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Resolve Estate Law is an award-winning boutique law firm based in Brisbane, which work to ensure that families who are facing the loss of a loved one, can have the process of finalising their estate made calmer and simpler, in Queensland. Known as trailblazers in their field, they are passionate about quite literally resolving the way estate law is practiced in Australia, where most take a litigious approach to settling estate disputes which only causes heartache and bitterness.


During our strategy phase, Founder Zinta renamed the business from Harris Law to Resolve Estate Law to further step into her mission. Her goal was to create a brand that looked different from typical stuffy, corporate estate lawyers, with a soft and peaceful look that reflected her approach with contested estate cases, while still coming across as professional. We incorporated gold linework to represent the ancient Japanese art form called “Kintsugi” which repairs broken pieces at the seams with gold. What a beautiful analogy this is for our life whenever we feel shattered – it speaks of how we can choose to salvage what is precious and see beauty in the broken and imperfect.


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