The exact questions I ask clients to get really good testimonials!

Watch the video below and grab the guide and plug-and-play templates below! 


Emma sitting in the park next to a lake writing in a journal

I hope this process will help you create truly AMAZING testimonials that 

✔️ convince potential clients they can trust you

✔️ showcase the transformation you deliver

✔️ help sell your offerings

Remember: Don’t just read the guide and forget about it! The only way you can get results is if you actually reach out to clients and make the request! So make sure you choose your copy of the questions — either the Google Form or Google Doc — and get started!

Your testimonials are just ONE of the ways we can build trust and emotional connection with our ideal clients. But it doesn’t end there!

Want to go even deeper and work or learn from me?

I support and teach clients to create such a POWERFUL brand and website that your ideal clients fall in love and trust you as the first person they’d go to for help with their problem.

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