Gerda Muller


Gerda is a clinical psychologist and business coach & mentor to allied health professionals looking to accelerate their practice’s growth and get the foundations in place for sustainable, 7 figure success. She has helped thousands of private practices to be finally profitable, sustainable and stress-free.


Gerda came to me with a brand she described as inconsistent and messy. She felt she came across as a ‘badass’ rule breaker of her industry. However, she is still very compassionate, but people seemed to only see the tough business person. So she wanted to better combine the two and convey the message that you can be both a badass impact-entrepreneur without losing who you are as a woman/human being. When we went through the brand strategy process, Gerda described her desired branding as powerful, edgy, bold, summery and fiery and passionate, tell-it-like-it-is brand. It became clear I needed to ask the question “Do you feel the purple align to your desired feel and coaching style or are you just doing what you’ve always done here since it is your favourite colour?” Gerda embraced the change and we created a vibrant look!


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