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Moon Eir is a cosmic, spiritual communicator. Moon works with individuals who want to comprehend their past, present and future. Along with being a certified crystal practitioner, light & sound therapist, as well as a profoundly modern day Prophet & Medium, Moon is a highly inspirational speaker. She helps those who are going through a spiritual awakening through a range of 1:1 sessions and courses. Moon also runs a spiritual store in Johnstown, PA called Crystal Cove.


We went through a renaming process from The Divine Medium to Moon Eir, as she wanted a name that encompasses the fact that she was so much more than just a medium. She desired a look which felt mystical and magical, but also royal, warm and cozy.


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moon eir branding design

“I feel that the branding process has allowed me to change the way others see me as a teacher, healer, and spiritual communicator.

Before our rebranding, I was frustrated by the mundane look of my site and the fact that I had no ‘true’ identity in this world. I didn’t want to be a faceless brand in a world of amazing faces that were getting noticed left and right. In order for others to take me serious, I had to do something to stand out and say, “Hey. I’m here to help you and I’m the real deal!” I was doing all I could to stand out on my own and it did get me far but was now slowly dwindling down. It was as if I was standing at a cross roads, not knowing which way to go. Everything just felt stalled. As if it was no longer going anywhere.

In order to get to where I needed to be, I had to take a leap of fate and trust I was being directed to your path for a reason. I trusted that feeling and now proud I followed it every step of the way!

The process of having to face every detail of my business, of myself, and of my mission really hit home for me. I never really thought about the things that you had asked in your branding workbook and I really had to think about how I wanted to present myself. It sparked a passion inside me that I didn’t know was there. Then to see how you adapted those answers into a grand design of the identity for me was breathtaking!

Previously, I had branded myself as “The Divine Medium”. It was through the branding process that I realized that I wanted to represent myself as so much more than just a Medium, to fully encompass ALL that I am and shed the old false identity I was holding onto.

Emma’s raw talent to take an idea or passion and turn it into a vision to be held and seen, was far beyond my own expectations. And for that, I will be forever grateful. When I first saw the branding I said “Omg Emma! It’s so beautiful, light, sacred, and loving! Exactly what I wanted.”

I am now more passionate about what I present and how I present it, because I know it’s truly aligned to myself and my energy. So many toxic people were drawn to my old brand. Now I feel like I can breathe because we only have individuals who take me seriously.

I am now proud of every single part of my new brand that I even have this drive deep inside to do more with it, every single month. I have recommended Emma to many of my clients who are starting a new business or already have a business that is not doing what it needs to do for them.

Emma’s process helped me bring my authentic brand to life in a methodical way. She took the time and had the patience to make things perfect and to my desired outcome. It is worth every single penny! I just adore her so much!



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