror the tagline. The colour palette was designed to have the calming and support of the blue to reflect her done-for-you services, with the energising and inspiring in the orange reflecting her business mentoring sessions. Fun icons and watercolour artwork was included to have a modern look which would differentiate her from the corporate look of other people in her industry and appeal to her audience of businesses who do things differently.
Beyond the Books Instagram
Beyond the Books Instagram
“From the emails back and forth, before we had even spoken, I felt like Emma and I were friends! She was so caring and genuinely interested in my business. She is also the demographic of my ideal client which made it easy to create the perfect brand.
Such an indepth process was very time consuming and at times, confronting. Emma forced me (nicely!) to make decisions and really define what I was all about, which has proven so valuable not just for the branding process, but across many other parts of my business. Often I didn’t really understand why Emma asked the some of the question she did, I didn’t see how it was relevant to the branding project, but it really did make a difference in the end. As a business coach, it was very different for me to be on the other side of the process!”
“I am totally in love with my new branding and website! I feel like it perfectly represents me and I am so proud to promote it. There are so many different elements to the brand to use in different situations and Emma has made it foolproof to keep it all consistent and perfect, even for someone as design-illiterate as me! New prospective clients already have a much better feeling of what I’m about before we’ve even spoken.” Summer Pirrottina
Beyond the Books Manifesto
Beyond the Books Manifesto
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