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The Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy is one of the world’s first and biggest online crystal healing academies. With a reputation for grounded science, fun and integrity, the National Board-certified course has had over 1000 certified and accredited graduates from 38 countries around the world over the past 10 years. Founder Hibiscus Moon is a national board professional certified science teacher and former science department head of a school in America. She fell in love with teaching crystal healing via her Youtube channel almost a decade ago and went on to develop a Certified Crystal Healing Course at the request of her audience, after discovering nothing like it existed at the time. She bridges the gap between science and spirituality while keeping learning fun and easy to understand. She is also the best-selling author of the book Crystal Grids: How and Why They Work, and has a number of short courses and products for sale on her site in addition to her Certified Crystal Healing Course.


Hibiscus Moon had been growing at a rapid pace over the last 7 years, producing a huge amount of content and educational materials. The only problem was that a clear and consistent visual brand identity system had never been developed and the look and feel was constantly evolving with each new design piece that was created. The result was a huge set of brand touchpoints that didn’t always feel like they belonged in the same brand family, and varying levels of professionalism and consistency of style depending on how long ago the materials were developed. The team initially approached me to work on upcoming graphic design pieces for them, but being a strong believer in the importance of getting the foundations right first and a clear system in place as an investment in longterm success, I advocated for a formal rebranding process, building from the ground up and they were on-board with the approach. Their key goals were to up-level their look and ensure that it was in alignment with the sparkly transformational crystal education that they provide; to ensure all their materials were consistent and reflective of their brand system; to create a balance between a smart scientific vibe and a fun, inspiring vibe and to capture the sparkly, light-reflecting properties that crystals convey.


Website Design
Graphic Design
Book Cover Design


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"When my team and I saw the final branding work Emma created, jaws hit the floor. Mics dropped. It was absolutely stunning!

Prior to working with Emma, I had been running my business for many years and we kept tweaking the brand as we went along trying to make it more polished or adding things as we needed them and almost always working with different graphic designers who, although did wonderful work…didn’t really get the feel for me and my business message. We ended up having a bit of a mish-mosh without a polished cohesive branding message. Emma is a true one-stop shop. She gets to really know you and your business. She digs into what makes it sacred to you and the image you want to project into the world.

So stunning, in fact, that we begged Emma to stay on as our graphic designer for major projects after the initial branding project was wrapped up. Emma has now been our primary graphic designer for over 2 years and works seamlessly with our team all the way from Australia. Emma now knows our brand inside and out and can be relied on to intuitively create new design pieces as we need them.

With all the new visual branding elements in our back pocket, it has given our team the freedom to create day-to-day design pieces, such as social media posts and blog images on their own with a sense of consistency. The way she set up all the brand files and templates for us in Canva really streamlined this process!

Our overall branding now feels polished, on-point and cohesive. It reflects the growth that Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy has had over the years and our design elements are something we can proudly show off! I feel her comprehensive branding package brings all the elements my company presents to the world into one cohesive and beautiful graphic message that makes you feel proud to show it off.”



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