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Emma Brownson - Soul Stirring Branding

How to Make Your Personal Brand Align To & Embody Your Essence and Be A Vehicle For Your Sacred Self-Expression.”

With Emma Brownson
Soul Stirring Branding
Branding Expert, Designer  + Coach

Mia Walters Muse Dreams Aligned & Embodied

How To Stay Aligned and Embodied Using Inquiry and Oracles.”

With Mia Walters 
Muse Dreams
Artist & Intentional Creativity Teacher

Italia Oliver Aligned & Embodied Summit

“The Angel 411: How to Connect with Your Angels.”

With Italia Oliver  
Intuitive Medium, Voice Channel, Spiritual Advisor/Teacher

Jamila Ifrazen - Moon Phases Ink - Aligned & Embodied Summit Photo

“Why A Tattoo Can Be A Powerful Form of Self-Expression And How To Discover Your Soul Symbol.”

With Jamila Ifzaren
Moon Phase Ink
Soulful Tattoo Artist

Jen Carter Soul Centred Life Summit Photo

How To Create A ‘Tree of Life’ to Help You Map Out Who You Really Are and What Matters to You.”

With Jen Carter
Soul Centred Life

Patti Higgins - True Essence Living

“How To Activate And Harmonise Your Elemental Flow Of Energy To Take Soul-Aligned Action.”

With Patti Higgins  
True Essence Living
Intuitive Energy Master + Mentor 

Nathalie Bonte Aligned & Embodied Summit

What Self-Care Really Is And How We Can Use It To Live In Greater Alignment With Our Needs And Desires.”

With Nathalie Bonte
Artist, Guide and Educator. 

Kim Adams Aligned & Embodied Summit

Is Procrastination & Perfectionism Holding You Back? Why Radical Self-Acceptance is the Key To Confidently Moving Towards Your Goals.”

With Kim Adams 
Transformational Guide, Yoga Teacher and Space Holder.

Ali Varshall Aligned & Embodied Summit

“How to Find Re-inspiration In
Part Two of Your Life

With Ali Varshal
Artist & Transformational Guide

Meet Our Hosts

Emma Brownson - Soul Stirring Branding

Emma Brownson is the founder of Soul Stirring Branding and a Branding Expert, Designer and Coach. For the last decade, Emma has been providing support, guidance and creative magic to heart-led women in business around the world who are building personal brands. Emma’s mission is to help women uncover the truest expression of who they are, elevate their brand presence and claim their value and visibility.


Mia Walters Muse Dreams Aligned & Embodied

Mia Walters is the founder of Muse Dreams and an Artist and Intentional Creativity Teacher. She supports and guides people in art experiences to help them discover their own authentic selves, and to feel empowered to make changes in their lives and create the reality they desire. Her mission is to help women bring their creativity out of hiding and be reminded that their art and dreams matter.