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This is perfect for anyone who:

had life get in the way of their progress with the course during their cohorts timeframe and now want to restart the process in 2024. 

• misses the community aspect of Aligned & Embodied and wants an opportunity to chat with me and their creative/soulful friends again and have people to share their progress and struggles with and hear what everyone else is doing for inspiration.

wants ongoing help with the next stages after they have launched their website into the world (launching a new offer, creating a new page of their website and needing advice, posting on social media, email marketing, starting a podcast, the list goes on). 

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Weekly 60-90 min Alumni only calls at a time that suits the majority. We can review your work live on the call, ask questions and get inspiration from others progress. 

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Weekly 60-90 min co-working call for anyone that wants to have some accountability to get stuff done off their branding/website/marketing to-do list. 

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Email Access To Me with any questions if you’re stuck with any branding/ website/ marketing/ design/ copy questions. I think it’s always nice to know you have a coach in your pocket to answer your burning questions/pick their brain/ bounce ideas off! 

Investment: $89 USD per month.

Begins: January 2024. 

Cancel at any time (no pressure or hard feelings if you need a break because you’ve got too busy or can no longer afford it. Join for as little or as long as you like, rejoin when more space opens up).

I want this to be of value to you all. So if you have other ideas for what would be the most useful way for you to reach the end goal of a finished website and beyond please let me know. I’m certainly open to suggestions and figuring out the best way to support you.


Access to Aligned & Embodied weekly calls for Feb launch (if desired) — to attend as a silent observer/co-worker.

This round we are going to be doing the Heart and Soul Guidebook LIVE on the calls, rather than just talking about our answers, to see if that helps people progress faster. Students will be working directly from Canva creating their guidebook straight off the bat (no workbooks).

This would be ideal for anyone who is still trying to create their heart and soul guidebook and needs that kickstart to reignite their creative fire. 

I’m making key edits again this next round to prioritise SIMPLICITY and EASE. I think this will help everyone get quick wins and take action faster.

I say silent observer as the current round students questions will need to be prioritised, but depending on final numbers of the group and also attendance on the call there may be the opportunity to ask questions as well. We’ll just have to see how things go!

Want to join?