School of Inner Work


School of Inner Work began in 2004, operating out of Singapore and Malaysia. They believe that studying yourself is the wisest investment you can make and that knowing who you are is the key to creating a life that works for you. They offer a three-year program for those that want to go on a powerful self-discovery journey, hold regular in-person workshops and also have a facilitator program.


School of Inner Work had been thriving for six years all via word of mouth, with no website or branding in place. Founder Hwee-Meng was launching her first round of facilitators, who had all gone through her 3-year program and wanted to support them with a brand and platform to give them credibility, so she reached out to me to create her brand and website. She wanted a brand that felt wise, light and heart-centred and which her students and facilitator would feel encompassed the feel of the school.


Brand Identity
Website Design


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