Bold, Edgy Sport Photography Branding



Kristin Donohue is a Gold Coast based photographer who specialises in capturing “in the moment” sporting images. Kristin knows how to get the most out of sporting shoots through her extensive background and experience in everything from motocross to surfing. As one of the few female sports photographers in a male dominated industry, Kristin is passionate about supporting women in sport and getting them out in the media.
Kristin came to me while she was operating under her old business name “SStyle Photography”. At the time she was doing a lot of fashion and portrait shoots, but was yearning to focus on the area of photography (and life in general) that she was extremely passionate about: sports. She decided the name ‘SStyle’ didn’t have a lot of meaning attached to it, and also was a poor fit for the sporting niche, so she opted to rebrand to her own personal name, which would also help her get her name out there in the industry.
She approached me to rebrand her business as “Kristin Donohue Photographer” and develop a more authentic brand identity for herself and also her target audience of sporting companies, surf fashion brands, sporting sponsorship companies and sports-people. With almost all the competitors using black or grey as their core colour, and many with a minimal or grunge look, we sought to differentiate with a more sophisticated look.
A dynamic, energetic and modern look and feel was created in her logo and followed consistently throughout brand elements, capturing the spirit of her photography. The logo font style was custom-made for Kristin to represent three core aspects. The extreme angles of the letterforms to reflect sports, the stencil style letterforms as a nod to skate / youth culture and the way the i’s mirror to reflect a meeting of the minds between photographer and subject. 
A combination of blue-grey and sea green, provide a natural colour palette with an edge. 
A bold, geometric sans serif style is used in all uppercase for dramatic interest. Typography is set flush left or right on the page for an edgy, modern look. 

“Emma not only understood completely what I was after, she went above and beyond what I would have ever imagined. Passing on her professional judgments to make me understand everything in such great depth, really made me feel like she had the best results at heart.”

Kristin Donohue

Director, Kristin Donohue Photographer