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Branding Blunder 4: The Copycat Brand

It can be hard to step outside the box and break the mould if everyone in your industry who matters is sporting a particular aesthetic. The problem is that by looking like everyone else you end up blending in not standing out.

The big principle of good branding is to showcase your unique points of difference. So that can be pretty hard to do when you’re convinced you need to follow a trend.

Branding Blunder 3: The DIY-er For Life Brand

I always advocate that start up businesses should determine whether their product/service is viable before they jump into any big business investments, including their branding.

Of course we all want to believe our business will succeed, but it’s also important to determine what the market actually wants and is willing to buy.

Branding Blunder 2: The Awkward Teen Brand

This one is very common for most start up businesses. You know how as a teenager, we go on a journey to figure out who we are, what we believe in and what kind of people we want to spend time with? Well the same goes for your brand. Sometimes this process isn’t easy to nail from the moment you set up shop.

We often get to a tipping point as we establish ourselves in our industry when we realise that the image we’re putting…