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More Pride, Personality & Profits

I know if you are reading this page, you are an amazing, purpose-driven entrepreneur who genuinely wants to make a difference in the world. I also know that you’re not happy with what your current branding is saying about you.
I know if you are reading this page, you are an amazing, purpose-driven entrepreneur who genuinely wants to make a difference in the world. I also know that you’re not happy with what your current branding is saying about you.

Trust me, I understand how it Feels

I had branding that didn’t truly reflect me for years. I held onto this incorrect idea that I needed to look really serious and “professional” to be taken seriously by my clients when I was first starting out. It ended up blocking me from accepting my authentic identity for years! 
So I know how uncomfortable it can feel to know deep down inside you’re not representing your business in the best way possible.
I also know just how amazing and confidence boosting it is when you get the branding of your dreams. 
Lady on Laptop

When you: 

  • Keep attracting clients who have no synchronicity with your values and approach
  • Have been procrastinating putting yourself out there more, because you know your branding is a mess
  • Know you are missing out on amazing opportunities and losing potential customers with your lacklustre appeal
  • Waste countless hours trying to DIY your design work only to end up unhappy with the outcome
  • Feel like your business has become stagnant and isn’t growing the way you expected
  • Are sick of settling for “good enough”
You know something has to change! 

Why your business needs strategic branding

Magnetic Energy

Energetically attract the RIGHT customers in your business with ease — ones who understand and appreciate your value.


Get clear on your heart and soul’s message, so you can convey your uniqueness to the world and shine brighter than your competitors.


Ooze with professionalism and credibility through strategic, consistent design. Be in a position to raise your prices & work less while earning more.


Develop a set system of visual elements, so you streamline the design work you create in your business and aren’t reinventing the wheel!


Gain the confidence to saddle up to the very best in your industry and take big strides forward in your business development.


Feel deeply connected to your brand and know in your heart that it is an accurate reflection of who you authentically are.


Be simply unforgettable in the hearts and minds of your ideal audience and grow your profile so you are seen as THE authority in your industry.

Heart not Hustle

Spend less time hustling or using slimy sales tactics, and more time speaking from the heart and helping customers who need what you offer.

I believe successful brands are built from the inside out. This is the process I take my clients on to ensure their brands are:

+ Aligned & Authentic
+ Cohesive and Consistent
+ Easy to manage day-to-day

So many businesses just don’t know the right process, so they jump straight into creating a logo and website without actually considering what message their design and copywriting choices are communicating.

The result can be a brand which: 
+ doesn’t reflect you and could be making you feel uncomfortable and uninclined to fully show up and market your business, while sending a destructive message and warped expectations to your viewers  

+ is haphazard and inconsistent, leaving you floundering when you need to put a design piece together and making it very difficult for you to leave a lasting impression with your audience.

Creating your dream branding doesn’t need to be as hard as you’ve been making it so far. 

But first you may have to let go of the belief that DIY-ing everything in your business or taking shortcuts is the answer. That’s probably the approach you’ve already taken which has left you with a brand you know deep down inside is nowhere near its true potential. 

If you’ve proven your business and offerings are viable, experienced working with enough clients to know who you LOVE to work with, and have a message inside you that is yearning to be properly expressed, then THIS IS THE SIGN! It’s time you told your business (and yourself) that you’re finally ready and so worthy of the investment. 


How it Works:

A two month comprehensive branding process which gives you:

Step 1

How this phase will benefit your business 

The most successful brands are aligned to the soul of the people running it. You want your visual look and feel to represent you accurately and authentically, so you can tell a captivating story about who you are without having to say a word. 

With that in mind, we never want to jump straight into looking at logos and colours and all the fun stuff, as tempting as it might be. People do this with their brands all the time, and I’m here to tell it’s the wrong move. It’s like you’re so excited to jump into your canoe and get out onto the water and have this amazing adventure…only suddenly you realise you’re up a creek without a paddle. It can leave you floundering around in the water going nowhere fast!

My ideal clients know that being attractive on the outside and meaningless on the inside is SO not what they want for their brand. They know that people are looking for brands they can connect with these days. Brands which reflect who they are or who they aspire to be. Brands which give them a means to express their authenticity to those around them. It’s our job to give them that beautiful gift. We want to link our heart and soul to theirs and form a lasting bond. This isn’t created via pretty pictures alone. It’s created through getting clear on what we want to say and crafting a strategic and soulful message around it.

What is Covered 


The Process 

1. A comprehensive 50 page workbook to get your heart and soul down on paper! You’ll fill this in during the lead up to our kick off date. I give you lots of examples and guidance to help you answer the questions. 

2. A Heart-2-Heart Pow Wow. We’ll kick off our work together with a 2-3 hr face-to-face strategy session on Skype or in person. We dissect your workbook answers and dig deeper to find your true essence.

3. A Heart & Soul Guidebook — 30 pages of pure gold — clarifying & beautifully articulating all your key brand messages, analysing your competitors & defining your ideal client in detail. All capped off with a mood board to inspire the next steps.

The Result? 

I put a huge amount of emphasis on listening to you and taking the time to understand your business inside and out, because I know it will allow me to get better results for you. It’s the reason why almost all the brand identities I create get signed off with very few revisions. It will also give you so much clarity on your brand direction and lots of ideas and copy-and-pasteables for your website and other marketing copy. 

Step 2

How this phase will benefit your business 

Now that we’ve established the message we want to convey, it’s time to translate it visually. It’s my job to take the beautiful, soulful message of who you are and find the most authentic way to bring it all to life. 

Every brand needs what we call a “Visual Brand Identity”. Think of it like a person: our visual characteristics are made up of things like hair colour, eye colour, skin colour, curly hair or straight hair, height, weight, the way we smile, the clothes we wear, we the way carry ourselves, our mannerisms and so on.  Your brand’s visual identity is made of of: A logo, colour scheme, typography (fonts), graphic elements (icons, patterns, textures) and photography style. 

We all have probably heard that consistency is crucial to starting the all important “Know, Like and Trust” journey a customer can go on with a brand, ending with them being a very loyal customer. And the number one way you can develop visual consistency is by creating a brand identity system. For those of you big into systemising your business processes, you’re going to love developing a brand identity. My clients love that they don’t have to sit there spending hours experimenting with colours and fonts and graphics. Now they have a set system which takes all that guess work and time wasting out of the equation.

What is Covered 


The Process 

In the previous stage we have confirmed the starting point for the visual style with a mood board. This is our opportunity to make sure we’re on the same page with the general direction. 


Next I go through an in-depth concepting and ideation stage. I independently explore many ideas and narrow them down into the best visual direction and design elements to present to you. 

I step you through all of my design choices through a comphrensive
40-50 page PDF presentation, including brand application mockups so you can get more context on how it all works. 


To ensure your brand identity is the absolute perfect fit for you, we can refine the visual elements in with three rounds of revisions to ensure it meets your expectations.


The Result? 

It can be an exciting and for some an emotional moment when you see your full brand identity system and design pieces of the first time. It’s like all of your dreams, hard work, and heart and soul are being laid bare on the page! I think it’s important to see the bigger picture of how all your visual elements work together so I put together a very comprehensive PDF which you’ll love. I work hard to give you one solid concept I completely stand behind. Too many choices can leave you confused on what direction to go in and can end in a frankeinstein brand. I am completely open to any feedback and revisions you may have to make sure it matches the look and feel you are after. I have never once had a client where we couldn’t come to a consenus and finalise the brand identity following my tried and tested process. So you can rest assured that you’re going to love the final outcome! 

Step 3

How this phase will benefit your business 

Now that we have our visual system in place, we need to bring it all to life on your brand applications and launch this baby into the world! One of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt from my client’s journeys over the years is that the whole branding process is a bit pointless if it isn’t launched out into the world properly and we get some eye-balls on it! That’s why I include a number of included design applications in the branding package, to ensure you have all the fundamentals you’ll need for your launch. 

What is Covered 

Step 4

How this phase will benefit your business 

A brand is a living, breathing entity. This isn’t a case of set up and forget about it! That’s the mistake many brands can make. You’ll be developing all sorts of brand applications with your brand identity system as the base and you need to be empowered with the knowledge of how to use your brand system effectively. Empowering your journey forward is SO important to me.

I always say that your brand is like my baby too! I take your DNA and develop it from nothing. Then I bring it into the world and pass it over to you, but I still really want to see it and you succeed in life. That might sound a bit cheesy but it’s true! I genuinely care about all the brands I work on. Your success is my success. So I have developed a range of handover services designed to ensure you’re set up to go out into the world, launch your brand with absolute confidence, and achieve amazing thing! I’m also available after we wrap up the branding process to work any additional design and website needs that you may have. So should you require it, you’ll have a creative partner for life, who knows your brand inside and out and will be by your side whenever you need me!


What is Covered 

Brand Guidelines
A 30 page document detailing the do’s and don’ts for using your brand identity system. This document is designed so that no matter who has their hands on your brand, they will have the basic know-how to ensure consistency, whether that is you, your VA / team, printers, other graphic designers, web developers, sign-writers and so on. 

Training Session
In a 1.5hr training session, I’ll walking you (and any members of your team you might want to sit in on it) through how to use your brand identity and we’ll chat about your next steps forward. You’ll have an opportunity to ask me any of your burning questions and we can also chat about the next steps with the website. 

Post Branding eBook
My post-branding eBook steps you through possible next steps with launching your brand out into the world. We need to remember that “Build it and they’ll come” is just not a reality. It is so important that you have an effective marketing strategy to complement the branding process and I’ll list out some ideas and recommendations.

The Result? 

The result is a stress-free launch and the ability to manage day-to-day design tasks yourself equipped with the knowledge needed to make it happen. I’ll also be by your side should you need that professional touch on some more important brand touch points. I also have fabulous developers who I can recommend and can project manage the whole process should you require it. 

Our Process

Working with Emma has been one of the best investments I have made for my business.

She is passionate, thorough and exceptionally good at branding and design. Emma was able to help me understand my target market and the core values of my business with a depth well beyond what I expected. She then reflected all of this in a beautifully designed logo and breathtaking print and online marketing materials. She provided me with a comprehensive guide all about how to use my new graphic elements, colour palette and typography suite, as well as an amazing “heart and soul guidebook” full of pearls of wisdom and copy-and-pasteable phrases, sentences and paragraphs all about my business. Emma’s support has reached far beyond the term of my business’s rebranding, and she has been incredibly generous in giving ongoing advice and assistance where needed. I really can’t recommend Emma and Soul Stirring Branding highly enough.”

Jennifer Teh,
Director, Hush Little Baby

Hi I'm Emma Brownson

I'm incredibly passionate about helping beautiful heart-centred businesses develop an authentic representation of who they are — visually and verbally!
What you see in my branding is what you get with me: Enthusiasm, Warmth, Light-hearted Fun, Creativity and Attention to detail! 

My approach


quality over quantity

I make my work MATTER. That’s why I only take on a few clients every month, giving me the space to do my best work for you.



Your brand should be a celebration of who you are and what you do, not a carbon copy of the latest trend du jour.


heart & soul

Your business is personal. Don’t pretend you’re a robot – get real with yourself and your prospects!


Deep diving

I take a comprehensive approach, leaving no room for design that doesn’t yank at your prospect’s heart strings (and wallets).

Exactly what you get:

1 – Crystal Clear Clarity

Everything begins from the foundation of knowing your brand’s heart and soul, your client’s heart and soul, and the point where the two meet, to create fireworks! You’ll learn how to communicate your value and frame what you do in a way that your ideal client will understand and appreciate.

Where strategy and soul meets

+ A deep diving Heart & Soul Clarity Workbook to sink your teeth into and get your scrambled vision down on paper.

+ A 2.5hr Heart-to-Heart Skype Powwow to flesh out your initial answers, so we get to the heart of who you authentically are + who you’re here to serve.

+ A totally gorgeous and customised “Heart and Soul Guidebook” PDF that summarises your core message into one master document — a great foundation for your copywriting + design direction.

2 – Your Signature Style

The most swoon-worthy brands have a style game-plan not just a logo. One where all the elements are wrapped up in meaning and team up together to shine you in the best possible and most authentic light.

At the same time, you take the indecision out of how your brand should show up in the world,  making your life streamlined and stress-free!

What’s in your brand treasure trove

+ A ‘love-inducing’ logo design, saved in every colour-way and file format you’ll need!

+ A dream-client-connecting colour scheme, soaked in emotional decadence.

+ An authority-building font selection.

+ A drop-dead-gorgeous bundle of graphic elements to style your brand with, including patterns, icons and textures.

+ A captivating Photography Style that tugs at the heart-strings of your audience.

+ All delivered in one mammoth, often tear-inducing (!) PDF presentation, clearly articulating why the overall concept works for your business!

3 – Brand Brought To Life

The best branding is pointless if it’s not seen, felt and experienced by your ideal clients! I give you the tools to launch your brand makeover, with a bang and surprise & delight people online and off.

Your Brand is brought to life with….

+  Social media
 – Facebook Cover Pic + Profile Pic
– Twitter and Youtube Cover Pics if Needed
– Branded Social Media Templates for you to DIY designs. Set up in Canva — for Facebook and Instagram
– Suite of 10 “Done For You” images for Facebook and Instagram including recommendations for post themes

+  Website
 Website Home Page Design
– Blog post Title templates, set up in Canva.
* (want a full website? I’ll quote you! But expect around $1,000-$1,500 depending on your specific requirements).

+  Stationery
– Double Sided Business Cards
– Digital Letterhead set up in Canva or Word
– Email Signature
– Powerpoint Template if needed

4 – Consistency + Empowerment

My goal is to leave you feel empowered and confident to use your branding. Each one of my projects are like my babies going off to live in the big wide world. I want you to succeed as much as you do!

I support you through..

+ Confidence-boosting Brand Guidelines PDF (a comprehensive ‘how-to’ guide to using your brand elements successfully).

+ A face-to-face Skype Training Session to really make the application of your brand crystal clear, answer any lingering questions and help you develop a plan for your launch.

+ An informative eBook all about the next steps of launching your fabulous branding out into the world.

(+GST for Australian Clients, +3% Paypal fee for International Clients)

Payment plans available, see FAQs. Approximately $4,666.56 USD (check current exchange rates).

Please bear in mind that there can be waitlists to get started – Check FAQs for details.

Join the select group of women behind the Soul Stirring Branding I’ve co-created.

What do they have in common? They are all driven by passion to make a genuine difference on the world, each with their own amazing gifts and talents. My clients are more than just ‘clients’ – they’re partners in my mission to create a ripple of positive change and good in the world. My goal is to play a part in helping them connect more deeply with more people that need what they offer, so they can make a bigger difference!

Want to know if you’re my ideal client? 

1. You have a strong purpose behind what you, and it’s not just to make money. You REALLY want to make a difference in the world, whether that’s on a small scale one client at time, or in a big way! When I ask you about the heart and soul behind your business, you’re going to have a lot to say!

2. You resonate with the idea that your branding should be thoughtfully created and intimately linked to who you are and what you believe in — not just the latest trend.

3. You are ideally an established business who has proven their concept and is at the stage where you’re ready to invest. Alternatively you may be a start-up business, but you know your industry like the back of your hand, and have done prior research, development and testing to make sure your business is going to be viable.

4. You’re a details girl and LOVE an in-depth, comprehensive approach.

5. You take your business seriously and will take the branding process seriously too. You’re organised and have the time to devote to it (It’s not a huge amount of time, but you’ll need to keep within our timelines with your feedback).

6. You’re an ambitious go-getter and have big dreams for your business. Once you get your branding you’re going to be hitting the ground running and making the most of your gorgeous identity.

Warning signs that we may be the wrong fit

1. If you hate detail and struggled to get to the end of this web page thinking “when is it going to end…” then run for the hills! My process and presentations are very in-depth and it sounds like you may not appreciate them!

2. If you have no idea what you want to offer the world, how you business will take shape or who you want to offer it to (can’t my target audience just be everyone?), then you are probably not ready for the investment. Take some more time to get clear on what lights you up, then I would LOVE to help you.

3. You have zero time to worry about a branding project, or the month I’m booking for is going to be the an incredibily busy time of year for you. As I mentioned, I won’t be requiring an extensive amount of your time, but to keep the project moving to the schedule, you’ll need some availability and flexibility.

4. If you’re not willing to hire me or someone else to launch your website and other additional pieces into the world after this project is complete, but you are also deathly afraid of technology and have zero interest in learning how to DIY things like your website, then you may be stuck between a rock and a hard place. Remember that this project will not be the end of your branding journey and it’s important you have additional budget to complete other phases of your launch OR you have the ability, or willingness to learn how to do things yourself.


What is your current availability?

I am currently taking bookings for a January 15th 2019 start date. The project would then run for approximately 8-10 weeks.

How do we get started?

Want to work with me on your business’s branding? Great! First, fill in this enquiry questionnaire form online, which will be sent direct to my email. This will give me some basic info about your business and what you’re looking for.  If you would like a complimentary 30 minute Skype chat or phone call to get to know each other a bit better, we can tee this up then. If you think Soul Stirring Branding is a good fit for your business, then I’ll send you a formal proposal and estimated timeframe, with some Terms & Conditions to sign off on. From then your project is locked into my calendar.

How soon should I get in touch?

Basically, it’s never too soon to enquire! I see too many businesses approach me with a strict deadline or saying “I need it ASAP”. I would love to be able to accommodate everyone and absolutely hate it when I have to turn away clients who are the right fit to work with me! But the simple truth is that I am a one woman business. When you work Soul Stirring Branding, you work directly with me 100% and get all my expertise and experience. I think that’s an important asset for my business, but it does mean that I can book up fast. If you are launching a new business, or wanting to rebrand for a certain event i.e. clients may be getting ready for a tradeshow or market stall, or just have their own self-imposed deadline based on their business goals,  I recommend you get the ball rolling with me six months + in advance. That might sound like quite far in advance, but you need to remember that your branding is usually one of the first steps in a long line of steps to launch. It starts with your brand strategy and brand identity system. Then we’ll likely be wanting to produce some design pieces based on your brand identity system. You’ll probably want to create or update your website. You will probably need to update business documents and so on. So combine that with the fact that I may have a waitlist, and you’ll probably want to allow a bit of time to make this all happen! If you’re one of those people that don’t have 6 months to spare, that’s okay and please still enquire with me to see what my schedule is like! I would hate for you not to get in touch just because you think I won’t be available!

Can't we just do the brand identity design portion, not the strategy portion?

Clients may have done some strategy work in the past and feel it would not be necessary to do again. The thing is that it is an integral part of my process, and the strategy and identity design are really integrated and feed off each other. Clients may have worked on their brand strategy, such as writing a mission statement or identifying their ideal client, or creating a business plan in the past, but I always find that they haven’t really fleshed it out or done it the way I would do. Getting those foundations right is so crucial for a successful design outcome, and also to empower you on your business journey. What you’ll be getting is a heart and soul handbook. It’s not a boring business plan full of plain text, trust me! This is engaging, with lots of visuals, and synthesises everything in a really clear way. I come out on the other end, knowing your business inside and out and really understanding it. It also includes a mood-board and basically gets us on the same page before I jump into the design concepting. It means I can work a lot more intuitively on the design and ideas flow more freely, because I have so much information about you in my brain to tap into! Of course I do make exceptions if you personally work in brand strategy or have done really in-depth work with another consultant. Feel free to send me your brand strategy information, and I’ll make an assessment on where you’re at and whether there is anything we need to flesh out further 🙂

Can't you just create me a logo?

The short answer — no. I only do logo design as part of my broader brand identity package. Why? Because I believe you can receive a far better return on investment by looking at the big picture of your brand. A logo is only one part of the puzzle and I believe for your brand to have impact there needs to be a consistent message throughout your visual applications. If you’re not at the stage or have the budget to get your foundations right, you may better off going with a budget designer initially to get your first logo, and then approach me in a years time when you are more established in your industry and ready to up-level.

Have you worked in my industry?

Honestly, it doesn’t matter too much about what industry you’re in. My clients over the years have been very diverse! Everything from luxury backyard chicken coops, to a spiritual teacher / angel reader, to a clothing label for little boys, to clients in the wedding and event industry, to financial planners, to musicians, to photographers, to those in health and fitness and so on! I almost never work in the same exact industry or niche twice, and I like it that way because it keeps things interesting. 

The beauty of my process is that it is really in depth and gets to know your business from the inside out. So you don’t run no risk of me not understanding your business or point of view! In addition, It’s not about following the same old formula as all your competitors or achieving the typical look for your industry. That is the opposite to what my process does 🙂 It’s all about understanding your unique message and then finding the most effective and stylish way to translate that visually, as well as purposely creating a different look to your competitors so you stand out. As you could probably tell already from my portfolio, I’m not the kind of designer that has one set look i.e. you see a lot of ‘feminine’ designers or ‘minimal’ designers out there. The thing is, I believe the brand and the design should never be about me and my aesthetic! It’s all about you and what feels authentic, and what connections with your audience. 

Is there a payment plan?

I offer a three part payment plan. You will need to put down a 1/3 deposit to secure your spot in my schedule. The second 1/3rd deposit will be due when we kick off your project, which can often be a number of months after you initially sign up. Then the final 1/3rd payment is made when you sign off on the brand identity design at the end of the project, usually 6-7 weeks after the second payment. So the three payments are fairly spaced out which can be good for cashflow.

What do I need to have organised BEFORE we work together?

Before we work together, it’s important that you have a good idea about your vision for your business and what audience you want to attract. If you’re brand new to starting a business and really are still testing the waters, then it may not make sense to make the investment in your brand identity at this stage. Remember that so much happens in the first year or so of business. It’s very common to pivot and change your focus. So for example, if you’re sure you want to appeal to both genders when we do the branding project together, and then 6 months later you realise you would prefer just to work with women, we may have a brand identity which doesn’t appeal to women as much as it could, because we were focused on making it gender neutral. I encourage you to take the time to see what kinds of clients and customers are the best fit for you and to get clear on your business purpose. I will be able to help you to figure out these things, but it is helpful for you to first spend some time independently thinking deeply about your core message.

Most clients come to me with their business name in place. If you would like assistance with developing a business name, I am happy to help and can give you a quote. Before we start working together, it is paramount that you ensure you have the rights to use the name, and the URLS are available. Think of what a waste of time and money it would be if we developed your business logo around a name which you end up having to change! So firstly, do a trademark search relevant to you location and a Google search of the name, to get an idea of what might be in use. Use a site like GoDaddy to do a domain name search: Check Facebook, Instagram and any other social media platforms to see if your business is available as a handle. Then if your name ticks all those boxes, register the business name with your location’s relevant website and secure those domains and social media handles!

How long does the design process take?

For branding projects, I allow 4-6 weeks from the start of our project — with the collaborative strategy session, to the brand identity presentation. Then you will want to allow approximately an extra week for any minor revisions needed, plus the development of your brand guidelines and supply of your digital brand files. Depending on my schedule, there may be a wait list to get started as I only take on a few projects a month to ensure the best quality outcome. I’ll supply an estimated timeframe prior to you signing up, so you know exactly what to expect. Unfortunately, I can’t do rush work for branding projects, as I don’t believe in taking any shortcuts when it comes to something as important as your businesses identity!

Will I own the rights to the creative you come up with?

Yes. After completing payment in full, you own the copyright to the work. The only exception is that I maintain the rights to display the work as part of my portfolio and marketing.

How important is service and delivering on your promises to you?
Amazing service is absolutely essential to my process. One of the biggest complaints I hear about other graphic designers is poor communication, the inability to manage client expectations during the process and timeframes being blown out. I know from my own experience I’ve dealt with all these issues with other businesses I’ve worked with, and that my clients have worked with. That’s why I care so much about delivering on my promises. I know how it sours the whole experience of launching your business when you go through issues with the people who are supposed to be the ones helping you make it all happen! No one’s perfect, but I can guarantee I’ll make it clear from the get-go what you can expect and when, and do everything in my power to make it happen.
Do you provide multiple concepts?

Like many things in life, too many options can lead to decision paralysis! Unlike other designers, I don’t just give you a bunch of logo options and you pick what you think looks best, I develop a brand concept. So yes — it is singular, but it works. My process doesn’t take you round in circles, it provides a clear solution. I believe in each element of your brand identity should tie into each other to convey a consistent overall emotional message and personality. I’m able to quickly get to the heart of what will work for your business without a million revisions due to my exhaustive process on the front end. My design process involves the independent exploration and development of a wide variety of concepts and visual directions which is then distilled down into the one strongest concept which best meets the goals of the project, would appeal to the target market we have identified, stands out from your competition, amplifies your special business attributes and captures the authentic spirit of the organisation in a look and feel. I find this process yields the best, most strategic results for clients and that presenting multiple options can dilute and confuse the process. What often happens with multiple concepts is we produce a “Frankenstein” logo — where the client wants to take a little bit from one logo and a little bit from another and put it all together, but it just doesn’t fit right! However two rounds of revisions are included in every project to ensure you’re completely satisfied with the outcome. If you have a number of decision-makers on your team, please make sure all feedback is provided by one point of contact and is agreed upon by all relevant parties prior to providing it, to ensure we’re all on the same page and can move the project forward in a timely manner.

What files will you supply my finished artwork in?

All logo files will be supplied in vector (EPS) and raster (PNG with transparent background) format, to ensure you have the ultimate flexibility and ease of use for both print and web.

Where are you located?

I am based in Brisbane, Queensland Australia, but work with clients all over the world. If you’re not in Brisbane, we can use Skype to have face to face meetings. All international transactions are done through Paypal, making it so easy. My time zone is AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time).

What if what I'm looking for doesn't exactly fit your branding package?

I am happy to look at your individual situation and tailor the package towards it. It’s not always about completely starting from scratch if you are rebranding. There may be some elements we keep or evolve rather than completely redoing. Such as sometimes clients have an iconic brand colour they are known for, which they want to keep, or just tweak slightly. Sometimes clients come to me thinking they already have a logo and want to just look at the other elements. I’ll assess your logo for you and analyse whether it’s working towards your brand message. Often times clients end up opting for a full rebrand in the long run. When it comes to building your brand identity system we want to make sure everything is aligned and congruent.

How much time will I need to devote to the project?

It’s a collaborative process and does require some of your time and energy of course! Particularly in the early stages. Each project will be different, but I would definitely make sure you have the space and time to work collaboratively with me for around 8 hours of your time over the course of 2 months. It won’t require days and days of your time, but timely feedback is really important throughout the process! My tip would be to try not to schedule your branding project around a particularly busy time in the year for your industry, or when you know some big project or event is coming up, if you can! That way you’ll know you’ll have better availability and it will be a smoother process.

Let’s Chat!

Click on the button below and you’ll be taken to my enquiry questionnaire form where I’ll get some basic info about you and your business. Then I’ll email you back to set up an initial Skype call, so we can get to know each other and make sure we’re the right fit. You’ll also have the opportunity to ask me any questions you may have about the process. I love chatting to like-minded entrepreneurs and can’t wait to find out more about you!

**Before you fill out the enquiry form, have you checked out my availability yet? Please see the first FAQ question a few sections up the page for details. I am usually booked out 5+ months in advance, so if you’re looking for a super tight turn around we’re unfortunately not going to be the right fit. If you have some flexibility, I promise it will be worth the wait!