Carissa Rodgers is a heart-centred Counsellor, Somatic Psychotherapist, trauma therapist, soul guide, sacred space holder and founder of Sacred She Academy. Based in Bundaberg, Australia, she helps women both locally and virtually transition from trauma to triumph, peeling back the heavy layers of their past that no longer serve them so their mind, heart and soul can be set free.
When Carissa approached me she had been running her clinic for four years, but had only started working online a year prior. She had gone through a branding process a year back, but found she was so focused on looking for inspiration outside herself. She got caught up on what a female business should look like and ended up with a “good girl” brand which lost site of her own authenticity and power. She had a powerful message about helping clients transition from trauma to triumph and we identified that in order to really tell that story her brand of course needed to feel compassionate, but to also have a strength and depth to it that her soft and sweet brand was lacking. Additionally, she had previously been operating under the business name “Sacred She”, but decided it was time to use her personal name, Carissa Rodgers moving forward, to step even further into her real self in her branding.
The colour palette features soft yet bold textures which transitions from one colour to another. This sense of movement of colour represents a sense of transformation and positive change suggested in the line “from Trauma to Triumph”. The logo  icon contains a rose as viewed from above, with a subtle nod to the look of sacred geometry, a heart and eye are subtly woven into the petals. These are three meaningful symbols to Carissa. The rose symbolises the pealing back of the layers of the past to find freedom and love, as well as being an important symbol for your family you have told me. The heart symbolises self-love, compassion and nurturing. The eye symbolises going to a journey of awakening to your potential, gaining insight and awareness around why you feel and do the things you do instead of working on auto-pilot and also being truly seen, supported and understood by Carissa. The way the heart and eye are subtly woven in represents the fact that the power to transform and find freedom, love and peace is already within you, waiting to be unlocked and pealed back behind. Beautiful photography was shot by Emotive Images.