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I'm thrilled to have a group of wonderful women supporting us with their expertise in my Aligned and Embodied Online course. Learn about them all here!
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I wanted to take an opportunity to celebrate a group of fabulous women who have shared their vast expertise with us in the Aligned & Embodied brand coaching course.

Kareena Glanville: Intuition Expert

kareena glanville (1)Our intuition is crucial to building a soul-aligned brand and business. Too often, however, even if we consider ourselves soulful, intuitive women, we get lost in the external world (What will people think of me? What is everyone else doing? Maybe I should follow this expert’s formula as it worked for him/her. What if people don’t get me? Maybe it’s safer just to blend in and follow trends). In the course, Soul Coach and Intuition Expert, Kareena Glanville from Reclaim Her walks us through how you can begin to tap into your intuition to make key decisions in line with your brand and how to know if a decision you make is the right one for your business or just fear or comparison talking.

Find Kareena at:
Instagram: @reclaimher

Michelle Swan: Photography Expert

michelle swanI always encourage my clients to go through a brand photo shoot as part of the branding process. It is a powerful way to build connection and trust with your ideal clients – they want to know and feel a resonance with who they will be working with! It is also a powerful way to step into your visibility and BE SEEN. From my experience, many clients over the years have been fearful about being seen and being photographed. I always say, a little bit of planning goes a LONG way in a shoot, because the adrenalin is pumping on the day and you’ve got a lot of investment riding on getting it ‘right’ – cue feeling a bit frozen and awkward.Michelle helps us understand what to wear, what kind of locations to choose and how to get the most out of your session so that you get images you fall in love with!

Find Michelle at:
Instagram: @eyesoflovephotography

Lillie Clark: Web Development Expert

Websites can be daunting – there are so many different platforms to choose from – WordPress? Shopify? Squarespace? Kajabi? Help! The problem with websites is that they are quite technical in nature which can lead a lot of small business owners to be taken advantage of. This breaks my heart and Lillie’s! Lillie Clark, who is the development expert I collaborate with on many of my client’s projects, shares tips on how to feel empowered about developing your website, even if you are a technophobe! She runs us through what platform could be right for you, plus the top mistakes she sees clients making with their websites before they work with her and how to find your perfect fit web developer.

Find Lillie at:
Instagram: @studio.laluna

Kelly Rae Roberts: Possibility Expert

kelly rae robertsKelly Rae calls herself a “Possibilitarian” and has built an inspiring personal brand that SO MANY WOMEN love. Wondering what her secret to success is? She guides us through how to figure out what your personal style is and what you LOVE, even if you don’t actually know what that looks like right now. She has so many fascinating stories you’re going to love to hear and will help us look for clues to help us better understand who we are and what we’re drawn to.

Find Kelly Rae at:
Instagram: @kellyraeroberts

Trish Taylor: Wardrobe Stylist

trish taylorOne area of panic for many women leading up to a photo shoot, speaking gig or work event or just in general life is WHAT DO I WEAR?! We want to wear something that makes us look and feel good, but then how do we do that AND also make sure it aligns with our brand colour palette and overall brand vibe? Sounds like a tall order? Well, Trish has us covered. Trish is a former celebrity stylist to the likes of Ariana Grande, so you know she knows her stuff. Now, she’s on a mission to help women claim their worthiness and activate their magnetism. She shares with us her own powerful story of struggling with visibility as well as how the heck to approach figuring out what to wear in a photo shoot or video.

Find Trish at:

Bamik Baker: Marketing Expert

bamik bakerI truly believe marketing is such an important piece of the puzzle. So many small business owners believe that if you create an amazing brand and website everything will just magically work out. You “build it and they will come”. But sadly, it’s not that simple. Marketing is the missing piece to bringing your ideal clients into your brand world. Because you could have the most beautiful website in the world, but if no one sees it then you’re never going to get a return on investment. Okay, so it’s super important, but how do we do it without getting overwhelm ed and stretching ourselves too thin? Marketing Expert and founder of Bamik Digital, Bamik Baker advises on all things launching, Facebook Ads, and marketing. In an ever-changing world online – it can be overwhelming how to adapt to changing algorithms and ways to market to your desired audience

Find Bambik at:
Instagram: @bambikdigital

Janet Camilleri: SEO Expert

janet camilleriSEO is one of those things you’re pretty sure you should be doing something about, but probably feel a bit mystified about how to even begin. Plus, you’re probably pretty fearful you’ll be locked into a monthly contract and not see any results. As Janet shares with us, there are a lot of cowboys in SEO, but she likes to think about her team as the “good guys”. Janet  Camilleri, founder of Front Page SEO, will talk us through the techniques to get our sites ranking on Google. Janet steps us through the four key areas of SEO – Keyword Research, Onsite Optimisation, Offsite Optimisation and Local Business Profiles.

Find Janet at:
Instagram: @frontpageweb

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